Friday, June 13, 2014


Approximately 8 months ago (Late October, 2013), Stew was handed a letter, informing him that his job was being 'dis-established' and being replaced with a larger, more complex job.

He was told he would have to apply with everyone else within the company who wanted to try for it.

Lots of other people within the company got the same letter pertaining to their jobs.

Quite a few up and left immediately, not appreciating the way they were being handled.

Over the next few months lots more left, having found and secured new jobs, and they received redundancy payouts.

Then at the beginning of this year the company realised they were losing too many qualified people, and having to pay out some pretty BIG redundancies, so they withdrew the 'dis-establishment' notices.  Stew got a letter saying his job was NOT being dis-established after all.  

We kinda breathed a sigh of relief, but not really.  Stew had his doubts about it all.  His doubts were justified.  About ONE MONTH later, he got ANOTHER letter telling him his job WAS being dis-established AFTER ALL!

So we had to go through the turmoil all over again, only difference the 2nd time?  His job was going to be advertised outside the company, meaning there would be many more qualified people trying to get the job.

He had to go through an interview, just like everyone else.  He knew that there were some very highly qualified people going for the job, and he kinda felt like there wasn't much hope he would get it, even though he knows the company through and through, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience ...  

Today it is about 8 months since he got the first letter. 

Today is the day we EXPECT to find out who got the job.

Today I am probably going to try and keep myself busy.  I might even go out to the mall or Spotlight... and try not to dwell on what is happening with Stew.

This could be a very bad day... or a miracle could happen?  I just don't have a good feeling about this at all.
It's dragged on for so long.  I hope either way, it is over TODAY.  We cannot keep living with this constant stress. I know how I am feeling, so it must be so much worse for Stew.

So... I will pop back later on in the day to update on what I've been up to.



Shit a brick!  I can't go anywhere right now.  I'm expecting a person from Living Flame 'sometime' this morning to look at our fireplace.  
Remember, we spent over $800 just last year getting it overhauled?  Well... it's not working very well.  I can get it to fire up, but after about 30-45 minutes it turns itself off.  And if I light it up again it does the same thing ... over and over again.

So, I am getting them out to take a look at it.  $90 call out fee applies if the fault is NOT anything to do with the repairs done last year. 
I am fairly certain it is the new control dial playing up.

Fireplace lady turned up ... at 12.02 pm.  NOT quite 'in the morning' as I was told.  *sigh*
But... she thinks she's fixed the two problems that were found... both were parts replaced last year, so should be under warranty still.

When she left she said if it's still turning itself off, it is something she couldn't fix today anyway, so I'm to call her if it does turn itself off again.  Yaaaa.

Right, time for lunch, Home and Away then some sewing.  
Ha!  I'd just sat down, turned McDreamy on and was about to start sewing when she arrived.  The gods seem determined to stop me sewing!

SO.  Stew didn't get the job.  We are NOT surprised.  The company had no intention of giving it to him ... any fool could see that after the way they have treated him in the past few months.

So... next step.  'They' want to retain him within the company ... so they say.... and are going to discuss the options with him over the next few weeks.

The options ... well hell.  Stew is going to be doing some job he probably will hate, while watching the new guy doing HIS job, and most likely asking Stew to help him out when he doesn't know what to do.  

FUCK THAT.  Stew is going to make sure he can get a redundancy payout option to cover the next 6 months, and then if he hates the 'alternative job' offered to him, he can start looking for a new job.

I am just so angry right now... you have no idea.
Now we have to wait and see what they will offer him by way of a job.

MORE FUCKING WAITING.  OMG  I feel like driving into that damn office and fucking slapping a few people.

I just talked with Stew on the phone.  I let him know just how upset I am for him, and how goddam angry I am at the company for how this has been handled.  8 MONTHS of stress and worry... and now it is going to drag out some more, with a likely job offered to him that he will feel OBLIGATED to accept to keep him in employment.
I made him cry I think... can't do that again, he has to take what they offer him and move on. 

I think over the next couple of months we have a lot to think about and consider.

LYNDA:  I don't know.

KELLY:  I will not publish your comment as you name the company, something that I will not do as it could backfire on Dad in a big way.

LACY :  same.  Don't say the companies name FFS.

TINA: thanks for pointing that out, I had missed that one!

TONIGHT:  I am going to pretend there are NO CALORIES in Bacardi and Diet Coke.  NOPE, none at all.

