Monday, June 02, 2014


Yesterday I was utterly evil with food.

I had an ice cream at the movies, and some lollies.  Then we got home and I had some more lollies.

WTF?  I want desperately to get back to a comfortable weight, yet I go and eat lollies?

This is called feeling CRABBY with myself. But, today is another day, and another chance to get it right.  I'll just have to make sure there's no more lollies in the house to tempt me.

ABOVE:  Last night I gave Dante my little torch to play with... and he had a ball!  Teddy did too, you can tell that in the photos eh?

Ha ha.... Teddy is getting much more tolerant of Dante now... which is fantastic.
Dante even laid fully on top of him last night and Teddy didn't growl at all.  So glad he's getting better with Dante.

Today?  Not sure if we are going out or just stay in.
I know Bex and I want to watch a few episodes of Home and Away from last week.  I'm pretty sure we have about 6 episodes watch!  

ABOVE:  I almost forgot this photo!  It's just darling.  

Right, I'm off to do some basic housework before doing bugger all for the rest of the day!
I've got a VERITABLE MOUNTAIN of washing waiting to be folded up and put away.  Awesome... NOT.


It's raining.  A perfect inside day.  The heater is on, the blankie is ready and I'm about to sit down and watch Home and Away.

I just gave all the 'left over' lollies to the rest of the family, so I'm safe from eating them!

3 and a half hours of Home and Away!  Done and dusted, and now I'm going downstairs to do some sewing.  This is a perfect day, *smiles*. (I folded that washing while watching the telly too)

Almost dinner time... Steve is cooking something with pasta and mince.
I've done no sewing as such.  I have spent a couple of hours cutting out 5" squares for the next quilt top.

I was sitting there thinking... hell I REALLY don't feel like doing any of my UFO's right now... BUT I'd already said on here that I was going to work on them before starting anything else.  *sigh*

Then I did a little thinking about it... and realised that I can actually do whatever I feel like!   I CAN change my mind!  So, I'm going to do just that.

End of Day:  I've had a good evening.  Watched some TV, laid out some of those 5" blocks and will show you tomorrow what it looks like.
nite nite


  1. Leanne8:12 AM

    That's such a cute photo of Dante

  2. Awwww bless Teddy I love your blue dumpy!! I have nadda to do today I am going for a coffee in town and that's it yay me I should be walking but I don't want to I am however going to tidy sweep my balcony and cut back some plants and pots and generally potter in the sun IT gets hot on the back balcony I wont to feel warmth on my body!!

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Yup - that is a fab photo of Dante!!! Love your UFO chart - I firstly thought it was for the kids for a school project LOL!!!

  4. A flashlight is a great way to entertain kids!
    I have a mountain of ironing-- I'll trade you ;-)
    xo jj

  5. I KNOW the feeling - hang in there and do the best you can today !

  6. Waht a nice photo of dante.

  7. I did none of the said above I went to school and help with production set building actually I was the tea lady and sweeper upper I swept the 3 main stages 3 times up and down and up an down picked up wood ends nails screws, then swept some more 2.5hrs later so that's me.

  8. Very cute pics of Dante with the flashlight.
    Ha your conversation with yourself about it being okay to change your mind whatever you have said on your blog.

  9. Glad you got your Monday out of the way, mines just starting...

  10. LOL on changing your mind


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