Tuesday, October 05, 2010


ABOVE:  well this one is in me dreams.... but in reality:

ABOVE:  THIS is where I spent last night!   *sniff*... I was NOT going to spend the night coughing/vomitting and keeping Stew awake.  So I did the NICE thing and slept on the couch.  I deliberately kept the 'bucket' out of the photo... can't be too graphic eh?   lol

Today if I am still coughing and vomiting I am going to the Doctor.   I am over it. 

These school holidays have been miserable!  My poor kids have been stuck at home almost the whole time because of me being ill....  I feel guilty.   At least the do know why we haven't been going out and about much... they witnessed all the vomitting yesterday... and were so nice to me! 

As soon as I'm able I am going to give them a real treat.

So.... no plans today, except maybe going to the Dr.   And the bank.   If I'm lucky.


I'm sure I feel a LITTLE better this morning... not coughing quite so much?
So.. we went out and I did the banking, posted the giveaway cards to Jane P in Singapore, bought the kids a treat at the toy shop... and came home.

WE have to go out again this afternoon to deliver cards to the Manukau shop... another nice little order.  Yaaaa.... more money to put towards Griffin's Speld lessons. 

Lunch time is imminent... that should be when I find out just how well my cough is doing!  Fingers crossed I don't 'lose' it all again. IKKK.

Before getting lunch we had a visitor or two.  Lynn and her new man Craig called in.. it was lovely to see them... and see Lynn so happy again.  Awww, ain't love so cute?

Had lunch now... and am waiting to see how we go before heading back to the mall with the cards. 

Lunch stayed down.... yaaaa.   Had a wee nap which was nice.   Think maybe I should have gone to the Dr's... cos now my throat is hurting again.  Grrrrrrr.  Off to suck on a strepsil.... and then make dinner.

End of Day:  and I am sure I'm on the mend now.... lunch and dinner stayed down.. which is great cos I was starving!  Quiet evening.... watching the telly.  How 'boringly normal'.  Sure beats hanging over the sink spewing!  nite nite.


  1. ugh that is awful. sounds like the flu. hope you fell better soon.

  2. thinking of you Chris, hope you're feeling better today, if not, yes, trip to the doctors sounds in order..

    rest and hope you feel better soon


  3. Sorry you are feeling so awful. Good luck at the doctor's if you decide to go. I have had a rotten cold for nearly two weeks now, unusual for me as I don't get many. Coughing like a b*stard and going through tissues like a snowstorm but at least no vomiting, thank god! That must be awful! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    You poor thing... poor kids too... If I could I would take 'em out for ya...

    Hang in there and get better soon.

    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  5. Samuels friend is no better either PROJECTILE (TMI) vommitting went to doctors thurs/fri and yesterday he had swabs on thurs he has Glandular Fever and STREP throat noooooiiiiiiiiiiccccceeee and being ill when it is SUNNY and nice out is the PITS! DO get better soon Brylee and Griffin will no doubt fuss over you today.

  6. Chris! Hope you get better soon. ((hugs)) So glad the kids are being understanding and sweet. :)

  7. Geez, that coughing and vomiting sounds brutal. Really hope you feel better soon... a trip to the doctor might be a *very* good idea right now...

  8. I hope you got to the doctor and there is something that can help you feel better. No fair being sick and having the kids home at the same time.
    Your dream bed looks very romantic.

  9. oh dear, that's not nice. maybe it's bronchitis? do go to the doc, whatever the cough is like. xxx

  10. ok just been playing catch up with all your posts! So hope you're feeling better - what a bugger of a cold. Have to say, i actually thought that was your new bed and was about to OFF in my own happy dance and then let the green eyed monster out for a roam! lol seriously the couch doesn't really compare!!!

    have to say, was bummed i didn't win the cards but such is life!!! hope Jane enjoys them!

    love the orchard - i just can't get over how much you do!!!


  11. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I am so sorry that you were so sick. I can only assume that your lunch stayed down. Hope so. Hope your better in a flash! ..debbie

  12. I hope you are feeling better.

    Doesn't it make you feel all nice when the kids behave so understandingly when you are sick, no complaints about not going out & being extra nice, that's when you know you raised them right.

    Take it easy & don't overdo things.

  13. Hope you visited the doc to sort out the coughing. Take care:-)

  14. Look after yourself, matey. If you fall in heap the family will follow!!

  15. guessing as the eveninmg draws in your ciugh will come back hope u have a restfull night

  16. I love the picture of the bed...sorry it was only a dream...

    I sure hope you shake this rotten cold of yours soon. It sounds miserable!

    Hugs from San Diego! Feel better soon!!

  17. I'm so looking forward to receiving your cards! And I hope you get better soon. You probably lost a bit of weight!

  18. I have the coughs too! Just trying to push through to the morning so that i pass out! Hopefully Mr M doesn't stir wither, or my bed may look a lot like yours!

  19. I certainly hope you are really on the mend. Enough is enough. Sleep well feel better.

  20. wow, i was gonna say... that first bed is AWESOME!

    the second one.. not so much :)


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