Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have nothing nice to say.  So I ain't gunna blog right now.

I took the dogs for a walk again.  In the pouring rain.  Didn't bother me in the least.
What did bother me was both of them going ape shit at the sight of another dog... TWICE.  
So I am going out to buy another bark collar, and they will both be wearing one when we go for our walks now.

Little bastards... it was ridiculous how much they barked and SHRIEKED at the top of their lungs!  I got so angry at them.

Yesterday's treasure:

 ABOVE: 4 plastic wine glasses for Lacy.  Another melamine tray, very cute.  Two virtually brand new double sheets that I am going to use as the backing for Russell's quilt, they cost $4 !

 ABOVE:  YES, another basket, and a beautiful dish.

 ABOVE:  I am sure I can find a use for such a lovely basket.

ABOVE: The interior of the dish, so pretty.

Right, I'm now off to get the 2nd Bark Collar, then once home I'm going to make a double lead for the dogs and a wet proof bag for my phone when out walking.

ABOVE:  new bark collar, poop bags and fabric.  The brown is for the border of Russell's quilt, the fat quarters?
They were on sale today, down from $4.99 each to $1.99.   I saved $48 !   It's good to replenish one's stash.

I have just finished making a twin lead for the dogs walks with me.  Now I don't have to try and hold two of those retractable leads in one hand.  Yaaa.  (my other hand holds my Diet Coke of course)


  1. I have an inkling how you may be feeling. Happened to my husband after 33 yrs in his jo b.
    We had 2 children at university so it was very tough. It was ok in the end but seemed impossible at the time.
    I hope there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for you very soon

  2. I hope you manage to have a nice day. Sending lots if cyber hugs.

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hang in there Chris, you have a lot of people on line who are wishing you so much support and kindness and waiting for better things to happen. Admire your strength, be kind to yourself - you are the key that makes your family work, it is hard, been there.............but you will come out if it stronger, one door shuts another opens. Focus on the positives. XX Sandra.

  4. I am show shopping in the rain getting last minute show production costume accessories. I love the thistle dish love it I hope your day improves.

  5. Love your loot. What a great idea using sheets as a backing for a quilt.

    Hope your mood improves but after everything that has happened over the past months you are entitled to a blah day.

  6. You have had so much stress and now with Stew's job no wonder the dogs are going ape. They pick up on our moods too. Somewhere down the road it has to get better. You can't not blog you blog like you breathe...every day.

  7. Pleased you went for a walk.. now send me the motivation to go in the pissing rain and the dark ? Ohh naughty puppies we don't bark at other dogs! I know how mad you felt I used to get cross till I trained my lab out of doing that. Found out she was scared of other dogs so lots os socialising for her.

  8. What? No picture of the double lead? I want to see how you did it!

  9. I hope you found something in your day to perk you up. Take care.

  10. Hang in there - things WILL get better !!!!
    Lotsa hugs xox


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