End of Day:  well eating dinner put paid to having any more grog.  I'm as sober as a judge now and just pissed off.
Going to bed.
nite nite


  1. I do hope all will turn out o,k .
    Try to be positive

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    It's also a full moon - which MAY cancel any bad luck with craziness! Here's hoping you guys find out soon - the waiting would be worse than knowing. Kate444

  3. Good luck, fingers crossed for a good outcome.

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM

    What an awful situation for you to be in. Hope it all goes well for you and Stew. Sending good wishes your way. From a 'lurker' xx Koo

  5. What will be, will be. So hope it's good news. Keeping everything crossed for you.

  6. All the best for today. I really hope you get the best result and you can take a deep breath and relax. Stress is not good and you guys deserve better. Sending you a big hugxxx

  7. Good luck for today - worst case scenario doe she get a decent redundancy payout? That at least would be something to help move on. I'm sure he'll be fine though !!

  8. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Got everything crossed for you mate.

  9. All fingers are crossed for dad and everything else that I can cross. Love you lots.

  10. Thinking of you both - I hope, for your sake, you get an answer one way or another !!

  11. Thinking of you, what a stressful situation and really actually unfair. Sometimes business people forget they are dealing with peoples lives and they are just so crude about how they choose to make the decisions. Hoping for the best outcome for you and your family. xx

  12. I hope there is good news to come. You have had that hanging over your heads for way too long. They would be idiots not to keep Stew.

  13. Thinking of you today. Extremely stressful situation that's for sure. x

  14. Penny1:33 PM

    Withdrawing and then reissuing disestablishment notices in that time frame is not at all a kind way to go about things - just increases the stress levels fourfold and more. At least they paid redundancy to those that found other jobs and left early (they didn't do that at my workplace even when we knew who was going). I know what you mean about needing to know - let's hope they don't muck you around any more than they already have. Penny xo

  15. I'm wishing you and Stew all the best today and really hoping things work out for you both. I understand a little bit of what you are going through because my work is doing the same thing. We were supposed to find out by July and now that has been pushed by till mid-December, right before Christmas, great... I know how all consuming this stuff is, it's all you can think about when you lay in bed at night.

    I hope Stew's workplace recognise the value in a hard working and loyal employee and it works out for him. I have everything crossed for you both.

    Clarissa (Tully)

  16. Anonymous2:14 PM

    so sorry the news wasn't better :-(

  17. Damn and blast xxx

  18. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I am sorry - it is a very difficult thing to have to deal with.

    Sometimes though, as hard as it is. at least when you know, you can make plans and begin to process it all and hopefully, eventually, move on. It is living with the terrible uncertainty that you have had for the last 8 months that is actually the worst.

    Be as gentle on yourselves as you can be.


  19. Bugger Bugger Bugger. Lets just see what they do offer him before we go on a slapping rampage.

    In the meantime, get his CV sorted.

  20. sorry to hear this shit Chris and Stew
    Hope a new door will open with brighter options very soon
    in the meantime as Emily said be gentle on yaself

  21. Oh Chris ... I'm really sorry to hear the outcome is what it is. I hope Stew manages to quickly find something somewhere else where he is appreciated, valued and not treated so poorly. There are laws around Workplace Stress ... and I suspect his employer is one of those who needs reminding of their responsibilities to staff well-being - the way they have gone about restructuring then restructuring again is pretty poor if you ask me - it should never be dragged out like it has been. Definitely worth getting Stew's CV up to date and making an employment with some recruitment companies that work in the management area. *Big hugs* to you all.

  22. Not much to say except that I'm very disappointed for you both. I bet he wants to tell them to get f***ed and just walk out right about now. These situations make my blood boil.

    I'm hoping you guys manage to find some peace this weekend. The anger over these situations just eats you up. It's bloody awful. I'm feeling for you all.


  23. oh bugger so sorry, hope everything works out, we had the same thing in our organisation, we were told we could all apply for the one position that used to be 6 unfortunately the position was at our head office so that left me out but one of the ones that did apply didn't get the position because like you said they had no intentions, I was lucky to have a good new boss that has kept me on in 2 different roles, not sure what Im really doing but at least I have a job and can still keep looking

  24. Penny4:19 PM

    That is terrible, I'm so sorry you are being left hanging still. They need to sort this out and give you all closure.

