Monday, October 11, 2010


Do you read my blog?
Do you 'Follow' my blog?

Cos I NEED three more Followers to hit 200.. and it would be really neat to get there before my 4th Year Blogaversary on Thursday!  SO COME ON... three of you out there... follow me!

Jumping for JOY... the kids go back to school today.  And I am not going to patchwork class either... going to switch that to Tuesdays.
Today will be all about catching up with the housework and getting my house all nice and tidy again... without kids.

Weird how having a clean and tidy house makes me feel good.  For some people this does not matter I know... but to me it is so important. 
I am proud of the fact that even when I had 6 kids at home and  worked from 9-3, I still had a clean/tidy home.  It DID help that I made the kids do a fair bit of the housework too!  But hey, it was their mess!

So... I'm off to vacum,  wash floors, tidy up... bla bla bla.


woo hoo.. now I only need two more, thanks Gayle!.. and now only 1 more!  Thanks Karen in Wellington! AND  Zanna (Anne) THANK YOU ...
*~DOING A HAPPY DANCE~*  I have 200  'Followers*  whoop whoop!
Now anyone out there who wants to follow too.. go for it!   It's better to have a few more... cos SOMETIMES you lose a follower too!  I tell ya, when THAT happens you feel gutted!   lol

I'm off to wash me floors now... feeling wrapt.... and maybe need to do another GIVEAWAY on Thursday???   Who would like to win... ummmm.... a Casserole Carrier on Thursday???  AND  5 cards!

OH THANK YOU to the 6 (so far) who have become followers today!  I am walking around with a huge smile on me dial now... and I needed that!  Been quite 'down' last few days... being ill and so on....

AND THANK YOU TO THE 197 other people who were already following me! 
YOU CAN ALL enter my GIVEAWAY on Thursday!

ABOVE:  I started another block for the placemats while waiting for the floors to dry... AND I didn't chop off the points on this one!!!!  Quite happy about that I am...

OOOO look at that!  I've got 204 followers now!  AWESOME... hey if you became a follower today let me know!  The follower thingee on my sidebar doesn't show the new ones at the top necessarily! 


ABOVE:  woo hooo!   Another block done and ready to have it's padding and backing put on... this one is neat!

It's 3pm... kids are due home any minute.  I havn't missed them.  And it's gone really cold!  We just had a small splatter of hail... brrrrrrr.

JO and JILL.. you were already followers... but thanks for trying to follow me TWICE!  ha ha ha.

ABOVE: this block is called 'Card Trick'... and it was bloody tricky... in that I soooo could not follow the instructions.... so I just put it together using the picture as the guide.  That worked!  I really like this one!  It's funky.

HI!  I have spent the last hour or so printing out block patterns... cos I needed a few more to chose from for the placemats.  MY GOD there's a  shitload of patterns 'out there'!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking my 'Follower' List to over 200!  hee hee... it's so awesome.  Living in such a little country compared to some means it's hard to 'aquire' a  huge following... but I'm doing OK! 

Now as for how you can win a Casserole Carrier and cards... wait till Thursday!  I might have to think of something 'different'?

End of Day:  and I've spent the evening reading blogs.... packing up my sewing shit stuff ready for patchwork class tomorrow.  Off to bed now... tired!  nite nite.


  1. Enjoy your cleaning, or at least enjoy having it done. I like a clean, tidy house also, but it is not so hard now with kids all grown.
    I'm sure you'll get those 3 more followers and probably more. I can't get above 50....well, I had 50 and then somebody dumped me. Sigh!

  2. Yea for only need 2 more now!! It makes me feel so good to have a tidy house...but lately it has only been tidy..not clean.

  3. Done... though I thought I was already a follower but obviously I wasn't! So only 1 more to go for you now!!!
    Enjoy your quiet Monday!

  4. There you go - like Karen I thought I was a follower already but now I've clicked the button. Zxx

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I thought I was a follower too but now I'm "official".... am sure you're well over by now!

    Have a great day - and I hate to say it but I really wish I was at home doing MY housework too - we got into a housework groove on the weekend and I had to leave it with 2 rooms to go... oh well, there's after work I suppose (by then I will be knackered and not in the mood!!)

