Thursday, June 12, 2014


I'm not in a very good frame of mind.
Haven't been all week really.

Hot flushes have ramped up a notch or three.

It doesn't help that I know why.

1/ I'm eating too much crap

2/ I'm stressed out and crabby

3/ I'm eating too much crap some more

4. I'm mega crabby cos I'm eating too much crap, which is giving me hot flushes over and over again.


While we were out grocery shopping last night I picked up some panadol gel capsules... hopefully they are easier to swallow so I can keep on top of the back ache.  I shall also check out that link Surrey sent me.  
I'm about ready to try anything that will help cos having a sore back is ... well.... SORE!

Something tells me I should be trying to strengthen my core.  It's shoddy to say the least, which won't be helping me back at all.

I'm getting a new necklace soon.  Amanda has bought me a belcher necklace to hang my two silver pendants off.  Apparently the chain I have been using is the wrong sort... she said it is not good for the pendants, wrong shape of links of some such thing. 
She should know ... she manages a jewellery shop after all.

ABOVE:  I have been wearing them hung off a thin gold chain.  Now I will use that chain to hang my sapphire and diamond pendant on.  Amanda and Lacy bought me the sapphire pendant a few years ago.  I have no idea what happened to the chain it came with?
*sigh*.... probably somewhere 'safe'... so safe I've lost it!

Today?  Might read some blogs.  Then OMG, I might actually do some sewing!!!!
I've been saying that for how long?  Must be a week or two. 
Funnily enough, other shit gets in the way.


NOT reading blogs.
I'm going to slowly make my way through the house, vacuming, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms etc.  It's got to be done, the house is a pig sty. 

Bex and Dante have gone out with a friend from Playcentre, so I can get on and get it done before they get back hopefully.
I just took 2 gel cap panadol's ... so hopefully my back will hold out until it's all done.

So far this morning I've:

Re-organised the spare bedroom and tidied it up.
Washed and hung out three loads of washing.
Cleaned the kitchen bench and everything on it.
Cleaned the gas stove top.
Cleaned the laundry.
Put everything up off the floors so I can vacum and wash them.
Moved some furniture around.

and.... get this.... it's 11 am and I still have to vacum and wash the floors!

AND.... I'm still in my pyjamas!   I could see no point in having a shower, getting dressed and then getting all hot and sweaty doing the housework.

NEARLY DONE.... just the vacuming to go I think!
It's been a long morning.

And pffffft.... I know I'm only doing housework... but a quick hello wouldn't go amiss sometimes all you lurkers.  Not feeling the love, nope, not at all.
Lacy, Kelly... say hi to ya Mum.  Bex...., Steve.... anyone???

I'm now taking a well earned break, and having a spa.  That should help the back for sure.

OMGosh the spa was WONDERFUL.  I really  enjoyed it, sipping me diet coke and munching on some Caramel Corn.... I shared it with Bex and Dante, so I didn't go overboard on it!

After everything was done, I sat down and watched 2 episodes of Home and Away with Bex, then I tried to have a 'Nana Nap', but that didn't work.  I just kept thinking of stuff I'd rather not be thinking about.

So, I'm up and just got the washing inside.  It's starting to rain, so I got it in just in time.

End of Day:  and the waiting continues on the job front.  I'm just about 'done' with the uncertainty of it all.
nite nite


  1. I sometimes ask my doctor for the paracetomol syrup that kiddies have and just adjust doseage accordingly when I had a sorethroat it was pure bliss to drink cold syrup too!! I am struggling to do my fact I haven't even started.

  2. ahhhh a spa….need one myself right about now…
    Hope it helps the back.

  3. Hellllooo!... did the gel caps do the trick? xxx

  4. Lorraine H2:19 PM

    Hope the combination of the Spa & the Gel capsules have started to help your back.

    Southdirl x

  5. My God, you are a cleaning legend!!!! Make sure you don't overdo it and let your back have some time to recover.

  6. it been piddling down here all day just been out done my circular deliveries and got soaked thought of your lovely hot spa while i was out and here i come home and u r soaking in it hope it helped your back chjick

  7. Lorraine H4:03 PM

    I can't spell today by the look of it Chris.

    Southgirl x

  8. Hello! I think the chain is gorgeous! And looks very strong. So many hugs for you right now. I am sorry things are hard for you right now.

  9. Helloooooooooooooo...

    1. Anonymous8:17 PM

      Ohhhhhh hello Bee lol
      Love Lacy nd My Muppet hehe :-)

    2. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Hi are you, how is your back feeling tonight, Keera and I have had a good day.
      I am restraining myself from playing on the digger that is on my driveway.....oh but its so pretty and I just want to touch it lol....but I wont.....
      So might just start up my (Pa's) lawn mower and give it a few revs....having some withdrawals lol....
      Night Ma nd family nd DCR xo
      Love Lacy nd Keera :-) xo ♥

    3. Anonymous8:25 PM

      Hiiiiiiiiii Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hehehe #2

    4. Heyyyyy Lacy! xoxo

  10. Penny6:16 PM

    Hi Chris, I'm sorry I haven't commented lately - I am here, still reading, and thinking of you a lot. The way this process has dragged out is just terrible - it was like that when we had our restructure and it was so stressful for everyone waiting on the outcome. I hope things work out and most importantly that you know one way or the other soon. I don't blame you for finding it hard to stay focused this week. Hope the back pain sorts out too - the core strengthening sounds like it would be worth looking in to - something I should do myself!

    Much love and hugs, Penny xo

  11. Just a thought re your back can buy Sonaflam from the chemist. They are an anti immflammatory and I have found them the best around. They are a tablet but easy to swallow. I hate taking tabs but these are easy. Also there are dissolving panadol which I take ..... They are a lemony taste but not too unpleasant......better than trying to swallow those horrible dry ones. The gel caps are easy to take too. Best of luck. Thinking about you xxxx

  12. Remember misery loves company LOL...still heaps of hot flashes here too, although not as long as you have had them. The weather is so cool these days in QLD that I go from freezing to sweating back to freezing in record time! It's all very interesting to say the least. Love your new quilt...and I agree it looks better without the stripes but the colours are great. xx debbie

  13. Hope you back is feeling better in the morning.. Sore is just not fun..
    Do you have a time frame on the job situation ? xx

  14. Darn sorry to hear the back is still acting up. Glad to hear the spa help. Take care.

  15. Sounds like you're not feeling too good today. I'm sure you will feel better soon.


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