Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I have found music to be one of the best ways to help me feel better about life in general.

Who else finds comfort in music?

I also (always have) found comfort in eating.  I'm trying to knock that on the head, but it's still hard.  

Stew is the same as me... so if one of us makes a suggestion about getting something 'nice' to eat in the evening... the over caves in only too quickly.

We are both our own worst enemy.  


Well... clearly I don't have the LONG TERM answer.  I can be strong for ages, then just completely fall off the wagon.

And I can do that incredibly well.

When so many things in one's life are 'off' it is so easy to chuck in the towel and just wallow in it.

I've done that for quite a while now.

There is a lot of work to be done to turn things around again... but with help from those closest to me, I hope to get my life back on track.

There is NOTHING worse than self loathing, and I've done heaps of that lately.  

Time to turn the tables, accept all the shit I can't change, and learn to live with it, and still enjoy life.

I am going to choose to be as happy as I can be.  Lots of positive things are happening ... I just have to look a bit harder to appreciate them.

Our son Russell should be home soon.  I hope he can turn his life around and find some happiness again.   I can't wait to give him a big hug.   

Right.  TODAY:  I'm going back to the Hospice shop.  We have a lot of t-shirts in mens sizes at the moment.... so I'm going to grab a few for Steve.  He needs them for work.

It will give me a chance to have a proper look around too.  I don't get much of a chance when I'm working there. (believe it!)

FROGGY:  thanks for the camera card tip.  I often do that, but sometimes I forget ... obviously!  
JUDITH:  What a darn good idea!  Wish I'd thought of taping Broadchurch from the start.  
BLONDIE: I have a feeling blogger is eating a few of my reader's comments!

Time to get a move on, I've got a few jobs to do around the house before I go out and about.


I went shopping this morning.
I wanted to get some cheap t-shirts for Steve to wear to work... I get them really cheap at the Hospice Shop.
We got in a big bunch of brand new t-shirts recently... so I grabbed 6 for Steve.

ABOVE:  The t-shirts look like they were in a batch that didn't get dyed properly, so were rejected?  But who cares when you are only wearing them to a building site?
I also bought a few more winter tops and pants for Keera.

I went to Spotlight, I had pins and safety pins on my list.  I got a little bit more than that!  We have needed new oven mitts for like... a year... but I just never got around to making more.  So, I bought some.  And that fabric is to hopefully make a few winter weight dresses for granddaughter's.  But we will see.  For now I've got heaps on the go in the sewing room.

But I got the fabric because it is so funky I just had to get some.

When I got home there was a bunch of flowers waiting for me!  There was a card attached, which said "love you mummy".  Because I didn't know which one it was, I had to text all three of my girls to find out.
It was Amanda, and 'just because' was why!   
So I thanked her and shall enjoy them, they are my favourite colours ... for flowers.  lol

Now.   Kids are due home in another half and hour or so, and I've not even given dinner a thought!  Better pull finger and think about it.  

Stew and I are going grocery shopping tonight I think.  At least the aisles won't be too cluttered up with other customers.  Looking for a positive slant on shopping for groceries!

MARGIE:  Of course you can.

JUDITH:  totally corny but cheerful!  I liked it.

Well.  Stew got home, got changed and we went to Sylvia Park and had dinner together before getting the groceries.  It was lovely. 

We went to The Garrison Public House, which is a bit of a mix between a pub and a restaurant... it is leaning towards being more of a restaurant now though.  A few years ago it was more of a pub... which I wouldn't even bother going into.  I'm not a pub sorta person.

Anyway, it was just so nice being out and having a nice meal together.  

After that we did the grocery shopping.  It was so quiet in the aisles, we didn't have to crawl along behind the crowds at all.
I actually enjoyed it!  

It's even better when you get home and the others unpack it all and put it away too!

End of Day:  Well... a good day, just as I planned it to be.  No more being morose here.  Live life and enjoy it, 'no matter what',  I say.

nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Comfort in music.... My son, that's for sure. HE was really crabby yesterday after having to study for a big test and just about deafened himself with his headphones. I told him "You only get one set of ears, take care of them..." That's a really cute laundry bag. How is Stew's job going? It's been a week or so since the news. Is everything okay there?

  2. The good,, good, good, bad, awful bandwagon is how I rock too!

  3. I too wish I'd taped Broadchurch from the start - I'd love to watch the first again if nothing else. It's driving me nut but I'm not going to cheat.. I want the surprise ! I've got it narrowed down to two suspects.

    You know about the eating there is a way you can have your cake and eat it too... literally. If you stop thinking so much in terms of weight loss and more of blood sugar/insulin response then there are choices you can make for desserts and treats. I make the best banana/date muffins, chocolate steam cakes (to have with cream etc), apple crumble and apple sponge - all low carb and no sugar. They really fill that sweet desire without any bad effects. You could just make something like this for just you and Stew and the kids can continue with what they usually have.

    Joanna has gestational diabetes and has got into many of these foods to get her through and I think she is pleasantly surprised at how good they are! She has a muffin at work and one when she gets home. I'm just so proud of how she has instantly embraced low sugar eating - it can be done, there are literally hundreds of amazing recipes out there. And the bonus? You will lose weight. Anyway just my thoughts on it :)

    1. I'm so glad all my NZ friends love Broadchurch. I watched the whole 1st series back to back on catchup TV do you have similar in NZ?? I'd love to know your 2 prime suspects. I didn't guess until final episode.
      Second series is being filmed now with many of the same characters.

    2. Don't give any clues !!!! I'm too scared to google anything to do with the series in case it spoils it for me. I can't tell you my suspects - I'll say next week if I was right or wrong :) My daughter has cheated and found out but I'm resisting the urge.

  4. I am hoping to go to a film evening of a American documentary, about diabetes and raw eating I wish I could get a handle on a eating and B exercising. I too am loving Broadchurch.

  5. Am I allowed to reply on one of your comments?? If not I apologise for trying. I commented on your blog last week about Broadchurch but I think it got eaten!!!!

  6. Can you watch the old episodes if Broadchurch on TVNZ On Demand?

  7. Chris, I firmly believe in the power of music to lift the mood. I have made a playlist on Youtube of some happy, bouncy tracks and when I need a lift I turn my speakers up and dance around the kitchen like a madwoman. ( You can do this sort of thing when you live on your own and no-one can see you.) Not only do I feel better, but I get some exercise too! Win win!.

  8. Watch Michael Buble singing "It's a beautiful day". Corny but cheerful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QYxuGQMCuU

  9. Never underestimate the power of loud music in the car!

  10. The older I get the more intuned I am to music! I really enjoy it.

    Looks like you had a nice day!

  11. I have some of your mug rugs hanging in my ceramic studio.


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