Wednesday, October 06, 2010


As I am feeling much better today I thought I'd take the kids on the train.. maybe to Pukekohe?  Or Panmure....

Actually Pukekohe would be good... it's a good distance away but not too far.  And the kids have never been there.  Could make a 'day trip' out of it. 

Other than that... no news or idle gossip to share right now!


So. we did indeed hop on the trains... for the entire day!  We caught the train at Manurewa and took off for Pukekohe....

ABOVE:  On the train to Puke... they had just had fits of giggles over the connecting door not being closed between our carriage and the next... daft kids!

ABOVE:  it was a really nice trip out there... saw lots of baby lambs and calves...
ABOVE:  And also a lot of market gardens and the like.... I even saw the most enormous glass house EVER!   Didn't think to photograph it!

ABOVE  While in Pukekohe I bought the bright green fabric.... and we had lunch at KFC.... hell that's expensive!

After lunch we ran walked briskly in the rain back to the train station, which is quite a walk from the town centre... I was totally KNACKERED!

Caught another train to Panmure, where we got off and went to Spotlight, where I got the lovely multi-coloured batik and the quilting gloves. 
Fed the kids an ice cream ... jumped on another train and came home!  What an excellent way to amuse kids for the day. 

Although it's only 3.30 I am sooo tired!  I am going to put me feet up for a mo and have a rest!  This cold had knocked me for six.  The coughing persists, but the vomiting has stopped thank goodness.

End of Day:  and I have the most lovely hubby ever.  He came home from work and found me asleep... so he cooked dinner.  Awwww how spoilt am I?  The pesky cough is STILL coming and going... but I am feeling better in myself, so that's good.   Last time I had a cough it lasted for weeks.  Yaaaaa. nite nite.


  1. glad to hear your feeling better. I wish I could go on a day trip on a train..Need company? We would have so much fun.

  2. Oh Chris please take lots of pictures if you go on your trip :) it's great for us Aussies to have a look at your beautiful country :)


  3. Ohhhhhhhh train trips cool I used to love the train trips from The Hutt to Wellington...... Glad to see you are feeling better.

  4. A trip is always a good thing - almost always, eh?

  5. What a cool way to spend the day. We don't have trains on the Shore so we would have to go into town first but I think I might look at doing something like that next holidays.

    I hope your horrible cold goes away quickly.

  6. So glad you are feeling better! And thanks for the kind comments on my blog... he IS a cutie huh??? xxx

  7. Anonymous2:30 AM

    So good to see your blog and hear about what you are up to! Beautiful place you live in!!! Sorry you are coughing... me too. Oy!

  8. Sounds like a fun day. KFC is terribly expensive here as well. How nice of your hubby to cook for you. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  9. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Glad to hear your doing better. What a neat thing to be able to hop a train and go from place to place and be back by 3:30! I find that amazing. We have no trains here. Except the AmTrack and it only goes once a day out and back in once. You are lucky!! Neat for the kids too. Loved the material!!...debbie

  10. How fun! Scott took Trevor to the football game Sunday and we always take the train there. It was Trevor's first time on there and Scott said he was more excited about the train than the football game lol.

  11. Sounds like you had a fun day out ... and yes, your hubby is definitely a sweety to have cooked dinner for you - bless him :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  12. I am very jealous. I wish I could fall asleep and have someone cook for me. But sadly, I am the cooking fairy. Mind you, on the rare occasion I don't feel like cooking Fluffy is okay with takeaway. I mean, really, what choice does he have? Haha.

    Love the blocks too. That will make a lovely cushion.

  13. Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like a nice day. KFC is pretty cheap here in the states... although truthfully, I haven't been there in about 5 years.


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