Thursday, June 05, 2014


Because I'd not had much opportunity to take photos yesterday... I took some on the trip home.  It was at sunset in the Waikato, and the fog was already coming down.

Waikato gets LOTS of FOG!  Shit I don't miss that.  Or the heavy frosts.  It's a cold, damp, miserable place to live in winter.

Anyway, I digress... here's a few photos I did manage to take:

 ABOVE:  the sky REALLY was that colour!

 ABOVE:  Fog drifting across the hills.

 ABOVE:  And fog down really low on the fields.

ABOVE: Pretty, but I don't miss the Waikato at all.

So, they are not that good, but I like them and am pleasantly surprised I got any worth showing.

Today?  Both kids are back at school, the blokes are at work, and it's just us girls and Dante.

I'm going to make a start on joining those 5" blocks. 
I didn't get to Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton yesterday afternoon,  we were much later leaving Hamilton than I thought we would be.

So... I'll get some more brown & teal fabric another day.  It's not like I don't have something else to be getting on with!


VIC:  what do you mean by 'these holidays'?  They are over now! 

 ABOVE:  What was that I said about going to get more brown & teal fabric another day?

LOL... Bex wanted to go to David's Emporium, so I tagged along.  While out we popped into Spotlight.  They were having a sale, 40% off patchwork fabric.  I got those 5 pieces of fabric, each just over a 3rd of a metre for $15!  SCORE.  Now I can cut them out and add them to the brown & teal quilt.

ABOVE:  Teddy and Dante.  Dante is still a bit rough and ready, but Teddy is learning to tolerate him.  All Dante wants to do is hug him after all!  *smiles* 

Late afternoon and I've finally got all the fabric cut into 5" squares.
What a job.  Now... waiting for Stew to come home so we can order dinner.  It's 'takeaway' night in this house.  Yaaa, no one has to cook.

I have got serious eye strain from cutting fabric I think.  Or else I'm just really tired!  *smiles*

End of Day:  loving all the new programes on the telly right now.  And Mrs Brown's Boys is back, we all love that show.
nite nite


  1. The fog shots are beautiful!

  2. Loving the teal/brown block quilt! I know who to employ when we need one for a bubba room.. PS: I was thinking I might come visit you these holidays !

  3. I love Waikato in the Autumn/Winter it is way warmer than Taupo!!!! lol Beautiful photos. Teddy and Dante too cute. That next quilt be whipped up in no time at the rate you are cutting.

  4. Sorry these coming holidays ( July ones) sorry was at school got excited when I realised its only 4 weeks away wwwhhhheeeeeeee !!!!!

  5. Beautiful place that Waikato. Have fun quilting.

  6. love the sunset pics!

    It's the holidays here now, summer vacation until August.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Teddy looks like a big fluffy teddy bear that's why he wants to hug him :)

  7. I love Mrs Browns Boys too - we went to the show in Brisbane a few months ago and it was excellent !!!
    LOVE those photos.
    Me xox


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