  25. maybe this is one of those times it'd be justified to say "I told you so" to him. Well, it is what it is, and if he takes what they offer, he can put his feelers out in the meantime and get something better, then tell them to shove it. Poor Stew. How horrid, at his age, to be "replaced" by someone better, when he's been doing the job for so long. Sending you both hugs xxxxx

  26. Lorraine H4:32 PM

    Sorry Chris & Stew about the outcome of today.If I put my thoughts about the company I'd be banned from everywhere as my language would not be able to be put into print.Just hold your heads up high you are both wonderful people.

    Southgirl x

  27. From your description it looks like the firm's restructure has been really badly handled. There are some cynical, unprincipled bastards in management these days. Sadly, loyalty and business ethics seem to have become extinct. It makes me angry! Best of luck to you and Stew.

  28. So let's clarify - by offering another job - a shit job - they can get out of a redundancy payout? Don't say that's the case... if he's been "disestablished" from his job can he walk away now with redundancy or does he HAVE to take this job?????

  29. Penny5:32 PM

    I'm with you Southgirl, I have been very careful about what I have said about both my former employer and Stew's employer. I don't know his (although don't think much at all of how this has been handled), but I also have to be careful what I say about mine!

  30. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Well if I was Stew I wouldn't want to work for them anyhow. Get the new job check out the redundancy and include a time off clause to go to interviews. This is his opportunity to move on to bigger and better things. CV out there head high and off we go. There loss. Believe me I have been there 3 times no point getting angry at all. Now is the time for him to use them Mary H

  31. What an awful outcome, I agree with Mary H, sometimes a change is as good as a rest. I know a stiff drink A GOOD CRY a sleep some sunshine over the weekend WHICH is where I hope your children come to the party and TAKE care of the house this weekend so you and Stew can rethink restructure refresh and RESTART! I too will have a wee drink along with you.

  32. A disgusting way to treat their loyal, hardworking staff, I hate the fact that they interview people for the job they have already and have been doing it well. Let's hope that these new breed of time and motion people get their karma. The big Companies hire them, and they always stuff things up. I have a friend who worked for 5 years in her job as a Principals secretary, she was re interviewed for the same position and lost her job, she was devastated beyond belief, she came to my house at 9.15 am just after she found out and fell on the floor sobbing, These people who do this to their staff are heartless, cruel bastards. I am so sorry Chris, but especially for you Stew, you are a wonderful man and This Company who ever they are do not deserve you, If you have a good redundancy package and can leave straightaway do it, they deserve nothing from you. You will be fine though, I just know it, I am physic (true) and I feel that everything will work out for you. Try not to worry, or be too angry it is so bad for your health, you and Chris have each other and together as you always do you will make it through this. Xxx

  33. ohh Chris, that is an mega sux outcome, hugs to you and Stew.

  34. No calories what-so-ever. Drink away :)

  35. Oh - not good! Thinking of you both! Please try and remember though that saying "when one door shuts, another door opens..." and from experience (4 redundancies between me and Peter) somehow things worked out. I know words like this won't help much at the moment, as you sure as hell don't want this kind of uncertainty in your life. Be there for each other - take care - and hugs from me to you both. Luv Anne xx

  36. And make sure that his firm come to the party with all the HR help he can get such as helping with professional CV's, advice etc., we got that help and it was useful.

  37. Penny8:50 PM

    I get the feeling it may not be Stew's thing, but we were offered 3 counselling sessions through the Employment Assistance Programme. It might be of some use to Stew, even if it is just used for him to sort out what he wants to do? It is confidential and your company is not told who accesses it.

  38. How frustrating for you both. Thinking of you. Xxx

  39. Oh so sorry Chris! Big hugs for you Momma/Wifey Bear--I know how hard it is to have to stand by and watch people be cruel to those we love. Had to do a bit of that this week myself (with DH's work). My advice (used to tell the paying clients this as well)--try not to stress too much, be kind to your selves. Now--consider the worst case scenario and make a plan for that. Whatever happens will not be that and you will feel some peace in knowing you could have coped with the other (worst case). Prayers for you all.

  40. Really sorry to hear about the job - That has to be incredibly stressful. I hope the new job is a good one. Keep us posted. I am sure the company won'y want to lose him.

  41. What a darn shame! Hopefully Stew finds a company that appreciates his work. So sorry to hear about all the stress. Take care.

  42. ugh that's so horrible!! I hope he can find a better job where they treat him better :(

  43. Maybe they are hoping Stew will somehow just retire and leave them alone. People are just not valued, at all, any more. My husband knows several that had to "retire" in their early 50s. :/


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