Sunday, October 17, 2010


ABOVE:  the block I made last night.  AND I have finally figured out how to avoid chopping the points off!  It's all in the measuring and sewing a 'scant' 1/4".... I have adjusted my needle position and now... I am doing it 'right'!!!  FREAKING ABOUT TIME. Pffffft.  Why when I go to a Patchwork Class has NO ONE shown me exactly how to do this???  It's not like I haven't bitched about it often enough. 

*sigh*... over it now. 

So, it's Sunday, Stew's day to sleep in.  I don't know what our plans are.... so will wait and see what the day brings.   It's supposed to rain.  Oh JOY.

I had a great idea for something to do today in a dream last night.  I can't remember what it was ... NOW.   Stew is still sleeping..... nearly 10am...

ABOVE:  As it's a totally crap day out there, I'm sewing... Stew is watching sport and doing a couple of little odd jobs inside... really nothing to go "ya hoo!" over.  That block above is called "Chris's Star", and it was a right b*$#h to sew!   I don't think it's perfect, but good enough.

Off to make another easier one!...

I've been staring at the last block.. something isn't quite right about it... and then it hit me!  I've put the bottom row on upside down!  Derrr... so a wee bit of 'reverse sewing' needs to be done.
Off to get the groceries right now, so will fix it later..

ABOVE:  fixed it.   Grocery shopping was as per usual.. annoying as. 
Having a silly bugger dinner... sausages, hash brown and baked beans!   

End of Day:  a totally boring sunday!  Kids have been horrid today, trapped inside due to the weather.  So glad tomorrow is school again.  nite nite.


  1. glad you fixed your "points" and um other than that you sound quite chipper!!!

  2. Nice points! I should be sewing!

  3. I just started at quilting again and I bloody love it!!!

  4. Love the block and so colorful.

  5. I love grocery shopping. I just don't understand why other people don't.
    So what time did Stewy end up getting up? Last we heard he was still sleeping at 10am, the lazy tart!

  6. If you hadn't have pointed it out I wouldn't have noticed!! haha tried hard to rain all day and did so after lunch watched movies ITM rugby cards and board games oh and nana naps!!! I love Sundays.

  7. My man got up at 10 too. Must be nice to be so lazy ;)

  8. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Happy that you got the darn points figured out. You would think some one in class would have been able to tell you for Pete's sake!!! I LOVE the colors in the squares your making!!!...debbie


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