Monday, June 09, 2014


Well... I got the new brown/teal blocks laid out last night...  Once again I didn't get to bed until around 1 am!

ABOVE:  what do ya think?  I'm very happy with how it looks now, and I promise, you won't have to look at it again until it's finished!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our son Russell.  I know you are in a dark place right now son, but things will get better eventually.   

Yesterday afternoon, Steve fell asleep in the lounge.  A certain little person saw an opportunity to grab a swift swig of beer:

ABOVE:  I can just imagine the look on Dante's face as his hands wrapped around the bottle, all the while looking at his Dad, hoping he wouldn't wake up!  I was chuffed that I actually got a photo of his hands on that bottle. *smiles* 

Luckily ... Bex saw him and yelled... which woke Steve up.   Dante didn't get any beer after all.  (I was about to jump up and take the beer off the kid.... of course I was!)

ABOVE:  a few tears ensued.  Poor, hard done by toddler. (That's his crabby face) 

I caught a lovely moment yesterday afternoon. Dante spotted Coco lying asleep on the floor, so he got down on his hands and knees and crawled slowly over to her and lay down and had a cuddle.   His little head snuggled into Coco's chest, it was so bloody cute.

ABOVE: The lovely part was that Coco actually stayed there and let him.  Usually she gets up and moves away from Dante's 'loves'.  Dante can be quite rough sometimes... so it was so nice to see him being gentle.

Right, I better go.  I've got a couple of jobs to do at the mall, then I'm on duty at the Hospice Shop after lunch.


I had a 'moment' yesterday that sums up WHY I blog.

All my adult life I've been someone's daughter, wife and mother, and of course, Grandmother.

This blog is all about my life, it is something I can do as an individual, something that gives me an identity as my own person.

That is why I blog.  To feel I am living my own life too.  A life that is worthwhile, and fulfilling for me too.  It can't all be about what I am to other people eh?

Yep... that was so out of left field... lol

I used to get asked WHY I blog... now I think I know.  It makes me feel significant in some way.  And that is why I probably won't stop blogging until I'm old and grey, sitting in me bed eating Peanut M & M's.

Right, me hair is dripping down me back, so I better go and dry it.  I don't want to go out with wet hair, it's  COLD.

Well... I'm home again.  It was quite busy in the shop this afternoon... so the time passed quite fast for a change.
I did get a few things today:

ABOVE:  A cute picture of dogs, Dante loves pictures of dogs.  A top for Dante.  A nautical themed photo frame and the most darling little bag for Bex... it's just big enough to hold her crochet hooks.  She's thrilled with it, I knew she would be.  She likes orange.

ABOVE:  the cutest little figurine of a mummy turtle and her baby.  Kelly will love it I hope! Ignore the dust, I WILL wash it.  *smiles*

ABOVE: these two office type units, not quite sure where they will go yet... but for the price I couldn't leave them!  There's two more ... something tells me Bex might be interested in one too.

I have been in pain ALL DAY, my lower back is shagged.  And did I think to take a painkiller or two?  Nope.  Just occurred to me at 6 pm tonight. I'm such a twit sometimes.


  1. Lovely colourway on the quilt .
    Dante is looking at you as if to say " I'll remember you .
    He's a real cutie

  2. "I blog, therefore I am." Saw that on someone's blog once. True, eh!

  3. Right quilt tick. Dante snapped ( funny though) tick. ( and a lil swig wont hurt but when they slug at it well that's a different story!) Cute toddler puppy photo tick. Dante determined face is still cute though.

  4. I really love the colours in your quilt its soo pretty. !!

  5. I hope you will be blogging while eating those peanut m&ms with your gray hair all tied up in a bun. No reason to stop - just keep going!

  6. Those blocks are gorgeous! this will be a beautiful quilt.

  7. Cute pics of Dante! You've been torturing yourself with that quilt lol. Looks good to me!

  8. Those photos are cute.
    I hope you find good use for your "office units"
    Have a good week!!


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