Friday, October 29, 2010


So, there is nothing I really, really have to do today, which is great as my foot is throbbing!

I am amazed that such a teeny tiny injury can cause so much pain!

Or maybe, just maybe.. I'm a sookie la la? 

NAhhhh.... I birthed 6 kids (two well over 10 pounds) WITHOUT any pain relief... I'm a tough cookie... lol.  *smiles*

So, I think I will just have a lazy day here at home.   Might make another bag ... am going to have a go at enlarging the pattern this time to make a 'beach bag' size. 

Sandii... you might be interested in the next one?
MISS LJ: I am working on yours today too, finally found the right fabric!


I've been sewing all morning.. and now I must go down the road and get me more needles for the machine!  I have been told over and over again that I must change my needles often, so I have now run out.  Grrrr.. and I was on a roll too.
Oh well... gives me a good excuse to stop for lunch too.....

ABOVE:  Miss LJ.. here's a taste of your bag!  What do ya think???
My neighbour saw this fabric and fell in love with it!  Lucky for you it had your name on it!

The foot:  is feeling a lot better this afternoon.. I can almost put my weight on it without cringing.. this is good.

Kids are due home shortly... another weekend looms.  I kinda like the weekends nowdays.  Nice weather, the kids can get outside and play more. 

End of Day:  and it's been quiet, uneventful... and I got one bag totally done, start to finish.  Yaaa ... and it's going to Australia soon.  *smiles*  Heading towards a quiet, lazy evening in... watching telly, eating a few jelly beans!  lol
nite nite.


  1. Your poor foot! Update, will ya, so that painful picture goes further down on your blog! :)

  2. Thanks Chris! Woo Hoo! Hope your foot is feeling better today... Lazy days are good, I'm looking forward to one of them soon! xx

  3. I hope you're keeping it bathed with salt water or something. Those deep, skinny stab wounds have some nasty habits.

    Good excuse for some handwork with your feet up ... or Blogging.

    Enjoy the rest.

  4. I would love to know more about sewing. I only know the basics and I'm really, really tempted to take a class.

  5. Gosh Chris,
    That certainly does not sound good - to still be in pain? Have you tried soaking it in Epsom salts -or do you even have Epsom salts there??
    Is it still swollen? I do not like for my gifted artsy bud to still be in pain! :-)

  6. Crikey it will be bruised as well the heel, thank goodness it wasn't anything bigger eh! rest your heel on an icepack that may help.

  7. Glad you are better- and barely didn't miss a beat!

  8. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I'm with Mrs C it is gross.
    Holy shit epsom salts ,salt water Good old Dettol I can feel the pain
    Lets just move on I feel faint just thinking about it
    Mary H

  9. Chris

    I know myself when I have hurt my foot or accidently hit the little toe - I am was in agony. I must admit anything to do with the feet always is a bit painful. Martine

  10. I hope your foot gets better soon. Glad you are having a slow day at home. Things are really hectic around here because of Halloween (the best holiday in the world). I still have to carve my pumpkin tomorrow. Then we have our Halloween party on Saturday and go trick-or-treating on Sunday.

  11. Love the color of Ms. LJ's bag...reminded me of gorgeous alligator skin LOL.
    I sliced my hand open the other day so I know how that foot feels. Hope it's much better today.

  12. Just caught up on your blog for the past three days . . . that toothpick injury is serious! Yikes! I hope your heel is feeling much, much better now.

    You are doing a wonderful job on the bags. I haven't had time to decide if I want one or not . . .

  13. OH MY GOD! am attewmpting to catch up... that toothpick made my feet HURT! i had a srtaight pin bend into my foot on time ... MY FOOT REMEMBERS I was 10!!!
    Got the package opened it WE LOVE IT... HID IT FROM MJ until the baby shower! :D SHE WILL LOVE IT TOO! THANK YOU :)
    Love the cards... not too sure i could ever send any to anyone lol they are just too pretty !
    that little sweater is the BOMB by the way so precious... i cant wait to see it on Halo :) yeah they are sticking with Halo ... i guess it will grow on me LOL.
    Love and hugs!!!


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