Saturday, June 14, 2014



The last few days I have been going nuts getting my house all ship shape, clean and tidy.  More so than 'usual'.

I was looking around the house last night, after everyone was in bed... and it kinda dawned on me that all the tidying/cleaning was probably my way of coping with the uncertainty of what was going on with Stew and his job.

I couldn't control what was happening, so I did something I could control.  I cleaned and tidied and cleaned some more.   I also ate a whole shit load of crap.  That wasn't so good.

Now I have to try and get through the next few weeks without going nuts all over again.  

It's all very well saying 'What will be will be'... but it's hard when you are living through 'it'.

It would be fair to say I have woken up in a really foul mood.  So, rather than try and fake it, for once I'm just going to say FUCK IT ALL, and be miserable.

Over and out.

We bought a thin gold chain to hang my two silver pendants on 15 days ago.  Yesterday it broke when one of the pendants caught on my tunic.  I was like, what the hell?  It wasn't even a big tug and it broke?
Today we are taking it back.  Not sure if I will get it replaced or not.
Time will tell I suppose.

It is a glorious winter day!  Sunshine, crisp air and hardly a cloud in the sky.

I can't keep being crabby with such a lovely day to enjoy... so I am officially back in a good mood.

 ABOVE:  I finally found somewhere to hang my Rhino 'hook'.  Doesn't he look lovely there?

Out and about today, we passed a house having a garage sale.... you hardly ever see them since Trademe became the place to buy and sell.

ABOVE:  we got this lovely jacket for Brylee for $10, and a couple of cane trays.
I love the jacket, so does Brylee.

Now... I'm going dowstairs to do some sewing.  Or have a nap.  Who knows?  I constantly change my mind what I'm doing from one minute to the next.

I'm happy to say it's been an uneventful afternoon... spent napping, having dinner and now... Stew is in his element watching rugby and I'm going to do some sewing.

End of Day:  a bit early, but as I know the only thing I will be doing from now till bedtime is sewing, no point putting it off.
nite nite


  1. Can't even begin to find the words to make you feel better so won't say anything except thinking of you all in this horrid situation you find yourselves in.

  2. Good for you Chrism don't let the bastards win and get you down and by that I mean all of them.

  3. I know very very well what you are talking about when you say it's all easy to TALK about doing a great job anyway, very tough to do it moment by moment.

  4. PS the jacket is very very pretty.

  5. Mega frost here this morning and sunnish ! I have agreed to be parent help at the AFTERBALL I do hope I'm not on the news I AM NOT the most tolerant parent COME DOWN and take some of your inner rages out on the kids here!!! will work wonders I'm sure... starts midnight finishes 4am needless to say I MAY BE MEGA crabby myself tomorrow!

  6. I love that jacket. Brylee looks beautiful in it! As for the chain - get your money back asap. Otherwise you will be out a chain AND most likely lose your pendants the next time it happens.

  7. Oh Chris, I have been where you are at the moment and it's a horrible place to be. Hugs to you, my friend.

    Love Brylee's jacket.

  8. Hope you had an ok day :-)

  9. What a great coat!

    We all deal in our own ways, at least your house is clean :)

  10. I know it's so hard when you are living it. Sometimes you just have to say "bugger it - I'm feeling miserable" and allow yourself to be.
    Glad you felt better later !!!!
    Lotsa hugs
    Me xox


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