Sunday, October 03, 2010


nah nah NA NA... I havn't done it yet!
*smiles*... I have to find a random number selection thingee on the net to do it... or wait until Stew is outta bed so he can do it!

Hopefully he has a good sleep in.... he is rather tired poor love.

ME?  Why thanks for asking... I'm feeling quite a bit better, still got the cough, but the headache is easing and me bod doesn't ache so much.   Just as well... I was getting rather tired of being ill.

It's supposed to be a lovely day, and if it is... I am going to drag Stew off to the plant shop for a fruit tree or two.  He doesn't know that yet... let's not tell him WHO'S gunna dig the holes eh?  *snigger*


So.... I ended up doing the draw the good old fashioned way:

ABOVE:  a wee video of the kids doing the draw.... and

ABOVE:  the winner ... no # 31 commentor... JANE P from Singapore!  Congrats Jane... please email me your address so I can send you the cards!

Stew is outta bed and we are heading off to Maraetai Beach for brunch!  Woooo hoooo... AND it's a lovely day out there.

Back home again after a really lovely brunch at the beach.. it was a perfect day .... sunshine and little wind.  Got HOT even!
After lunch we went to Sylvia Park for the grocery grab... I hate grocery shopping with a vengence!

Luckily Stew was with me cos he's now unpacking it all in the kitchen.  BLISS.

ABOVE:  Maraetai Beach on a perfect Spring day.

End of Day:  and I have a new 'orchard'!  I will show ya tomorrow... for now it's relax time!   Well for me anyway... (I am being spoilt this weekend) as Stew is making dinner AGAIN!  nite nite.


  1. I can sure relate to being tired of being ill!!!!!! glad you are better

  2. Amanda10:12 AM

    Hi, have annouced on fb the news and told the boys. Knock yourself out :-)

  3. Perfect day for Maretai Beach. Hope you don't get sunburnt.

    Congratulations to Jane P. I know you'll love the cards.

  4. And she really wanted to win the cards too! Yay!

  5. coolness so glad you are feeling better... congratulations jane P :)

  6. I won? I won? I won? I can't believe it! woohoo!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh look I just missed by 1 haha. Congratulations Jane P. Chris's cards are a work of art!

  8. But But I can see my pic above Jane P waaaaaaaaaaa LUCKY Jane P you will love the cards I bet they are bright colourful and made from the heart even!. This weekend has been bliss SUNNY and dare I say warm even.

  9. Congrats to #31 you lucky dog!


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