Thursday, October 28, 2010


So... at 6.15pm last night I was walking across the lounge on the lovely shag rug.   And then... an excruciating pain hit me in the left heel!  OMG!  I have never felt such pain... I fell onto the couch groaning in agony!   Then I looked at my foot.

Protruding out of my heel was a BLOODY TOOTHPICK!   And it was not coming out, even though I tried to yank it out.

So... bearing in mind I was in AGONY yes really!... I got Griffin to run over to a neighbours to get her to come over... I was feeling really faint!

So, Stephanie, bless her heart, came over with her husband and grown son, and she took me to the After Hours Doctors.  

Stew turned up a bit later,  so Steph took the kids back home and cared for them for us.

I was stuck in the Doctor's for 2 and a half hours.... all the while my foot was hurting and throbbing like hell....

When I was finally seen by the Doctor he yanked it out ... and I SCREAMED, then cried, then THANKED him for hurting me!   That damn toothpick was in a looooong way I can tell you! 

Lesson Learnt:  don't wear bare feet even in the house. ... and make sure your kids can't get hold of toothpicks!   Cos one thing's for sure... I didn't drop it in the rug!

My heel is still tender this morning, but at least the throbbing has eased up!
I am taking Griffin to his Speld lesson this morning,  (special tuition for kids with learning difficulties).. but somehow I doubt I will be wandering around the shops in Pukekohe today!  Though I do need some more big buttons..... hmmmmmm.....


YES... I'm a TRUE BLOGGER!  I blog about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!  My family knows that IF I can blog about 'it' I WILL!  lol

This morning has gone well... I dropped Griffin at his tutor's then nipped over to Pukekohe and bought a few more buttons, then I sat in the car and  almost finished this bag:

It has turned out to be a really LOVELY bag, and a bit cheaper to make than my first one's as this fabric was much cheaper to buy.   It's for sale... $45 NZ.   I'm going to make more in this fabric, and other fabrics I got a bit cheaper too. 

Now... I'm going to put my feet up as my heel is throbbing now... darn it all!

I was supposed to go to my Aunt's for afternoon tea.. I forgot..ooops!  Chalk it up to old age brain!
Then my kindly neighbour (Stephanie) called in to see how my foot was now... so have done diddly squat this afternoon really!

Stew is due home much later tonight (work commitments)... so the kids are having spagetti for dinner.... I will wait for his nibs to arrive home with ours (chinese).... YUM.

JO:  as requested:  some photos of the bag with Stew and dogs to get an idea of it's size...

Now, as I've raised 8 little shits adorable kids... I can assure you this bag is certainly big enough to use as a 'nappy bag'!  It is very roomy, has two pockets inside and on this one I also added a fastener on the inside to clip your car keys on! 

End of Day:  and my foot is sore, so is my calf.... no doubt from walking on me toes on the left foot... hopefully it will be much better tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Reminds me of the other week - I stook on a belt buckle and the long bit that goes in the belt hole went right into my foot! It made a dreadful popping sound as it went in and pierced about an inch in. I cringe as I think about it! Good your neighbours helped huh? I'm sure it will feel better in a few days.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      I had the same thing happen/one month later still in pain,and foot is swollen.Have been really sick,high BP and diagnosed with a viral infection,but I wonder about the sore foot ???

  2. ouch was worried about u on and off thru the night

  3. Hey Chris, guess what? F was also at the doctor last night for.... yes - a bit of wood in his foot!! J couldn't get it out so the doctor had to dig it out. Crazy you both had the same thing on the same night :)

  4. ouch I felt that pain not cutey ice and rest.

  5. OUCH, I am cringing just thinking about it. I would have been screaming blue bloody murder since I don't have a high pain tolerance (in fact I have NO pain tolerance).

    I hope you are not in too much pain still (good excuse to keep off our feet & curl up with a book though).

