Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hopefully I'm getting a sleep in, as I got up to Keera yesterday morning.  It's Stew's turn today.

A while ago I decided to start collecting Britto toys and figurines.  I still don't have any figurines, but I do have TWO soft toys.
Eeyore joined my budding collection yesterday:

ABOVE:  how adorable is he?  I was going to wait until I'd lost a certain amount of weight before getting a 2nd BRITTO toy, but I just could not resist him.  

ABOVE: you probably can't tell, but all the green is sewn onto the brown now, and I've pinned it onto the backing center fabric.  As I said, this is a work in progress, and I'm making it up as I go.

I'm going to cut out the 12" blocks sometime today and start joining them all together.

Oh and happy, happy, joy, joy... Stew reminded me it's grocery shopping weekend.  So, I suppose we shall be doing that sometime today too.

Steve, Bex and Dante have gone to Hamilton for the day, visiting friends.  I'm sure they will have a lovely day away from this house and my moodiness. 

I took some really lovely photos of the guys sitting in the lounge last night watching the rugby game, both of them were dressed in their Canterbury rugby shirts.  I even got a good one of Miss Muppet sitting between them, laid back watching the rugby too.

ONLY.... I had forgotten to put the bloody card in the camera hadn't I?  So, no photos after all.
I've done that a few times now.  It's the only feature I miss from my previous camera.  It wouldn't 'go' without the card in.

My Canon does 'go' without the card in.   I've lost quite a few 'moments' by forgetting to put the card in!

Right, that's about all for now... I'm gunna go sleep in.


I took back my highchair from Lacy, she wasn't using it any more.  It was in a pretty dirty state.  I thought I would have to throw the straps away and make new ones, they were that stained.   But, thanks to Nappysan, they came up really great.
I have to make a cover for the bottom seat cushion, it's all ripped and torn.  But other than that, it's now looking amazingly clean again.

I'm going to keep it ... I had thought of giving it to my friend's daugher, but I am sure we can use it here for visiting babies/toddlers.

Stew and the two kids are off to the supermarket.  We decided to do a mini-shop today and a full shop mid week, when we don't have to take B, G and Keera with us.

We just had a really lovely lunch of roast chicken sandwiches.  I tried feeding Keera a sandwich with vegemite on, she had NO IDEA how to eat a sandwich! I wonder what Lacy feeds her at lunchtime?

Is it just me, or is blogging dead in the water?  I hope Facebook hasn't totally taken over.

HAPPY ELF MOM:  Not that I know of!  Though I have my suspicions there will be another on the way sooner rather than later.

PAULA:  It might explain a few things Paula!  I did not see a comment from you yesterday at all.  Usually some comments come through and I have to moderate them and publish them myself.  Some go straight to my blog to be moderated there, it's sometimes confusing!

End of Day:  a very 'normal' winter weekend day.  Lazy, with no stress or fuss.  
Stew cooked a lovely dinner of lamb chops and veges.
Watched Episode 7 of Broadchurch... can't wait until next week to finally find out who killed Danny.
nite nite


  1. HmmMMMmmm... no-one there is pregnant, RIGHT????

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Lol no we are not pregnant. Not for a while yet :D bexs

  3. I love the Eeyore adorable much. And secondly I love the fern bright and really eye catching..... I have had a washing filled day and am off to bed soon ish me thinks Samuel already in bed..

  4. I love your new friend ... he's very cute!

    I left a message on your blog yesterday but it hasn't shown up - maybe blogger is eating comments for its weekend meals!

    I hope today was better than yesterday and the week ahead is a good one for you.

  5. You will be shocked! I was. Such a great show.

  6. Glad you are loving Broadchurch. I think they have started doing series 2 and I can't wait!!
    Would love to know if you worked out who the killer was. I didn't work it out until the last episode.

  7. I love Broadchurch!!!!!!! There's going to be a US remake with the same actor.

  8. Blogger world is very quiet…hope Facebook doesn't take over… I love blogger world !!

  9. I am recording Broadchurch and saving it up for a huge wet weekend binge. I love doing that.

  10. I will NEVER get used to Blogger taking my comment while I'm still halfway through typing it and making me start all over again! Gah! Anyway, tip for the camera card not being replaced - take the card out while sitting at the desk. Keep the camera on the desk beside you while you're downloading the pics, then once they're downloaded, put the card straight back into the camera. That way you can't forget to put it back :-) Good on you, too, for taking the card out to download the pics, and not just connecting the camera up. That way, if there are any issues, it won't damage the camera.

  11. Why do you ask if blogging is dead? I don't think so. I always say, blogging finds you new friends, Facebook finds your old ones.


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