Monday, June 30, 2014


Here's a few more photos from yesterday, this time of family:

 ABOVE:  Chasing birds.  He did a lot of that.  I caught the sparrow fleeing from the pest.

ABOVE:  Another one got away.  There were quite a few gulls around, and pigeons.  He tried to catch them all.

 ABOVE:  The tide was out, so plenty of sand to play on.

ABOVE:  Collecting shells.

 ABOVE:  Master Harvey on Mission Bay Beach.  Devonport on the other side of the harbour.  There is something so sweet about a toddler on the beach.  Wish we had more room so we could have picked up Lacy and Keera too.

 ABOVE:  Ya know who they are!

ABOVE: The irony of this shirt is... Steve THINKS he IS Number One !

 ABOVE X's 2: Playing in the sand.  

As you can see, it wasn't cold, even though it's supposed to be winter.  In Auckland is doesn't get very cold that often.  I love it here, if only for that..... Well, that, and the shopping.

ABOVE:  Last photo for now.  Granddad and his grandson, strolling down the beach.  Not hand in hand, cos Dante is too busy running around most of the time.

This morning is my 'traditional' big clean up of the house after the weekend.  So, I'm going to be busy vacuming, mopping, etc, etc.  What fun.

Then this afternoon I'm on duty at the Hospice Shop.  So... I'll catch ya later.


Well... it's an utterly FOUL day here, wind and driving rain.  Ikkk.  
I decided to defer the big housework day till Tuesday... that way I won't be knackered tonight after working in the shop all afternoon too.

So, I did some more sewing this morning...

ABOVE:  All the Prairie Points on!  Now all I have to do is make it a bit wider and bind it.  I ♥love♥ Quilt As You Go!  

Right it's time I got ready to leave for the shop.
Catch ya later... 

I had a good time in the shop today.  We made some very good sales, most unusual for a Monday, and a wet horrible day at that.
I got some treasure:

ABOVE:  some boy clothes, another awesome basket, a bowl (cos it was blue!), a fish dish, a little frog key chain thingee and...

ABOVE:  This really cool pendant made of blue glass.   I don't know whether to wear it or hang it in a window that catches the sun?

End of Day:  fell asleep after dinner on the couch!  Must be tired.  Weird, cos I'm more a night person than a morning person.
So, I suppose I shall go to bed early!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    The beach looks so gorgeous! Our beaches here in Florida look so different. They are very flat, very white sand and you can drive on them. Beautiful photos. Marianne

  2. Love the very last shot so cute, All the kids are growing Dante,Griffin and Brylee. We have the foulest day here cold windy rainy no no bitterly cold. The quilt looks superb I love the colours.

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    not only do I love the prairie points, I've learnt new "terminology" :-)

  4. Luv the pics the quilt looks awesome with the prairie points ��

  5. Love the fish bowl and of course the little Frog thingy :-D

  6. Obviously you needed the rest. I hope someone else cooked dinner for you.

  7. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Nice pics, I think the blue pendant a Turkish blue wards off the 'evil eye'.
    Jess from South Australia

  8. Great photos, I'm glad it isn't too cold there, a week into winter.

  9. Lovely winters you have there. So nice you can still hang out at the beach. The blue pendant is an evil eye symbol used to ward off bad luck.


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