Sunday, October 10, 2010


ABOVE:  Seen this before?  I have weird dogs... they BOTH love licking me feet!  Well  OK, anyone's feet will do... it is so funny!  The SECOND I take off my shoes they both dash over for a lick.   I like it too!  I am WEIRD too...

ONE MORE SLEEP.... and it's back to our school day routine.  Yaaaaa.   Though I am going to try and change my Patchwork Class day to a Tuesday.   I want my Mondays back for doing the BIG 'after the weekend' clean.  

Today's plans.... well I don't think we have any!  Stew is still in bed... so maybe once he's up we will decide what to do.

It's a special day today.  10/10/10.  Apparently lots of people are getting married today due to the date.  Brylee missed out on being 10 on this date by only 8 days! 


So... not a lot happening around here... Stew is finally doing a few outside jobs that have been needing done for ages.. and we are  hoping to take the dogs for a walk after lunch.  If the weather holds.
I'm cold today.... we have a fairly cool wind blowing (same as yesterday)... so I have on me Ugg boots!  Not exactly glamourous ... but warm.

HAPPY 53rd  BIRTHDAY to my sister, Hope you have had a nice day.

Here... we have had an incredibly quiet afternoon.   Havn't heard from anyone.  How 'normal'.  Obviously no one wants anything.

My birthday is in 11 days, bet only 1 of my kids bothers to remember.  Feeling so very ho hum today.  Why bother having a large family when you feel like you have none?  Thank God Stew is still around.  Oh and B & G... they are too young to leave!

End of Day:  time to call a halt to today... so looking forward to tomorrow.  nite nite.


  1. Funny dogs:-)

    Bet you are looking forward to tomorrow, kids at school:-)

  2. marls8:39 AM

    Hope you're feeling better today Chris. My goddaughter is 10 today so a special day for her.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Ha Ha dogs are so weird. Mine try's to lick your armpit when you lean down to feed him and when you are wearing a singlet top it's so grose! They crack me up!

  4. Warmth definitely out weighs looks when it comes to taking care of our bodies. :)

    Maybe your pups just smell "Tired" and know you need some personal attention??????

    They both are so precious!

  5. Thats kinda cute but ewwww at the same time!!! if that makes sense.

  6. Your doggies are too cute! My Gracie is a "licker" too. She will lick any exposed part of my skin. It's crazy!!! haha!

  7. What can I send you from San Diego for your birthday? (And don't say "nothing"!)

  8. Oh how true, it was my birthday yesterday and did I hear from my girls only one and that was to ask for some money.............but it will keep.
    Hope you are feeling better, this flu sucks.........

  9. Two dogs, two feet, too cute !!!

    Hope your flu is all better.

  10. LOL ... Gotta love those dogs, mine are the same, I often wake up in the morning to Tara trying to lick my face!

    That's the thing about family, I've always believed in the saying "friends are the family we pick for ourselves". I'd do so much more for my friends than what I would for a lot of family members. Remember that chris - if they're not there for you, show them that that cuts both ways.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  11. Happy birthday soon!
    Happy 10.10.10 day!
    Whatever that means!

  12. cute with the dogs i would not be able to stand it... ticklie feet ya know...
    i so know the feeling of no family unless they need something... gah... i hope they remember!

  13. So you will be 29 in eleven days, right? :-)

    Have a Happy Birthday!

  14. I'm sure your family thinks of you all the time, they just busy! I think of calling my mom but it's always "dinner time" or "too late" or "too early". Don't know why I have to find the right time to call lol.


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