Saturday, October 16, 2010


ABOVE:  I was a busy girl last night... I whipped up these two blocks for my Placemat set.   The bottom one was a right arse to get right.. as you can see I chopped the tits of the ends of some of those triangles... AGAIN.... grrrrrr.  
The top one was more difficult than I thought it would be too... but at least with that one I didn't chop any points off.

In case you haven't read last night's update, the winner (s) of my Giveaway were 1st:  Sparklingmerlot who gets her choice of the two Casserole Carriers and some cards, and the runner up (so to speak) is Virginia, who will get the other Casserole Carrier. 

ABOVE: I got a parcel.. isn't it pretty!   From Coffee Slut in the USA... She sent it for my birthday ... which is next Thursday.  I ain't opening it until then... oooo exciting! Thanks ya Tart.  XOXOXOX

*sigh* ... we have to do bloody grocery shopping today... oh JOY.  That's about it for now...

Off to St Lukes mall today... for a change.  And they have a neat crystal shop there.. and I want to find a few crystals to make necklaces .... maybe! 

ABOVE:  Retail therapy:  A gorgeous decanter ... which I think will end up with jelly beans in it!  A lovely ringbinder for my block patterns, two for the price of one DVD's and a cute wee turtle.. not gunna mention who likes turtles!  lol

ABOVE: St Lukes mall... shop called Sun Crystals... I only got a few as they are real Swarovski Crystals well they better be... I will go into Spotlight next week and get more bits and pieces and give making a necklace a go!

We had lunch at St Lukes and are now home.... it's a really brilliant day today...very warm!

End of Day:  and I feel a bit naughty!  I haven't updated today much at all... got busy sewing/napping/blobbing out in front of the TV.  An now watching one of my all-time favourite movies on a DVD... "Fried Green Tomatoes"... it's a real chick flick!   Seen it..OOOOh... about 10 times!  lol
nite nite


  1. WHAT? I wanted to win!! J/k lol, congrats to the winners :)

  2. I don't know if I told you before, but you share a birthday with my hubby.

    Obviously all the best people are born on October 21st!!

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I love the blocks, and the color contrasts. They are will be nice. Congrats to the winner of your Giveaway! And Happy Birthday...I just had one of those things too. I'm really old now! LOL You look young your haircut~

  4. Lovely package. How exciting.

    Congratulations to the winners. Lucky people.

  5. WOW!! I'm gobsmacked. Blue please :)

    I'm about to fly out the door for the weekend. I'll email you when I get back.

    Have a great weekend, chook.


  6. PS.. just listened to the draw. I LOVE your voice. Must be time for me to ring you again :)

  7. congrats to the winners and love that second square you are working with my two favorite colors!

  8. I loved the video of your draw...very nicely done, even if I didn't win.
    The placemats are spectacular....I love the color contrasts.

  9. Congrats to Sparkling Merlot and Virginia, what a neat prize you will have the flashest casserole carriers around!!!! AM liking the colour combos and patterns on your placemats.

  10. I love these placements mistakes and all! Gorgeous! congrats to the winners.

  11. Ohhhh, your crystals are lovely. Yay! Swarovski Crystals are dear aren't they, but I can't wait to see what you make...

    I haven't made any jewellery for ages - not too surprising with a newborn - but you've inspired me to drag out my beads as well... xxxx

  12. MY GOODNESS! You are like a whirl-wind of creativity! I love those blocks you are working on! Talk about gifted !

    -they are sooooo pretty! I hope you sell a gazillion!

    Love, love the crystals also! I took stones and made some necklaces that I really enjoy. Love the colors of the crystals - you should google online and see how each color relates to your body and health - it is amazing.

    SOOOOO exciting about your birthday gift! Can't wait to see what is hiding in that pretty package! Not, that I am in a hurry to make you turn another year older any faster! LOL :) Welllll - I'm always wishing my life away - Maybe I can help you wish yours too! LOL Forgive me ! You can tell I am Very tired! I turn goofy !

  13. Fried Green Tomatoes - love that movie:-)

    You should still be in Palmy - can just imagine your input into our art classes.

  14. Anonymous10:06 PM

    At least you got a chick flick.... I have had to endure ANOTHER "Cars" Saturday night (Lightening McQueen??) - actually a really cool movie but I do tend to know the script nowadays... same as Shrek and Toy Story....

    Ahh well... in bed now and I have peace in the house - apart from husband who was at a funeral and then the "wake" from 1pm and drank beer since then and is now SNORING his head off... I am sleeping on the couch I've decided...

    Catch ya later...

    Kate (


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