Saturday, October 02, 2010


Today our eldest Grandchild, who is of course also our 'daughter' turns the BIG ONE OH.... 10!  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone, how much has happened in that time....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYLEE, Dad and Mum love you so much. (Griffin does too sometimes) lol Stew is taking Joshua and Damien back to Whitianga... Brylee and Griffin are going with him.... and they are making a 'day' of it so I can have a really good break.

If I feel well enough I am going to do some much needed housework... bathrooms and floors washed being top of the list!

If I still feel like shit I am going back to bed!  AND I will stay there for as long as I like!  That could be BLISSFUL.


I had a good night's sleep.. as long as ya don't count the hour it took to get to sleep, and the hour I spent coughing up half a bucket of crap from me lungs at 3.30am.... and again when I woke at 7am! 
Stew and the kids just left.... with Stew telling me to DO NOTHING... and leave the housework till he came home.

YEAH RIGHT.... I am HELL FIRE, BENT AND DETERMINED to get this house ship shape again!   I can't stand the mess!  Dust balls everywhere, filthy bathrooms, piles of washing needing to be folded.... I have put it off long enough!  And it will be so much easier to do with no one in the house.. I have even banished the dogs to the laundry!  *hee hee*....

I am happy to say I got all the housework done on my 'list' for today.... and it took me hours! But I paced myself so that I didn't end up knackered.
Stew and the kids are home again from Whitianga after an uneventful trip.  Stew (bless) stopped in at Thames and bought 3 bottles of me tipple (Totara Cafe) so I won't be running out any time soon.  Neat.
He is now cooking dinner (sommit with mince) and I'm taking it easy. 
The cough is easing up a bit today... thank god!

ABOVE: The Birthday Girl with a new wig... quite the rocker chick look!  lol

End of Day:  and I have spent the evening making 1 card!  It's for a girlfreind down in Wellington... kinda a special order.  Finishing touches tomorrow then it can be sent off to her come Monday morning.  Off to bed now, it's alomost 11pm, my bedtime.  nite nite.


  1. Christy Ann9:14 AM

    Happy birthday Brylee!!! Also, Corbin born Wed 4.39pm, big boy at 9.albs or 4.3kg!!! Birth went well, fast and furious cos of induction but all good, no complaints!! Leaving hosp today, more details and pix on my blog later today....

  2. happy birthday Miss Brylee
    hope you get some rest while the family are out and about I can relate to how tired and dragged down the cold make us I am on my 6th lot of antibiotics rest rest rest and water haha

  3. Hope you enjoy your day of "peace". Bugger the floors just do what you feel like to relax and enjoy the quietness. :)

    Happy Birthday wishes to Brylee ... she share this day with Jim only he is now a superanuitant LOL
    Hugs for a lovely weekend. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Brylee! Big 10 now, so a couple more chores for you :-)

    I hope you are feeling better. I have the day to myself today too, but I have a small sewing project to do for Nan (just some chair arm things in the material she had her curtains done in). Hopefully I can find time to sit in the sun outside. Oh wait, why don't I take the sewing machine out there? Yep, sounds like a plan...

  5. My oldest grandson will be 10 this month also. Wow, that 10 years went fast.
    Ignore the floors and enjoy your day.

  6. 10 is a big b'day - my oldest just hit double digits...

    i hear your pain about dust balls - in fact you've inspired me, time for me to get off my arse and start my own housework!

    have a great day and feel better xx

  7. Happy Birthday Miss Brylee!!

    Chris hope you are feeling better matie..
    Thanks for the comments of me in the dress... My trainer has decided she needs to take me shopping and make me "see" what is in the mirror not what I think is there..

    Again thanks you have no idea how much it has helped!

  8. Oh Chris, Sounds like you have the cold I just got rid of. Hang in there and don't over do it.


    xo jj

  9. I hope you get a lot done, but don't overdo it if you aren't feeling great.

  10. hope u got a little rest

  11. Brylee happy birthday to you happy birthday to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Brylee happy birthday to you YAYYYYYYYYYY........... 10!!! holy growing up too fast. Hope you have enjoyed the sunshine I hope you read and lay in the sun for a bit today! or if you did do the housework it would have been made easier by sunshine and open windows YAY summer pool and BBQ!

  12. Happy birthday kiddo.. 10 years old wow :) hope you have a wonderful day out...

    Chris.. hope you're not doing too much on your "alone" day... gee, rest up woman LOL :)


  13. Happy Birthday Brylee!
    Hope you feel better soon Chris!

  14. Better late than never - happy birthday Brylee!!! Hope your day was magical.

    Our grandson is also 10 this month.

  15. Chris, you never do as you're told huh! HOpe you're feeling better soon. If not, go to the Doc. The cough bug is horrid.

    Happy Birthday Brylee .. wow 10 years old and you look amazing. I so love that wig on you... hope you had a wonderful day today you gorgeous girl, and a happy day tomorrow with Mum, Dad and Griffin.

  16. Happy Birthday Brylee - hope she had a fabulous day and you enjoyed SOME downtime while you had the house to yourself! Get better soon!

  17. Happy Birthday Brylee. My girl just turned 11 on 29 Sep. Hope your cough gets better. The Chinese medical halls here have some god-awful concoction that will get rid of your phlegm in 3 days.

  18. Brylee looks GOOD in dark hair! Happy b-day!! :)

  19. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I feel like I have watched her grow up with my Ella, 9 years old. Us older moms have to stick together. x. Robin

  20. Happy Birthday to Brylee!! Melissa took some pictures of herself with a wig on the other day too lol

  21. I hope Brylee had a wonderful birthday! I love the wig!


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