Friday, February 24, 2012


You have to be watching... cos they come and then they are gone so fast.... we are having the most amazing dusk skies at the moment:

 ABOVE:  see what I mean?  They are gorgeous, but do not last long.

ABOVE:  Cookie jars... I have had the one on the right for a few years now, and the little cow one?  Bex bought it yesterday in the Steven's Sale.  She also bought matching sugar/milk dishes, coffee cups and teapot!   So, I was not the only one to 'shop' yesterday!  lol

TODAY:  well... I really do need to pull finger and do some housework.  The garage, which doubles as a spare bedroom/gym/sewing and craft room is a shambles.  It's got crap all over the place... so that is my mission today... clean it up!
AND I might even choose one of my patchwork  UFO's (unfinished objects) to work on this weekend too!
Miracles do happen, I want to get back into my sewing.  It's so good for stress relief eh.


So yaaa.  The garage only took an hour to sort out... except for all the photos on the spare bed. I will get Stew to put them all back up in the loft this weekend.  
I WAS going to sort them all out for my Mother, but just looking at them makes me shudder... so I ain't gunna do it afterall!
I would far rather do my OWN photos... and there's a lot of them to be sorted too.
Another day/month ... it can wait!

Surprise... Amanda is coming up for a visit today... which means Emily too.  Yaaa... gunna  get me some baby loves.

As Amanda wasn't due to arrive until after lunch, Bex and I went to Sylvia Park ... I wanted to get another drink bottle for Stew.  I bought myself one yesterday at the Steven's SALE... down from $30 to $20.
When we got the shop the sale had finished, I was a bit bummed about that... but I decided to buy Stew a bottle anyway.
The saleslady was SO NICE... and only charged me $20 anyway!  SCORE!

 ABOVE: his 'n' hers.... they have a really dinky lid... you can keep the mouth bit covered when not in use... and it can be tipped upside down with no leakage.   

 ABOVE:  also on the lid, a handy clip/carry handle bit.  Handy if you want to secure it to something.

ABOVE: the last handy dandy bit!  It flips open on the side so you can store something small or your house/car key while out walking or whatever.

Amanda isn't here yet... she is running late...  Amanda and Emily finally arrived mid afternoon and I've been having fun taking a million photos, as per usual!  In fact, me camera battery just died...... luckily it does not take long to re-charge.

End of Day:  Bex was talking about these cheese and onion roll up thingee's... and how she would make them for us... so I said  "COOL... YOU ARE COOKING DINNER TONIGHT"...  YAAAA.  There was a kinda shocked look on her face.... then resignation when she realised I was serious!  LOL.
So... we await dinner by Bex.
ON TRACK?:   Hmmm, maybe not today!  The big kids have been out and bought grog, chips and dips.  Somehow I think I will be indulging tonight.
nite nite.


  1. We're getting them down here in Tauranga too - lovely aren't they?

  2. Great shot - Chris - last night had some amazing colours! - I must remember to take a photo as well.
    Enjoy your day in the garage and I hope you get a sewing weekend.

  3. We have been having them too down here. Last nights one was very eerie.
    Great going on the you are enjoying having Bex around, she sounds a lovely girl.
    Know what you mean about rooms getting in a shambles. I cleared/cleaned out the pantry yesterday.....should have taken before/after photos. What a difference.!!!!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Cheeers :)

  4. Chris, those photos are amazing. Totally jealous of them! Well done!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, Chris! I've never seen anything like it!

    Hope you enjoy some baby hugs!


  6. O your skies are so beautiful! You really have learned how to make that little camera of you accomplish wondrous things. LOL

    I Love that little cow cookie jar.
    Good job on getting you and Stew's new cups - they are really neat!

    congrats. on getting that spare room tidied. That always makes us feel so much better- you can certainly come & tidy mine too! LOL

  7. The sky photos are did a great job of capturing them.
    Enjoy your Emily time.

  8. I want one of those bottles. I might visit my local Stevens tomorrow - or wait for the next sale.

  9. Those sky pictures are absolutely spectacular! All I can say is WOW!

  10. I want one of dem bottles! They look great AND carry a key and a $5 note for coffee.

  11. We had a pretty sunset here too pinky and red and gone as quick as look at it.

  12. Anonymous7:37 PM

    can't believe it. i've put on another half a pound at ww. damn!

  13. By any chance is Bex talking about the Southland delicacy of cheese rolls? They are delicious!

    Penny xo

  14. How beautiful, enjoy! Have a good weekend.

  15. I would be going NUTS over your skies!!!!!!! THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!


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