Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This morning Bex is heading out to the airport to pick up two of her Invercargill girlfriends.
They are enroute to Europe for their Big OE I think? edit:  not their big OE, just a jaunt around Europe.

Anyway, I shall be watching Dante while she's gone.  Cool... just the wee man and me!

When they get back and have unloaded all their stuff into our spare bedroom, they are going to the mall.  Dante will go with them.

I have morning plans too.  I'm going down to the Hospice Shop to pick up those two shelving units.  Exciting!   I love re-arranging things in the house.  Hopefully these units prove to be useful.  lol... I'm becoming such a hoarder.

I need to go and get more batting for my Dresden Plate Quilt too... I am going to do a bit of work on that in the next day or two.  But until then...  I shall probably start joining those quilt blocks together... both the Brown/Teal ones, and the Pink/Teal ones.  Such a lot on the go at the moment in my sewing room.  

I'm lucky that I have a hobby that I really love, and is productive.  There is just so much you can make with your sewing machine and some imagination,  and FABRIC!  Let's not forget fabric... OMG, I love the stuff.  How sad am I?  :)

Bex is a happy girl too.  She has fallen in love with crochet, and is learning new things almost every day!
Here is her latest learnt technique:

 ABOVE:  'Bobble' blocks.   How cute is that elephant's head!
Kinda hard to show the contrast when it's all the same colour, but the next one she is going to make is using a different colour for the 'bobble bits'.
I can't wait to see it.

I can't finish my morning start without a photo or two of our wee man Dante:

ABOVE:  his latest trick?  Not sitting in the car, that's for sure.  Oh no... ya chuck your teddy's in there then you run through the rooms crashing into things!  And I mean CRASHING into things.  Coco has the right idea, she got up and away from him.  lol  

Oh and I forgot to mention the screaming.  He screams at the top of his lungs... sounds like a dying cat.  *sigh*

Well, that's me for now.  I better go and look after that kid.  And see the other two off to school.


The yellow and red car is about to be banished from the house!  Dante keeps on smacking it into me furniture, not funny any more.
He jolly well knows he shouldn't be too... I just told him off and he went and PATTED my credenza better!  Sweet wee boy. 

We are having some right shitty weather today ... lots of rain and wind.  I'm not sure about picking up that furniture right now! 

I did pick it up.  While it's been raining all day, it hasn't been 'torrential' at all.  I managed to get both the shelving units in the back of my Highlander, it's so HANDY having a bit vehicle!

Because the units are freaking HEAVY AS, they are still sitting in me car.  The guys can get them out tonight for me.

I had a pounding headache once I got home, so took myself off to bed.  3 hours later!  And the headache is now a dull pain, but not as bad as earlier.

Our lovely gas fireplace is playing up again.  It goes for between half and hour to an hour, then turns itself off.  Frustrating!  We just got it reconditioned 11 months ago.
So, I rang the place that fixed it, and they are coming out on Friday morning to have a look at it.  That's $78 thank you very much.  *sigh*

Guess what?  I'm already looking for another little girl puppy!  I know ... it's madness.  But we really want to make more puppies!  We love that side of having a girl dog.

I saw a darling wee girl down in Masterton a few weeks ago, but I changed my mind at the last minute.  So, I'm 'looking' for now.  The right girl will be out there for us soon I hope.

End of Day:  well... I got no sewing done today.  But I did get something done... show ya tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I'm just finishing off my 6th crocheted blanket!! They take about a week each to make. One for each of the grandkids, one for Stu (for cold nights watching telly) and two for babies. I'm also trying to learn new stitches and techniques - the internet sure makes that easier! Now it's just a matter of thinking of things to make that people want, luckily Joanna has more ideas there :)

  2. I love the bobble elephant how cute is that. Foam noodles around the car to soften the blows? foam noodles around the furniture! lol hope you and Dante have a lovely wee morning.

  3. Ha ha! I was WONDERING how long you'd let him keep the car in the house! Awww.

    Bex is really taking to the crafting thing! :)

  4. Sounds like you have your hands full!

  5. Sounds like the car needs to go outside when the weather is better!

  6. What? You mentioned getting another girl dog AND more puppies... and still no trolls? Hmmm... :)


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