Saturday, May 31, 2014


This morning my plans are to get some washing done, then sit and catch up with a few of my favourite blogs.

While I do that, Stew is going to take the kids down to the mall.  Brylee needs new school shoes and Stew needs to get new batteries put in his watch.  

It's a Tissot watch he got about 10 years ago but hasn't worn for a couple of years because he just kept forgetting to get it done, then got used to not wearing a watch!  I don't wear any of mine much either.

Now days you kinda use your phone for EVERYTHING, including as a watch.  I use my phone for so much ... I can't believe how damn handy a smart phone is!  I just wish I'd got one earlier.

Steve is not working today, so that will be nice, more time with Bex and Dante. edit:  I just found out Steve DID go to work today.  

Talking of Bex.  Her and I are off to another Tupperware party this afternoon.  We are not going to stay long as neither of us want/need any more Tupperware really ... although I do want to get a sipper cup for Keera.  Dante has one and he loves it.

So, that's me for the next few hours at least.  Sittin' here checking out the haps in blog world.

After lunch, and before I go to the Tupperware Party, I am going downstairs to make a list of sewing projects 'on the go', and in what order I really should work on them. 

I am dying to start on some of the 'new projects' I have in mind, but am trying to be sensible and not start anything else until I have finished a few of the UFO's!

ABOVE:  It's really HARD when I constantly see gorgeous things like that above, and want to give it a go!  *sigh*  Not. enough. hours. in. the. day.  I just love those little triangles!


The morning has gone well.  I've read a few blogs, which makes me happy.
I am now going to take a break and go piddle, have lunch then head out with Bex to that Tupperware party.

Stew and the kids are STILL out... though Stew did ring and ask me what size tights to get Brylee for school.  Made me laugh... she was right there with him!

OH I better put me face on too...

Tupperware Party was nice.  I ordered a couple of little things, cos it helps the Hostess get a nice gift for holding the party.  I think we are going to another one in a few weeks!

It really has been a quiet day!  Stew finally got the lawns mown, before any more crap weather arrives.

I'm probably going to spend the evening down in me sewing 'room'... I want to sort out all my UFO's, make a list and stick to getting them all done before anything new is started.

End of Day: I'm knackered!  No idea why, just so tired tonight. I got a bit of sorting out done in me sewing room.  Bex thinks I've got OCD.
I don't know about that!
nite nite


  1. Have a good long weekend x

  2. Yes finish the DQ first saying no more! ohhhhh but I do love that pinky quilt very nice. I am washing towels sheets and have all me doors ad windows open first time in a week SUN is out and it is lovely!!!!! cleaned like a mad thing after work washing like a demon today SUN MON school production 9.30-6.30 practise I do the morning tea and lunch set ups for 65 HUNGRY teenagers they bring the food!!! so no rest for me am going to try ad walk at some stage I am also between washing GIVING a very overgrown shrub and dire hair cut!!!! Have a lovely long weekend.

  3. I'm loving some of the quilts I see in the quilting shops - oh no.... I hope I don't the addiction. I've got more baby clothes and kids clothes to knit and more blankets to crochet yet.

  4. That's a gorgeous girly quilt in today's pictures... and didn't you just get some nice pinky fabrics?!... enjoy the party, I love Tupperware xxxxx

  5. Oh I have huge envy for people who put prairie points on their quilts .. one day!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. As you would see I'm not writing very often.

    Now just keep on buying up those lovely fabrics and we can be twins:)

    Hope you are having a really lovely weekend to top off your relaxing week with Stew. :)



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