Wednesday, June 18, 2014


DOGSTARS:  You asked to see the double dog lead, well here it is:

ABOVE:  I made a strong wrist strap, then a split, two way lead to each dog.  Dante tried pulling them out of the family room, but he was hesitant to pull much and gave up.  It didn't help that Coco planted her butt and refused to budge! 

ABOVE:  Loves for Coco, yep, she is under there!

ABOVE:  Having a good talk to Coco while Teddy pretends he's not there.

ABOVE:  going in for a kiss.... ewwww.  *smiles*

Both dogs are looking a bit scruffy, so Lacy is coming over to do a mini-groom on them for me.  I shall book them in for a full groom in the next week or so.

I don't want them really short though, it's getting quite cold now.

So today's plans:  Take the dogs for a walk... and I hope like hell we encounter other dogs this morning.   I've got BOTH dogs in bark collars... it could be very interesting.  Coco has hardly ever worn one.  *evil smirk* 

Then when Lacy arrives she can do the dogs and I shall play with Miss Muppet.  That should be nice.

After I take them home (probably after lunch), I shall do some blog reading.  

Stew flies to Wellington this morning on business, he will be home tomorrow night.  I don't quite 'get' why he's still going, seeing as he is more or less jobless within the company?

No idea and don't give a rat's arse either.  Over that entire situation.  One thing is for sure though, I am NEVER EVER stepping foot in that building again... because I don't trust what my mouth would say to Stew's 'bosses'.  

Something tells me it wouldn't be nice.


The walk.  Went well except for a couple of glitches.

1/ Coco's bark thingee keeps working it's way around to the top of her neck, so it won't zap her if she barks.  I shall work on that little problem today.

2/ Both dogs MUST stop at least (and I counted them) 38 times.   Must pee there!  and here!  and over there too!   AND ... Teddy had to poop 3 times, and Coco once.  

So... our walk was more like a dawdle today.

I'm going to find something long that I can prod them with to keep them from sniffing every single blade of bloody grass/tree/shrub/letterbox bla bla bla.

The best thing about today's walk?   We encountered another dog.  Teddy was silent as he knew he had his bark collar on (clever bugger)... but Coco?  Heee  heee... she barked ONCE, got zapped and immediately lay down and shut up!

It was a picture to see.  So, I chatted with the other dog owner for a few minutes and both my  dogs just sat there, quiet as a mouse.  The other lady's dog was perfectly behaved too... well trained I'm sure.

Mine are not. Mine have been spoilt rotten.  Times are a-changing.

Oh!  Almost forgot to mention.  14 weeks ago I ordered a Year 8 'Special' School sweatshirt for Griffin to wear in Terms 2,3 & 4.  They were supposed to be at the school for pickup at the start of this Term, like.... 6 and a half weeks ago.

While out walking this morning I tied the dogs to the school fence and went into the office to ask where they were?

The office lady said they were DUE IN TODAY.  So, I very nicely told her that if they were not in TODAY, I was cancelling my order and wanted my $65 back, thank you very much.

I'm actually feeling a lot better in myself today.  Taking action on many fronts.  Getting my mojo back.  ONWARD peoples!

I have to admit I did a dumb thing.  Since Friday I was so upset and depressed, I stopped taking me pills.  All of them. 
I spent last night bathed in sweat from hot flushes... and goodness knows what me blood sugars are like, or me blood pressure!

I realised I was doing a really dumb thing and have taken today's pills and will put a new blood pressure patch on.  *sigh*
It is easy to get depressed and do dumb things.  I've been there before.  Nearly did a MEGA dumb thing 10 years ago.  Luckily, I have some good brain cells still working.

I just weighed in ... and OMG!  I LOST A KILO AND A HALF!  I have no idea how that happened!  But, I also know that I shall have to be very careful over the next week, so the shit I ate does not show up on the scales next Wednesday.

Lacy and Keera spent a happy few hours here, Lacy groomed the dogs and got BITTEN by Teddy!!!  I was really surprised he did that.
OK, he hates having his tail combed, but still.  I stood over him and Lacy managed to get it finished without another bite.

Once they were home I started making another attempt at the pattern for the applique on the brown/teal quilt for Russell.

I'm happy to say my 2nd attempt worked.  I will show you tomorrow.

Tonight's dinner is left overs from the last two evening's meals.  So no work.. yaaa.

Then I'm going to relax and spend a quiet evening in front of the telly I think.

End of Day:  well I got a bit done today, and had a happy result on the scales, which kinda made me feel a lot better.
nite nite


  1. Dogs are funny on leads eh? Dante is so funny and cute with it. I hope not to see building rage lady on news!! lol

  2. Sorry about Stew's job. That's so mean of them. I am horrified by the way some managements handle their staff, especially loyal ones. Keep sewing ..... and getting out of the house for a wee while is good too. Sending love thoughts.


  3. Once again congrats on the loss wooooohoooooo....

    Hi Lacy *waves*

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Hi Bee lol *waves* :-)
      From Lacy nd Keera

  4. nawww just love the pics of Dante with the dogs…mega cute.

    Congrats on your loss, well done

  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Ops lol.....shot Ma for the kilo nd a half loss :-) hehe

  6. Congrats on the loss, and good girl for going back on the meds. That's one that (specially depressions ones) that you can't stop. Re the dogs stopping to poo/pee, just keep walking. gentle tug on the leash and keep walking. Usually works, but each dog is different xx

  7. a good loss.... Yay, keep up the great work! xxx

  8. This weight business is a nightmare ,
    I keep telling myself it's an age thing but I do lie belly pork and I do like chocolate . Not at the same time I should add ..

  9. Take yer meds... Every day

  10. Congrats on the weigh in, keep it up. Hey take care of yourself!! I know it is not easy with all that is going on but you MUST,

  11. I need a bark collar for Rusty he drives me nuts barking at the back door. Although we are going to take that out soon so he can't see outside like that.

  12. Hugs!! I've just caught up reading your blog. I am glad that Lacy is in a good enough place emotionally and caring for Keera that you feel ok about her moving 2 1/2 hours away. That is great progress. I hope all is going well on the job front... I hate all that uncertainty as well. Do take care of yourself, friend.


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