  6. Anonymous9:32 AM

    OUCHEEEEEYYYY!!! oh man, that hurts just looking at it!! I can imagine it hurt like hell coming out! oh dear! Hope it will be back to normal soon! ...debbie

  7. i can only imagine how painful it is to have a toothpick in my leg but my mom knows how painfull that is.few years ago she also stepped on a tooth pick and since she is a doctor she didn't feel it was necessary to go to another doctor and she pulled it out herself.but she wasn't careful and it broke while she was p0ulling it out and a piece of toothpick was stuck in her foot.after that she went to the emergency and the surgeon tried to get it out but he couldn't find it and in the end she had in her foot for a year.
    so, you are not alone in your pain. :)
    hope it heals fast and that it doesn't hurt you much anymore!
    hugs, Danka

  8. Ooooooh OUCH!!!!! That looks painful!!! Sending great big hugs you poor thing :o(.
    Joy :o)

  9. Only a true blogger would think to take a pic!
    Good on ya! And get well soon!

  10. OUCH!! But I had to laugh at the fact that you STILL managed to take a photo of it.

    Hope you're not hobbling too much today.


  11. Anonymous1:50 PM


    Wow that bag turned out very nicely didn't it??? And I recognise that fabric!! ha!!

    Busy Busy with a pre-school disco this friday ! Give me strength....

    Anyway - hope you're feeling better.

    Kate (

  12. I did a double-take when I saw you foot! OMG-- That looks awful. Hope you're on the mend soon.

    LOVE the new bag. The fabric is fabulous.

    Hang in there, jj

  13. ok what size is it and do you have paypal???!!! seriously, is it big enough for the beach?

    love it.

    toothpicks are awful, we went to a cafe once and someone had stuck toothpicks in the seats and my hubby sat on one and put his hand on another and it also went in and man alive i was pissed, i went off and discovered that one of the young managers friends had done it and they were all outside laughing, needless to say i reigned down upon thee with furious vengence!!!

  14. You said it. You're a true blogger. Oh, I'm in pain, so MUCH PAIN. Wait, let me just take a picture of it for my blog. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I'm in pain! You're sooo funny.

  15. Holy CRAP!!!! :(

    hope your foot gets better soon!!!

  16. Are you kidding??!! You are a true blogger if you stopped to take a pic in the middle of all that!! Hope you are putting some special cream or peroxide on it so it doesn't get infected!! Bless you!

  17. O Gosh, Chris

    That makes me hurt all over. Did they give you any type of antibiotic?

    A little trick you might keep in your bag of tricks is IF you get a splinter (NOT a tree - like you did) you can take a piece of fat meat and put a bandage on to hold it in place and through the night it will work to pull the splinter out -or at least bring it to the surface when you can get it out.

    Just not any metal -Metal is not like wood because wood wants to get out , but metal will work its way to the bone.

  18. Oh no you poor thing!! It hurts like hell eh? Hayley got one through her big toe at the tip when we were little - i can still remember her screaming in pain. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Have you heard of felt ? I buy off it all the time, it'll be a perfect place to sell your crafts. its a website specifically for hand made things

  19. hey thanks for the info re the bag - i want one big enough for a beach towel and sun cream etc so maybe this isn't quite big enough, will you be making them bigger???

  20. Oh no! That looks *soooo* painful!!!

  21. Geez, you sure did a job on that foot. Well done!

    And didn't that bag come out lovely!

  22. My kids love spaghetti for tea, hubby always adds garlic, chilli & cheese to them plus any leftover cold meat or sausages.

  23. Amanda8:03 PM

    Holy Frig! That looks horrible! Id have prob fainted. The bags are looking really good :-)

  24. Ouch!!!!

    Hey - just wondering if you could do a waterproof bag (for aqua). There's a challenge for you, if you can I want to buy one! I like the beachy lady material you have...

    Also if's ok could I phone Stew one night - some advice from his work place would be appreciated, nothing too complicated.

