Wednesday, October 20, 2010


ABOVE:   I got carried away last night after dinner and started another CUTE Bag.  I only stopped (at midnight) cos I didn't have any more webbing to make the friggin straps with!

I will rectify that today!   LOL... AND knowing me get I'll started on ANOTHER ONE.  I'm sending one of these bags to Jane P in Singapore so she can make them too.  It will be so much easier for her to see the finished bag rather than me just send her the instructions.  She's promised to send my bag back once she's sussed it out, which is cool as I think I will be using it as a Christmas present. 

Today I'm working at the hospice shop again... so any sewing will have to wait till this afternoon.... as will blogging.

OH and I KNOW I haven't been reading or commenting much lately.. but hey.. I'm busy!!!

ABOVE:  Bry modelling the CUTE Bag  so you can see it's size. 


It's 1.30 and I just got home from the Hospice Shop... man we were busy in there today!  Literally rushed off our feet at times... and it was GREAT!

I did indeed buy a 'few' things, but before I take photo to upload.. I need food!  Will come back later and show ya.

ABOVE: today's treasures!  Baby GIRL booties and 4 cute little dishes with SHELLS on.. how could I resist?
I'm back sewing for a wee while are due home in a minute or two...

End of Day:  and it's now 9.30 pm!  Where has the day gone?  I don't seem to be getting on my computer much lately... sewing... sewing.... I finished that brown bag (above) and have started another multi-coloured one.  I'm loving making these bags, me fingers?  Not so much!  I seem to prick myself on an hourly basis, sometimes it really hurts!  Oh well... what's a little prick now and then?    ha ha ha!  nite nite.
***I promise to get back to blog reading/commenting soon! 


  1. oh that fabric is really cute, loving these new bags!

  2. Love the bag... and I ain't much of a bag person! Any chance you can make me one...? I could do with a new overnight bag for when I visit my fella on the weekends. Email me and let me know the cost etc if you're keen to do it.

    And I hope you've had a great day !

  3. Those bags will be a hit you know thinking of your yesterdays comments you could resurrect old FAVOURITES that are tried and true and be RETRO REBORNS!!!some lucky lucky people will be pleasantly surprised at christmas time I'm sure.

  4. Anonymous1:06 PM

    What did you buy today at the Hospice Shop????

    Kate (

  5. cool bag :) awesome on the hospiice shop too!

  6. love the bag!! the brown retro look is great, very in right now... you could look at selling those too, the ponsonby / grey lynn ladies would lap then up... you should look into getting a stand at "Craft Bomb" you could sell your extra cards there.

  7. Ooh, I spy me! Thanks Chris. I feel so spoilt! Today I watched America's Next Top Model Season 14 & some of it was shot in NZ and it's such a beautiful country - so much green and space and very few tall buildings.

  8. Love the bag - lucky Jane P.

    I found a similar bag pattern for sale but didn't buy one as the bag was really too big ( I'd do myself an injury carrying it around). This bag is a much better size :-)

    Love the 4 dishes from the op shop.

  9. Love this style of bag - so good to have something you can have a good rummage through. You're not a shoe queen - youre a bootee queen!!! Zxx

  10. Anonymous10:59 PM

    OMG...I love those bags

    Michelle x

  11. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Pretty bag! The little blue dishes are sweet looking. You are one busy woman!!! ...debbie

  12. Again- I must state how wonderful I think those bags are. They are perfect for getting stuff out of since they "stay open!"

  13. You are good - real good!
    I'm impressed - real impressed!


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