    Kate (

  6. WooHoo! I do like those casserole carriers, would be a real treat in the caravan! We often do "bring a plate" hot dinners.

    contrats on the 200 followers. See? Someone loves ya! xxx

  7. LOL! It doesn't take much to make you happy, does it?

  8. Congrats on crossing over the 200 followers mark. Don't feel bad if you lose any followers. It doesn't mean anything. Easier said than done tho'. I lose followers all the time and each time I sulk a little!

  9. Glad you have got a smile on your face :-) I thought I was a follower already but just done it again. Hope your day is better than yesterday. I love the cards they are fantastic you are soooo talented!! Take Care

  10. I think that everybody who reads mine reads yours. I've been at 49 for a long time can I get a fifty? I love all your art and the colors. You ain't neva made nutin I di'int like.

  11. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Pepsi please Chris

    take care

    Maggie Magpie

  12. Woot 204 followers, awesome!

  13. Four years blogging is huge-- so is 204 Followers. Congratulations.

    LOVE your blocks-- the colors are gorgeous together.

    Have a great week, jj

  14. How odd... I could have sworn I was a follower, but I wasn't! Well, I am now :)

  15. I think I jsut became a follower, waht I have only been reading everyday for like 2 years and have never pressed the follower button. naughty me.

    Yeah my house is tidy today kids back at school.

  16. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I became a follower today (makes me sound like I'm in a cult!! Ha ha!!)

    Sooo.... how'd we get into this casserole carrier draw??? hmm???

    Kate (

  17. Weird how having a clean and tidy house makes me feel good
    O I understand that one hundred percent! I do not get it accomplished much of the time - but If I had a magic fairy to accomplish any wish - that would be HIGH on my list!Sometimes DH makes messes faster than I can keep up. But I was right about waiting it out until he turned "OLDER" - now every now and then he actually does try to help. LOL

    That block you are working on seems awful complicated to me! But it is beautiful!

    Congratulations on all of your new followers! Bet you didn't even think - how many people's lives you have touched - and all by just being dear sweet - YOU! :)

  18. Marls5:28 PM

    Congrats on over 200 followers. I know what you mean when you lose followers!!
    Love your Card Trick block-tricky it might have been but I think worth the effort.

  19. Hi Chris,
    Like the others I have been reading your blog almost every day for about 2 years, and wasn't a follower - but I am now. I figure it is the least I can do after how much you give all of us.

    Have a great day,

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. I'm now an "official" follower - have always followed you manually until now (even knew your blog address off by heart - maybe that makes me a dedicated follower!). Lol.

  22. Ohhh I like those colours and patterns and YES I would love to be in the Draw do we enter Thursday or today Hope you have a sparkling shiny clean house! (it snowed here today and Mt Tauhara was HALF covered in light snow NEVER EVER EVER have I seen that.(thats just near us)

  23. Hello, dearie! Congrats on your 208 followers! I have been hovering at 97 for days & days...
    I know exactly what you mean about the clean house - even if it is all an illusion, I love the idea that my little part of the world in neat & tidy.
    Today is the first day - AGAIN - of trying to get my act together with food. I am going to do a little exercise and just for today, get off the sugar! Wish me luck - I need something, that is for sure.
    PS So sorry you can't make it to the showhouse ;)

  24. I like the bottom two best!

  25. aparently i was not an official follower either... but I AM NOW!
    LOVE the greens in the blocks and itoo love the clean house... it just feels good! when i am upset i clean when i am happy i clean lol we are sickos arent we lol love it.

  26. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Congratulations!! Wow! over 200! You rule girl!! I love the colors in your quilt. So pretty! You have such talent!! Gracious, I'd love one of your objects of art! Casserole carrier would be super! Add me to the list! ...debbie

  27. Really love your Card trick block.
    Congratulations on nearly 4 years in blogland!

  28. Congrats on getting 200 followers. I follow you but not "officially!" Maybe I will wait until your next year anniversary!

    The card trick pattern is lovely. I think that is the best one yet.

  29. I was number 203... I was sure I was already following you... but obviously not. Doesn't mean I don't read you every day though! I love that card trick block too, and the colours you're using in all those blocks are gorgous... would look so nice at my place! lol x


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