Tuesday, October 26, 2010


That had to be the nicest (weather wise) Labour Weekend I can  EVER remember!   Three days of sunshine.... what more could you ask for?

Kids back to school today .. yaaaaa... and me ... off to Patchwork class...not that I go to learn much right now!  I am going for the company really.   I shall continue working on the CUTE bags for now... seriously considering going to a market or two soon ... IF I can build up some stock!   Thinking of selling my cards too if I do go ahead with it.

What else?  Ehhhhh, not much!  Stew did a shitload of the housework for me yesterday while I was out with Kate!  What a man!  Seriously, all I need to do today is wash the floors!   Whoooop dee doooooo.

ABOVE: oooo and before I forget!   Jackie, one of Stew's work colleagues popped in yesterday and gave me this very cute glass and ribbon necklace... it has a really lovely reddish glow in the sun.  It was for me birthday.... THANKS Jackie!  XOXOXO

What a looooong morning I've had!  Patchwork was LOVELY... got started on two more CUTE bags... then I went and got some more batting at Spotlight (I really should just take my bed down there!)... I'm there so often.
Home now, it's almost 1.30 pm and I really need my lunch!  (well.. it's my breakfast too)...

ABOVE:  look what I 'scored' at the fabric shop this morning!!!   A 'pre-loved' lightbox for only $40... I am chuffed to bits. 

I had thought I would be doing the floors this afternoon... but truth be told I'm knackered for some reason?  Going to just sit we me feet up for a while I think.

Got some bloke coming around soon to suss out the colour for the new garage door too.... oooo a bloke!  lol

LYNDA:  lol... a lightbox is used for tracing patterns onto fabric.... I have wanted one for ages.  You use them a lot for applique work... like the animal blocks I was doing a while ago... and STILL haven't finished...oooops!

End of Day:  and I'm going to bed sooo crabby!  I have been making a bag of course, but tonight for some reason I have been making mistake after mistake... and having to 'reverse sew' quite a few times.... and I pricked me fingers a dozen times too!!!  Grrrr.  I am going to call it a night now and attack it again tomorrow afternoon... hopefully it behaves then (or my brain does).  nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    You are one lucky ducky!! Hubby doing the housework while your out playing and getting necklaces from friends for your Birthday!! wow wheee! Pretty nice!! Three cheers for Stew n you!! ...debbie

  2. Love the necklace:-)

    Hey Chris - the bags may sell on TradeMe - could be worth a go!

  3. I love the necklace.

    If you can build up enough stock there are always extra markets around Christmas and your stuff would fly off the stall it is so amazing & a bit different.

    Enjoy the lovely sunshine while you can.

  4. Aaah, who's a spoiled girl then? good for you!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and wish me a happy birthday :)

  6. How pretty! Send Stew over here!!

  7. I agree with Debbie above. What a nice day....out playing while your house is getting cleaned, and getting such a pretty gift to boot.

  8. Ohhhh I like that necklace very nice, did you say how much the large stay open bags are selling for, and if they are how much for a small stay open bag? I have a 40th birthday for a lady coming up and I'm thinking a bag!

  9. OK, you got me... what the hell is a light box??

  10. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I've been wanting a light box because of all my embroidery!!!

  11. Wait, I don't understand. Your husband's work colleague got you a birthday present??? You must be one charming lady!!! I've used a lightbox when I worked in a printing co. after I left school. It was brutal. Day in, day out. Almost went blind.

  12. Lynda beat me to it! lol

  13. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Look how clean your dogs are.
    TG Lynda asked what it was 4
    Mary H

  14. what a cute necklace! x

  15. Hey tart!! LOL..thanks for stopping by my blog..no worries on the cards..i just liked them..you so should have your own business girl!!

  16. You really scored on the light box! I am sure you will put it to excellent use.

    Sorry to hear that the sewing was fighting back and made you cranky! I have had days like that. It will get better soon!

  17. It was a beautiful weekend here too! I still don't really get the light box thing...but, I am a little slow on the crafting uptake!


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