Tuesday, June 03, 2014


First of all... the OLD project.

I am really, really glad I didn't plow ahead with my original idea for the borders of my Dresden Plate Quilt.
This is how I had planned to do them:

ABOVE:  with a large border of mainly white.
Then last night I had a play on the computer, it's not perfect by any means, but I came up with this:

ABOVE: More blue than white.  
What do you think?   I'm still in the 'not sure' stage.  I don't want to spend hours and hours doing the border one way or the other and then HATE IT.

So.  As I said before, I'm glad it's taken this long to think about it again.  

Until I can make up my mind, I am going to do a few little quilts... for future grand babies, cos I'm sure there will be more!

I cut out, then laid on the floor some 5" blocks last night.  I thought it looked 'yuk' and was feeling a bit like, shit on it (kinda the same as damn and blast it) ... then I took a photo to see how it would look on the computer.  Sometimes it's a good way to see the lay out in another perspective.

 ABOVE:  Wow!  I love it!  Once it's all sewn together I think it will be a lovely quilt for a little girl.  Hmmmm... who's gunna produce that one I wonder?

 ABOVE:  I cut Steve's hair last night.  For the first time EVER, it was a right shit to do!  He had these annoying 'tufts' of hair that just refused to behave, so his hair is quite a bit shorter than 'normal'.  But at least he doesn't look like a sheep any more.  

Oh and like a few of me kids, he's got a double crown, that makes it tricky to do too.

ABOVE:  LOL... Bex brushing all the hair off him.  He has to clean up, I just do the 'pruning'.  *smiles*

Today Stew and Steve go back to work, and Griffin goes back to school.  Brylee is home till Thursday, so I'm going to set a few jobs for her to do.

Me?  I'm gunna sew!  Of course.  I'm excited to work on BOTH projects today.


What a lovely morning I've had!  I dis-assembled the girly quilt blocks as I could see I wouldn't have enough to do a whole bed top.  So, I went downstairs and cut up some more fabric into 5" square

And now I shall have a go at assembling it again.

When you think you probably have TOO MANY fat quarters... THINK AGAIN!  This quilt has taught me you can never have enough.

JULIE:  4 year old... hmmm...it would depend on the individual child.  Most kids now days are desensitised to 'violence' on the TV, the movie (Maleficent) has some violence in it, so if the 4 year old is a bit timid/doesn't like loud noises and fairly scary fight scenes, then I would say NO, don't take the child to see it.

My morning's "work" :

ABOVE:  Let the fun begin... joining them all together!
Lunch time.  Off to feed the face and watch yesterday's Home and Away!...

Well... the afternoon's been lovely too.  I watched a couple of TV programmes, then went downstairs and cut up some more 5" squares... cos I have so many left over I decided to get another lot ready to stitch, before starting McDreamy.

I've had to stop for now though.  People need to be FED.  Oh yaaa.

End of Day:  well.. I fed them all, then I watched tv, and then I put another few 5" blocks out on the floor.  I'll show you tomorrow ... it's not PINK.
nite nite


  1. Blue Border! definitely the blue. Loves it.

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Love the blue!! So pretty :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  3. Trevor told me I made him look like a dork the last time I cut his hair. That was the end of that lol.

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Absolutely love that quilt!! It is so beautiful. Wish I could sew like that. Takes me 30 minutes to just sew on a button!!!!
    Marianne in Orlando Florida

  5. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Your Quilt (which is fabulous!) edge - why not repeat the pillow case pattern? Move the 1/3 fan pattern with a fan of white (same as pillow case) up where the plain white is and the last piece, use the solid blue as on the pillow case. I think it would be a great match for the pillow cases. What ever you decide, it will look amazing, you are so very talented. Enjoy reading your blog. Sandra.

  6. Anonymous10:05 AM

    The blue definitely looks much better!!! Love the girls quilt too :-)

  7. LOVE the blue! And way to save money on the hair! If only that would work for us, eh?

  8. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Hi Chris! I like the blue. It sets off the Dresden blocks and frames the quilt nicely. I love reading your blog.
    Carol In IL, USA

  9. Sorry - I prefer the white !!!! Good luck with making a choice !!
    Have the BEST day.
    Me xox

  10. They both look fabulous, but I think I prefer the white, doesn't look as 'heavy', if that makes sense. You are super talented BTW!

  11. That little girl quilt is gonna be beautiful! Love the colors~

  12. SORRY CHRISTINE, I DELETED YOUR COMMENT BY ACCIDENT! : christine has left a new comment on your post "A NEW PROJECT, AND AN OLD ONE TOO":

    I like the blue

  13. Love the blue and love the baby quilt.

  14. I prefer the white and I like the idea of bright blue pillowcases... though. I do however love love love the pink quilt square thingies.I used to use the vaccum to suck excess hair off when doing short haircuts!! funny as sight though.

  15. I prefer the blue. Looks more interesting. Nice work.

  16. The quilts are beautiful. Well done.

  17. The blue blanket at the top is excellent!
    I like using the broom to clean the hair.
    Hair cutting is a task best completed outside!

  18. Thanks we were planning to go and my mom was worried if my niece would be scared of her. I think she'll be ok, just hide the eyes if it's scary ;)

  19. I really like the mainly blue border over the white. It makes your plates "pop" and shows them off better. Just my opinion though, and in the end, you must go with what YOU will be happy with. Can't believe how big Dante is now....growing like a weed hehe.
    Take care my friend, xx debbie


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