Sunday, October 24, 2010


ABOVE:  Look at what I made last night!   How bloody cute is that????   I used the new heavy cotton canvas that I got from David's Emporium for this teeny tiny CUTE Bag... it sewed up beautifully.... this wee bag has a certain little Granddaughter's name on it for Christmas. 

I am sure she will love it.... and it's too small for her MOTHER to nick.  lol

Today:  dunno!  Maybe if it's fine we will go for a drive somewhere... most likely ending at a beach... which would be lovely.

KATE from Onehunga:  You're ON... Monday morning..... 10.30am at Columbus Coffee shop at the Super Centre, Manukau... suit you?


Well... we did indeed go out ... to visit Stew's sister on the west coast.  I stayed yakking to her while Stew and the kids went down to the beach.   It was a lovely visit.

ABOVE:  'junk' at my Sister-in-Laws... wish it was mine!  I love junk...
Home again now and I must get dinner ready...

KATE:  I've sent you a text with suggested times... check ya phone and get back to me.

End of Day: totally absorbed in a TV Movie... will do more 'catch up blog reading' tomorrow.   nite nite.


  1. What a cute purse! Excellent job.

  2. That is soooo cute and I love that material!

  3. such a cute bag love it!

  4. I love seeing your creations. I think you should sell online or at some markets. Then use the money to come to Australia so we can all meet you.

  5. Very very cute you know all your crafty made up leftovers TAKE to the markets BEFORE xmas and sell sell sell!!!

  6. that small bag is beautiful! I'd use that for a handbag! Smarty!

  7. Wow, you're just spitting out those stay open bags now! Once I get the wooden thingy and the eyelets, I'm good to go.

  8. Anonymous3:37 PM

    It suits!!! Have checked with hubby and I am "allowed" out tomorrow so YEAH!!

    Although - earlier WOULD be better for me if you can go earlier - otherwise am happy as larry!!

    Will check in later if you can...

    Kate (

  9. That pink and blue butterfly fabric is my favourite BY FAR. It is totally

  10. YOU are so talented! It's even harder to make small stuff. (I think). I seriously would love to see you make Barbie clothes. Haha. I am thinking about making some for my daughters but I wonder if I would just end up sewing my finger.

    P.s. My kids are photogenic but not I so I usually never take pictures of myself.

  11. awwwwww cute wee it, one little girl will be very happy with that !

  12. That purse is so cute!! I am sure she is going to love it!!

  13. What a cute bag, and such a lucky granddaughter!

  14. Dang girl you just whip those babies out!!


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