Sunday, June 08, 2014


No sleep in today.  Got Keera to look after.
Once again, I stayed up way too late last night... it was 1 am when I went to bed I think.

I was watching a few things on YouTube, then editing photos for today.

 ABOVE:  Having fun in the spa pool...

ABOVE:  Dante is fairly subdued in the pool, unlike Keera who can't stop splashing!  She just loves being in the spa.

 ABOVE:  Our sunset last night.  Beautiful.

 ABOVE: All the fabric laid out ready to go.  4th time lucky!

ABOVE:  I had to get this one in today... so gorgeous.

TODAY?  Grocery shopping.  Lunch at Sylvia Park.  Mall wander too I suppose.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


Well... we've been busy!
Once the morning ritual of feeding, showering etc was over, we all went out to Sylvia Park for a wander and lunch.
Then we went to the Apex Centre, Spotlight shop, where I bought these :

ABOVE:  love them!  In the past two days I have managed to replenish my 'stash' somewhat.  You can NEVER have too much fabric though! 

I had an amazing chicken burger from Oporto in the mall.  Maybe not that 'healthy', but it was darn nice.  I also ate 4 chips.  On that score I'm pretty happy with my choices.

With all the stressful shit going on in our lives right now, I'm happy to just go with the flow and worry about knuckling down again, once the stressful situations have some resolution.

I am SUCH an emotional eater.  NOTHING  puts me in the worst frame of mind than stress.

Keera has been a real delight today.  No sleep, eating everything fed to her, and just happy as.  Her and Dante get on fairly well... oh, about 50% of the time.  The other 50% covers all the squabbling, non-sharing moments!  Dante does not like sharing HIS Granddad!  Or HIS furniture. Or HIS toys.  

We have to keep a fairly close eye on their interactions cos SOMEONE can and does BITE.

And it ain't Teddy, Coco or Keera.  *smiles*  

It's very quiet in the blog world today!  I hope it's because everyone is having a wonderful weekend?
Mine has been lovely, thanks very much.  lol

Stew has just taken Keera home. She hasn't had a nap all day, and she fell asleep, sitting up having her dinner!  Poor bub.  She will have a good catch up sleep once she's home I'm sure.

Steve is cooking dinner.  Beef Spare ribs, sausages, wedges and coleslaw.... with a 'side' of thumb.

Yep... mini panic in the kitchen by Bex and me.  Steve sliced the top of his thumb really good.  So, out came the first aid box... and now he's cooking dinner with a heavily bandaged thumb.

ABOVE: Massive overkill on my part, but at least it's covered.  He, being the 'MAN'... is stoically carrying on!

I am getting excited.  Once dinner is over I am going to be laying out the brown/teal blocks for the 4th time... and this time I am POSITIVE it will be perfect.  I can't bear to do it a 5th time!

Surely with all the different fabrics I have now, it will look good?

End of Day:  dinner was lovely, and Steve's thumb will survive!  He ripped off the heavy bandage after a while and put some big plasters on instead.  
It will interesting to see how it looks in a few days.
I'm going to lay out my blocks soon, that will probably take an hour, then I'll be off to bed.
nite nite


  1. LOVE your sunset photo !!! gorgeous!!!

  2. Glad you had a good weekend ��

  3. Love the colours of the're such a clever sausage. I cut my knuckle on a tin when cooking tea tonight so we're bandage twins. Been in bed all weekend with the flu... catch ya. Have a great week ahead. Kate

  4. Like I say just chuck the squares up and fall where they may ta da! done Lovely spa photos just lovely....

  5. Just love the thumb bandage….and good luck with the squares tonight.

  6. Ouch poor Steve. Good luck with the quilt.


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