Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've got three things to do today.

1/ Go over to Lacy's house and find the two bassinets we bought when Miss Muppet was on her way.

WHY?  Because my boss at the Hospice Shop has a daughter about to have a baby, and she has no bassinet, no highchair, no pram... nothing much in fact.

So, I'm giving her one of our bassinets, our highchair and our pram... plus any other bits 'n' bobs I can find that will be of use.

2/ I want to do a bit more sewing.  

Last night I joined up about 6 rows of the Brown & Teal blocks, and found that it is not going to be big enough to be a duvet cover for our bed, unless I add a gazillion more blocks.  So, I have to widen it a bit more and see if I have enough fabric.  If I don't, I shall simply make it into a comforter for on top of the bed.

3/ Have lunch with Amanda at Sylvia Park.

That's my 'plan' for today.  I think at some point I also need to sit down and take stock of where I am diet-wise.  The past few days I've totally gone overboard and eaten my way through a month's worth of calories!
Has to stop.  I can't keep taking my stress out on my pantry!

Time to haul it in, stop wallowing and get positive.


MARGIE:  YEAH... glitch fixed.  lol

Getting ready to go and meet my daughter Amanda.  Her and I have reconciled this year, so having some contact together.  What goes on between her and the rest of the family is not something I can fix. End of.

It is another stunning winter's day!  I love days like this. 

*** I just had a brain wave.  The Brown & Teal quilt is not going to be mine after all.   I am going to give it to our son Russell... he will get back into New Zealand with pretty much the clothes on his back, nothing else at all.  He's been left high and dry.  So, I think he can have it.  I hope he likes it.

I feel good about that decision. 

Well, home after a lovely three hours spent with Amanda, Emily and Liam at Sylvia Park.  We spent a lot of time in the children's playground so Emily could play while we chatted and watched over Liam.
It was really nice.  Lots to catch up on.  I took masses of photos, but I don't think I have permission to publish any on here.  Sadly.
The kids are just gorgeous. 

I didn't get over to Lacy's home today after all.  I shall have to make it a mission some time this week instead.

End of Day:  a fairly nice day I would have to say.  
nite nite


  1. You all are going through so much and yet you take a lot of time and energy to be generous to others with your crafts and in collecting things for this woman in need. I am really praying for you that you are able to get through and be more secure. You WILL fight this weight. It takes time, always does. I have worked since last Sept. and am only down 22 pounds. Hugs!

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Amen sister, while you are dealing with a truly cr@ppy situation, you need to take control of the things you are in control of. YOU can CONTROL what you eat. Stand up, be strong and show that determination we know you are capable of. Don't let that cr@ppy company Stew works for control your eating. Pull up you big girl panties and take charge!!! (I mean all this in the supportive nature). I hope the good luck vibes hit you real soon, you are due some good luck!

  3. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned.,,, Also I see that June 15th was your next weigh-in day.... do you think you'll do it or flag it for this month??? One day at a time.... It's such a long long slog xxxxxx

  4. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Time spent with your grandkids and daughter Amanda is precious glad you had a wonderful day with them. And good to hear Russell will be back with family by his side at this time of need.

  5. Tha'ts a good idea re quilt and maybe some blankets towels from cupboards and sheets THEN giving one some more room some garage items shelves cupboard containers DARE I say tupperware? lol Glad you had a nice catch up day.

  6. I'm glad you got to spend the time with Amanda and the kids and that it went well.
    Good idea about the quilt.


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