Thursday, June 19, 2014


So.... here is what I am going to be putting on Russell's brown and teal quilt top:

ABOVE:  A ruddy big fern.  I am going to have a solid brown fern, then on top of the brown, I will have the fern 'fronds' in a blueish/greenish batik fabric.   I hope to get some work done on that today.

ABOVE:  baby thumbs... seem to know automatically how to use them on a PSP!  I can still vividly remember when Steve and Mike first got controllers that involved using the thumbs only.  They got HUGE blisters on their thumbs!
It was amazing.  lol

Today?  I don't think I shall be walking this morning.  My calves and shins are really sore, so a day off might be in order.  I've done three days in a row, so I'm pretty proud of that.
I shall go again tomorrow for sure... it seems to lift one's mood getting out there walking.

So today I shall be sewing.  And doing a bit of housework too no doubt.


Shit!  I had no idea I'd not updated ALL DAY!

I've been really busy getting that fern cut out, fabric sorted etc.  It was a LONG job.

I had all these 1 and a half inch batik strips already cut out, so I joined them all together to form the fronds of the fern.

Then cut out the brown background... cut it all out, and pinned it on.

This is what took ALL DAY:

ABOVE:  Now I have to stitch all the batik fronds to the brown background, AND go over every join in the fronds too.  Then I can lay it on top of the quilt itself and see how it goes?

I'm worried it will be too bright and swamp the quilt blocks.  Time will tell I suppose!

One of the bonus's of putting the photos on here is I can get a different look at it.  Now I see I have to trim the fifth frond from the bottom (left hand side) ... a bit.

Ya it's takeaway night tonight, so I don't have to cook.  I like that idea.

Dinner was Pizza.  Everyone loves pizza in this house.  
Then we watched channel 1 all night, some really good programmes on a Thursday night I must say.

End of Day:  didn't get as much done around the house as I should have, but I did get heaps done on the fern!
Can't have it all eh.
nite nite


  1. what a lovely idea!!! I wish I could get the sewing bug and at least put some aprons together. It just sounds like a back ache to me. My posture is so bad when I sew, I hunch over to see up close and it really gives me a back ache. I used to LOVE it!!! GEt those babies outside making mud pies!!! How is your dog?

  2. I love the double dog lead. I might have to make/get one. I am afraid the bigger Collie will drag the smaller Shih Tzu around. But maybe not. Ollie's favorite thing in the whole wide world is his little Buddy Hagrid. Whenever I say "come on, dogs" the first thing Ollie does is look around to find Hagrid, and then do whatever Hagrid is doing. Oh - BTW. Keep on taking your pills please. That was naughty of you! But you are back on them now and WILL stay there! That's a good girl! Now - inspired by you, I am off to walk the dogs!!

  3. Oh that will be pretty!

  4. Love the fern idea brilliant. Gee sore legs and shims that's no good exercycle? Dante no edit that all kiddies seem to have a knack for gidgets and gadgets.

  5. What a great idea, Russell is going to love the quilt.

  6. I love the fern idea for the quilt. I hope Russell appreciates it.

  7. I think the fern idea is fantastic Chris! Sorry it's been a while since I last checked in with your site, I haven't been feeling well. Not to mention that I just haven't had time to read all my blog friends sites! Hope your doing well.

  8. Looking forward to seeing how the fern turns out! It may pay to check your shoes are right for you? My last pair of runners gave me terrible pain in my calves.

  9. That fern frond is just so beautiful. It will be an heirloom piece that Russell will have forever xx

  10. Love it. Lucky Russell

  11. terri s11:25 PM

    I love the fern frond! if it swamps the quilt top I bet it would look good on the reverse side and could be used on both sides.

  12. Lovely fern. It's fun to get lost in projects, can't wait to see the finished project.


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