Wednesday, October 13, 2010


ABOVE:  Really pretty Eh?  This is how far I got on the carry bag/cover for my cutting board last night... It's going to be a really lovely cover for it... and it's a great way to use up small scraps of fabric too!

Today:  back to the Hospice shop again... wonder if I'll find any treasures today?

When I get home from there I will continue working on that carry bag/cover. 

ABOVE: until I get back... I'll leave you with this picture of Teddy and Coco, sleeping together ... awwww they are so cute.
ABOVE:   the BIG news of the day is:  Amanda and Andrew are having A BABY GIRL!!!  I am thrilled to bits!  She is due late February...congrats A & A.

Today at Hospice I did my job very well.. I helped up the grand total of money made!  I found some real treasures... and will show you all later after I've had me lunch.... 

Right, today's treasures:

ABOVE: Jam jars!  Cos I want to make jam one day!

ABOVE: this cute picture.. well HELL... it had a lighthouse AND a boat AND a seagull!  I had to buy it!

 ABOVE:  THREE .. I mean THREE SHADOW BOX pictures, with REAL  sand in them!   And they look just like some fabric I have with beach huts!  How bloody awesome are they???  (Hmmm... just have to decide if I want to keep them, or give them away as gifts???)  It's gunna be hard to decide.

ABOVE:  and lastly, a really nice shirt for me Mum, a cute top for Brylee and more baby booties.... and now that we know what No#7 grandbaby is I shall have to start hunting for PINK ones!

End of Day:  and I have finished the cutting board bag/cover.   It looks neat.  I'm very happy with it.... cos it will not only be great to carry my cutting board to patchwork class, but it can also be for all the other 'flat' things too.  I need to get some snap type fastners for the top but in essence it's finished.  I will show you  tomorrow.  AND don't forget, tomorrow is my 4th year Blogoversary and I'm having a GIVEAWAY!  nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:53 AM

    I really like your colorful bag cover! Nice N' Bright! Cute, Cute photo of the dogs sleeping in the leather

  2. That cover looks like a small duvet!! Those puppies are so darn cute together.

  3. Wow!! Look at that space age sewing machine! And the dogs have no cones!

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Bloody hell... you're a clever sausage aren't you??? So envious... great talent.

    Yeah another boring old day at work for me!! Never mind... nearly lunch time already!

    Catch ya.

    Kate (

  5. Cute photos of Teddy and Coco, obviously Teddy is now okay with Coco being around. By the way dreamt of you all last night, that you lived around the corner from me and went to my WW class and I didnt realise who you were. Why I don't know. Martine

  6. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Wow what a pretty bag for your cutting board! Bet the fur babies are'nt allowed to nap on the new couch! Good luck with the treasure hunting! WOMBAT

  7. That bag is stunning. You are a such a talented lass!

  8. You're going to have another grand daughter!! How exciting. Bet Amanda is thrilled to be having a girl

  9. How bright and colorful... and what cute pups!

  10. You've been really busy while I've been in the doldrums.

    All the wonderful colours and love the designs in those shadow boxes.

    Happy Blogaversary for tomorrow.

    Hope you have a wee celebration planned off line too. *smile*

  11. love the bags... they are awesome, are you going to be selling them on here????!!!!

  12. I really wonder how the lighthouse, the boat and the seagull manage to stay suspended in the frame?

  13. awesome coverandlove the pictures... Happy Bloggerversary!!!

  14. I love all the treasures you found! Those shadow boxes are sooo cute! Can't wait to see your finished bag.

  15. You really did well treasure hunting.

    4 years!!! Congratulations!

  16. Aw, congrats on the GIRL and the four-year bloggiversary!


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