Monday, June 23, 2014


Well one good thing... it's MONDAY.  Kids back at school, men back at work, Bex and Dante off to Playcentre... so.  I have the morning to myself.

I have no idea what I might do with it.  Maybe sew?  Blog read?  Housework?
Even take the dogs for a walk, that's probably a good way to start the week.

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday, even though I am excited to be working on the Fern Quilt for Russell.
And of course, I want to get back to the other quilts I have on the go too.  I forgot to count in the pretty pink/teal one I started at the same time as the brown/teal one.  That makes it 4 on the go!

I have Hospice Shop after lunch today too.  I really enjoy doing that, meeting people, feeling like I'm doing something worthwhile for others in the community.
Do any of you do anything similar?

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet holding a sandwich very tentatively yesterday.  She really had no idea what to do with it!  I love how she's got her little pinky raised 'JUST SO'.  Too cute.
Littlies hands are so adorable.

Right, I'm off to make a start on this nice day.  Starting out this week in a more positive frame of mind... I can't keep dwelling on crap that cannot be changed.  


ABOVE:  this morning's accomplishment, a new seat cushion for our 'home' highchair.  I am rather happy with it.  It can be taken off for cleaning too.  Dante's dog looks really cute in it.

Now it's time for me to grab some lunch (a chicken sandwich) and then head off to the Hospice Shop.

HI!  Back from the Shop, it was rather quiet this afternoon, but apparently it was even quieter this morning, so maybe not such a profitable day for the Hospice Shop.
I did my best to boost the coffers by buying a couple of things.

 ABOVE:  I saw this really cute laundry bag, so I grabbed it.  NOT so much because I wanted a laundry bag, but more so I could use it as inspiration for making some myself.  I can make some for Christmas presents.

Family:   Just tell me what colour you like!  It's a NICE idea for tog/beach bags too.  

 ABOVE:  It has to be said, the brown and fawn tones look really lovely.

ABOVE:  I saw this sweet little fish bottle stopper a couple of weeks ago, and vowed to buy it if it was still there in a few weeks.   It was.
So, I bought it.  
Then I kinda thought, might just put it to the test...

ABOVE:  it works!  Now Bex and I are drinking the wine.  Henkell Trocken is about the only wine I really do like.   I only drink it once in a blue moon.  Today... well it's not a blue moon, too bad!

I'm feeling so much better after being so depressed lately.  Long may it last.

MUST. REMEMBER..... two glasses of wine makes me tiddly !  lol

It has to be asked:  Where the hell is everyone?  I'm feeling very sad cos all day... NO COMMENTS!!!  *:sniff*

Yaaaa ....  A  comment.  Thanks Kate!  I was starting to think no one liked me anymore!  Phew.  

End of Day:  well I managed to drink three glasses of my wine!  That's the most I've had all year so far!  Not bad for a near teetotal me.

Thanks for the comments people!  Made me feel a bit better about me silly old blog.
nite nite


  1. I'm here. I normally am on my phone and it's a pain to get messages on your blog. But I'm here!!!!

  2. Love the laundry bag / tog bag idea. Hmm blue black punk purple

  3. Cobolt blue, Emerald green and Teal :-)
    Very, very pretty fish stopper :)

  4. Still luv ya chris just damn busy with work and home lol life gets in my way....luv your new eyore ��

  5. I wrote a comment earlier I swear I did!! That's a nifty laundry bag I was wondering how much a bag would cost that might have music notes on it in either applique or stitching, ? would need to be big enough to fit 2 A4 sized folders in the plastic clear file ones? thanks

  6. Smile chickadee.... You know we are all out here lurking!!

  7. Looks like you had a busy weekend baby sitting. Wishing you a good week.


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