Saturday, October 09, 2010


Well....I've been told by Kate to go buy some Duro Tuss... with the green top.  So I will.

Making Stew move one of the plum trees today, he is not exactly thrilled to bits with me!  But if I have the two plum trees growing right next to each other I will save room and guarantee he is going to do it for me. NOT that he wants to dig up a tree he just planted.  Oooops.... so sorry about that Darling!

After that... maybe we will go to the mall... it's supposed to rain today ... so not expecting a nice day in the sun.

HA!  After me asking him to move ONE tree, he's decided overnight that he now needs to move a few more!  Seems the plum trees will shadow the citrus trees, so he might move them too!  Whoops, what did I start!

I'm still in bed by the way... got the laptop on me knee, diet coke on the side table... what more could a girl want?  A catheter!  I'm busting for a piddle... don't wanna get outta bed.... *sigh*... suppose I better though.

ABOVE: so, I'm lying in bed this morning and Stew rolls over and hands me $10.  "What is that for?" I ask.  He says "SEX".... ha!  Like hell... That won't get you ANYTHING!   Apparently it's money he got from KJ down in Wellington for a card I sent her.  He's an idiot.


ABOVE:  It's raining... well Stewy won't get too hot moving that tree eh?  He's out there in it.  How sad.
Once he's finished I reckon we will go out for lunch...

Well, we did indeed go out for lunch.  We went to Albany, where they have a mean as Kebab place... and I also got some cough medicine.  I was going to get the Duro Tuss, but Stew saw another one that I've used before that was REALLY GOOD... so we got it instead.  Gee's Linctus... oldy but a goodie.  Fingers crossed it works.
We went to Mission Bay after lunch and got an ice cream from the Movenpik ice cream shop... delicious!  

Home now, and as it's fine again Stew is going to mow the lawns while I have a nap.  Old 'ladies' need their naps eh?  Well... truth be known I'm hoping to avoid a coughing fit and losing me lunch!  Can't cough if I'm asleep right? Well, that's the idea.

End of Day:  and my section is looking delightful.. all weeded and mown... dinner is simmering in the pot (humble mince stew) and it's almost time for some more Gee's Linctus!  Man that stuff works.  Why the HELL didn't I go buy some sooner?  DOH.   I'm gunna have a wee tipple later on too... cos I'm sure that's the reason I got a good night's sleep last night.  BLISS.  nite nite.


  1. LOL we had to do that when we were planting the trees in the front yard. I bought one and planted it and then finally found another one and wanted them across from eachother. Went to dig the other hole and there was a big plumbing line there. SO had to dig up the one I had planted and move it and dig a new hole for the other one too!

  2. Well when Stew gets to eat Plum Jam or Plum tarts, Or plums and icecream he will thank you for "suggesting the move" lol overcast and wanting to rain here not hopeful of ANY sunbathing thats for real.

  3. I hope the duro tuss works and you feel better soon. Good for Stew, he might not be happy but he's moving it for you! Sunny here in Hawkes Bay just now, but not for long, I think.

  4. I'm always amazed by the patience of our men when we ask them to do such thing.

    Hope you feel a little better today. Whatever you have sounds nasty.

    Don't ask why kids are slow to contact us. Today I plan to do the rounds an find out what they all are up to. I know some are coming for Labour weekend but the others ... who knows?

    And they are never far from my thoughts.

    Just as well we have lovely husbands

  5. Maybe he should get sex for moving all those trees in the rain.

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    What a man you have.....

  7. I hope the new medicine works for you ....quickly!
    Hmmm "someones" birthday is coming up your mail!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. LOL Um, you're a pretty lady and all that but if I were Stew, I wouldn't be asking any favours until you felt well again!!

    How are you feeling btw? Any better? ((hug))

  9. O MY Goodness - you REALLY did get some rain! Wow!

    I loved the five dollars! LOL - He's no dummy, is he????? LOL Chuckle , chuckle! I think you definitely have a keeper!

  10. Anonymous4:24 PM

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  11. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Gee's Linctus sounds pretty heavy duty so I'm sure that will have a good result...

    Survived the morning at Chipmunks but only just.... am pretty sure have broken my toe so am feeling sorry for myself - no-one else seems to be!!! Kicked the hearth last night and now it feels like a "cartoon toe" with the throbbing... imagine a cartoon one after something hits it....

    Anyway - quiet night in for us... blowing up here on One Tree Hill so I'm happy to be in my trackie pants and snuggled up.


    Kate (

  12. good old gees linctus
    as u say an oldie but a goodie
    Mum used it for years for my brothers

  13. glad the cough medicine is working...sounds like a goodie

  14. busy busy busy glad you got soemthing that works for the cough!
    get some rest and they say sex cures everything ... cant hurt to try :D

  15. Glad to hear the Gee's Linctus is working - I find that's the best one for me usually too - except when my cough is asthma related. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. Haha good one Stew. $10 for sex haha. Probably cheaper than the medicine though.. hehe..
    The card was gorgeous Chris and my friend loved it. You sell them too cheap. I wish I'd taken a photo now but wanted to send it straight away.

  17. What a gorgeous rainy day and a gorgeous green yard. I hope your cough is gone by now!


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