Monday, October 18, 2010


My ankles are gone... I've deveolped cankles.... from all the fluid retention that is going on at the moment.  I think it's cos I'm sitting on me butt too much!

I really must organise myself better and get dedicated to MOVING more... and getting some decent exercise going again.

My fitness is at an all time low...and I hate myself for allowing this to happen again.  Too much crap food, no exercise... and no real motivation... until now... If I don't do the hard yakka AGAIN I am looking at being back where I was 5 years ago.... fat, unfit and MISERABLE.

So... while I am all talk... and usually bugger all 'do'... maybe I needed to get this bad before I could find the motivation to do something?

Here's hoping I can pull my finger out.

Today:  well it's housework big-time day.... and enjoying having the house to myself for the day.
AND both dogs need attention, they both have knots... grrrrrrr.... they should stop chewing each other's ears!   That just causes knots.

I'm going to ... GOING TO!... get on the exercycle AND cross trainer today too...


So far today:  done the washing.. rotating stuff through the dryer to air it all.. did 10 minutes on the exercycle.... then jumped off and did some tidying of the garage (cos it was IN ME FACE) while sitting on the darn exercycle!  Did some vacuming.... and now... heading off to get on the 'murder machine'.... the cross trainer.  F*#K I hate that one!....

ABOVE:  5 parcels ready to go!  Two Giveaway prizes, Two Swap Group Gifts and a 'Pink' parcel heading to Georgia, USA. 
I did get on the cross trainer.. I almost gave up after the first minute!  But I did manage 5 minutes!  Not very good eh?  Tomorrow I will try and do 6 minutes....

ABOVE:  I THOUGHT Griffin had more freakin socks!  Found three pairs chucked in the back of the shoe cupboard... the little shit!

I took those socks to the laundry, and ended up spending  3/4's  of an hour in there tidying the cupboard and getting stuff in the machine to soak....

Lunch time... hmmmm... what to have?....

ABOVE: my last 'big' job for the day was to comb out the dog's knots and bath them... I'm happy to say it's now done.  Time to relax till dinner preparation time.  yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

End of Day:  and a lovely quiet evening was spent with me feet up in my lounge chair... super to bed.  nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris,

    I'm there too! I keep starting to look after myself, but the gaps between starting and stopping are getting shorter and shorter! The best thing I find for motivation is going shopping for lingerie...... those mirrors are cruel!

    I'm going in for my knee op tomorrow, but once I'm mobile again I'm going to be doing 1/2 an hour exercise a day. It's a threat/promise to myself.

    Maybe my reward for getting 10kg off could be a shopping day in Auckland, and we could bump into each other for a coffee?

  2. I feel like that all the time, then it's time to eat and I overeat :(

  3. Morning Mrs H,
    It is about head space, as I know you know, if your heads not in the game it wont work no matter how much you try, but trying is what will get you there in the end. SO, my suggestion is do the recommended 30 mins a day, even if it is walking the kids the long way home after school. Or going for a walk with them once they are home. Or 30 mins on your bike or what ever, just get that in and I am sure it will make a huge difference. Especially to how you are feeling atm.

    Take care

  4. Something I do Chris while on bed rest etc is leg exercises.. ankle twists etc.. or when I'm sitting in the chair, I always am moving my feet, heel toe heel toe type stuff.. (for me it's to help the lymphatic system pump more efficiently.. but works a treat in helping fluid to move from the "cankles" :)

  5. Ahhhh - motivation. If only they sold it at Kmart!

    I, too, have been a total slacker. Yes, I've had an excuse, but with summer around the corner, I really need some poundage to GO. But I haven't stopped gorging on pizza, cakes and chocolate, so how in the world do I think I'll ever lose weight?????

  6. All that housework is pretty good exercise, but I hope you stop and put your feet up for a bit, too.
    I know how hard it is to stay in that exercise routine.

  7. Just a thought - why not increase youer exercise gradually so that it's not a dreaded chore. Exercycle one day, cross trainer the next, a walk the next and so on...

  8. I feel so similar to you at the moment and I don't want to go back to where I was.
    If somebody has any extra motivation, then send it my way! I can barely get out of bed anymore.

  9. Chris I'm totally sympathising with the cankle thing ... after 27 hours on the plane back from UK mine look like elephant legs LOL. I'm afraid I inulged far too much on the yummy English comfort food while we were away too, so I'm back on WW as from NOW!!!! Aaaargh, here we go again **sigh**.
    Joy :o)

  10. I just jogged 2.6km this morning. Well more like trotted. It's hard work keeping this body in shape. I was motivated to jog this morning becos last night my FAT jeans felt tight plus I ate some chocolates. I hope u get your exercise routine back.

  11. Ha you have a sock monster too he regularly visits our house! cankles for my size I have the littlest wrists and ankles and ears someone once told me pity bout the rest! My friend he is Samoan now he has serious cankles! I'm sure yours are no where near as bad as his.

  12. Anonymous1:52 PM

    You do make me chuckle! lol you must hate exercise more than I do. lol. Lay off the salt - that will be a great help for your cankles...what a fun word: Cankles.
    Good thing you found the socks before they stunk up the bedroom! are funny. You and linda make me chuckle today! ...debbie

  13. Have you got the exercise machine set too hard or something? If there is no tension on it ie, lowest setting, it should feel like a stroll in the park.

    Never mind - 6 minutes tomorrow it is :)

  14. I am tired just reading your blogg u r always busy with something or another kiddo-dont be so hard on ya self good for you doing what you have

  15. yay for motivation! keep it up - it's just a place to start remember so don't beat yourself up about it all!!! what's done is done and the only thing that counts is the now!!!

    i'm back to exercise myself, did a 10 min run on the wii fit was sore for 3 days but it felt SO DARN GOOD!

    hope the rest of your day is good, and love the way you wrap your parcles, i love brown paper, i use it all the time!


  16. cankles run in the family here... and of course they get worse at times GAH...
    You are a wonderful motivator ... just thought you should know :)
    Georgia IS SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!
    they have decided her name is...
    Halo Alaiah-Juliet
    poor baby LOL told martha that she will tell everyone it is something else just as she did for years ... told the school and her friends her name is courtney LOL... and they believed her!

  17. WTG you got a lot done! Trevor's socks disappear all the time too, drives me nuts since he usually wears 2 pairs a day.

  18. Those were socks? Where the heck had he been? Make em scrub all that dirt off first next time. GAH!!!

    Sounds like you had a very busy day and bravo for getting on BOTH your machines and doing what you did. The trick will be to do it again, wait on increasing your time until this is pretty easy for you like about 2 weeks. You go girl!!!!


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