  25. just to be a pain... any chance you can take a pic of the bag next to something that will show the size of it?
    I'm seriously thinking it would make a great nappy bag...
    And BLOODY 'ELL to the splinter!! OUCH!!!!

  26. You are right: Corby and Guy do look the same - both favour Tom's side! My vanity was hoping Corby would be more like my side of the family... so we'll have to wait and see!! xxx

  27. Penny, NZ8:55 PM

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear about your foot. Since everyone is sharing stories, when I was about 9 years old my father and I invented this thing which consisted of a board with nails half hammered into it with wire, a big battery and a clock motor and I was swinging from the doorway (as you can when you are a kid) and jumped down and landed on the board, nail straight into my heel. Owww!!! and it was bloody, I can tell you...

    But at least I got a certificate from the principal at school for my invention (that was mainly my Dad's idea, of course, him being an engineer and all).

    Your post brought it all back!

    Take care, and don't go jumping on any more toothpicks (that one in your foot looked big enough to be a skewer!).


  28. OUCH!
    Gorgeous bag are so talented!!!

  29. Ouch to that injury on your foot. Initially (before I looked closely) I thought you had stood on a needle. Wishing your foot a speedy recovery!

    (Oh, and love the bags!).

  30. So sorry about your foot. That looks very painful. Hope you heal quickly and there's no infection. That bag is very cute. Rest up Chris and I hope the pain eases soon.

  31. LOVE that bag!!! And I'm so sorry about your foot. If there's ever something sharp on the floor, my Hubby's foot will find it!

  32. the nurse in me hopes that it was a clean toothpick (not used) or you run the risk of infection...

  33. Kind of like stepping on a sea urchin.
    You should have put the dogs INSIDE the bag to gauge the size!

  34. Awesome stuff - thanks for letting me see the size of the bag - it looks like it might just be perfect for what I want :)
    But...... I LOVE green, don't suppose you have any light green toned fabric around anywhere? hehe..

  35. OMG how freaking painful!! Glad it didn't break off in there.

    Love the bag, you could use it to carry Coco haha

  36. What an awesome bag!!! Girl! I might buy one in the future because I'm a terrible organizer and I can never find anything in my bad as it's so hard to look. This is awesome.

  37. Oh man, that does look really painful. Reminds of the time my foot turned black and blue. I went to the doctor. After a bunch of x-rays costing about $100, she told me my shoes were too tight. What the heck? I think I would know if my shoes were too tight.

  38. I can not believe you sustained a toothpick injury. It sounds awful. So sorry and hope you are healing quickly.

  39. A pin hurts bad enough but a toothpick!! Hope your heel is better today!!

    I love that bag!!!!! I would live in flip flops if I could!!

  40. Oh my GOSH! Your poor foot! I've been so busy since getting home that I am just now trying to catch up with your blog. Dang, that toothpick in your heel looked horrible! I have to admit Chris, I loved the fact that you took the time to take a picture of it. That is just like something I would do! I hope its feeling much better now.

  41. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Remindes me of my trip to canada i was walking a a rest stop and a tooth pick went all thr way up my foot and i haf to go to ths emergency room for 3 painful hours getting 5 numbing shots and get my foot cut plopen they did not even get it out two days later afyer taking a shower it was hurting so much so i look ag my heel and i thought i got something else stuck in it but it was a 2 and a half inch toothpick in my foot

  42. Ouch your foot certainly took a lot of toothpick.

    I was googling bags just like the one you have made and was wondering if you have a name for it, so I can search for a pattern, or even better a pattern? This bag looks perfect for being able to open it out on one shoulder and find what is in it. Thank you so much for blogging.

  43. Wow, your foot certainly took a lot of toothpick in it.

    I was brought here via google. Your bag is perfect and exactly what I have been searching for. It looks ideal for hanging from one shoulder and finding what you need easily. I was wondering if you had a name for this bag/pattern or even better if you had a pattern for it. Thanks for blogging.


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