Thursday, October 14, 2010


TODAY MARKS MY 4TH YEAR BLOGGING!  I can't believe I've been literally 'yakking' on the 'net for that long!  So, to  mark the occasion, I'm doing another giveaway.
To be in to win a Casserole holder and 5 cards of mine, all you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT, and tell me :

- How much water (approx)  do I drink in a day
- What's me favourite colour
- two things I LOVE to do!

It's that simple!  If you 'know me at all' you will know the answers.

I will draw the winner on Friday night,  "Kiwi Time"!   Heee heee hee!

ABOVE:  The winner can choose one of the two Casserole Holders Stew is holding.   I will add 5 cards as well.

ABOVE:  And here's Stew modelling my cutting mat Bag/cover!   He has his uses eh?  lol

Right:  on with today.  Got some housework to do first thing, then it will be time to take Griffin to his Speld Lesson.  I will probably go to Pukekohe while he's there, to kill time.. and maybe shop... maybe...


OH!  BTW... I won't be publishing any comments today .. can't have you getting the answers from someone else can I???  ****    Obviously I haven't mentioned my water consumption much on me blog?  So... the answer to that question is on me sidebar (SOMEWHERE)... you'll just have to look for it!

I'm gunna make this easier AND BETTER!  If you answer 1 question right, you get one chance in the draw.  2 right = two chances, 3 right = three chances!   There ... now I feel better about it.  Everyone will get at least one right eh?

Anyone else been watching the Chilean Miners rescue as it unfolds ?  I have, it's awesome how they have managed to rescue them from such a depth!  Last time I looked at the live feed they had 24 safely up.
Off now to get the boy ....

ABOVE:  Well.... I found this really nice baby wear shop in Pukekohe this morning... how could I resist? 

Home now and it's neat reading the comments... so many of you know me SO WELL!  LOL

Shame I can't publish them yet...

End of Day:  so, lots of comments/answers coming in... keep it up!  You gotta be in to win.
I'm off to put me feet up for a while, my legs/feet are swollen heaps today.  nite nite.


  1. Hmmmmm water well lest see NONE as you are a diet coke fan :-), Favourite colour, wouldn't happen to be blue by any chance, and two things you love to do, gees that a hard one, oh wait think I know quilting and making cards..... CONGRATS on the 4 years blogging :-)

  2. Happy Blogoversary!!!

    I have no idea how much water you drink ....but I know your favorite color is BLUE and that you love to SHOP and do crafty things!

  3. I so love both your casserole holders and the

    zip on the water.....not one drop!!
    Shopping and spending quality time with the family out shopping!!!
    LOL just kidding, the second one is your quilting.

  4. Ah Congratulations Chris on your 4 years, i love reading your blog!!
    1. You don't drink any water
    2. Blue is your favourtive colour
    3. You love make things cards,quilts etc and of course Diet Coke!!!

    Have a great day :-P

  5. How much water (approx) do I drink in a day
    - Maybe a cup? Not much, only the ice in your DC?

    What's me favourite colour
    - Duh! BLUE

    two things I LOVE to do!
    - Shop!!!!
    - Sew/ crafts


  6. not a damn clue on how much water you drink...
    blue of course is your fav color...
    you love to sew and you love to have a clean house :) aka cleaning... and i am so glad because you inspire me... and make me clean my house more better
    love ya and happy 4 years

  7. hi chris
    no water colour Blue and patchwork and blogging of course lol
    have a good day

  8. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Hi Chris,

    I am desperate to wiun one of these have been looking for one for years..

    So here goes...

    1. I would guess very little water, i know you do try to drink some, but your chosen beverege would be DIET COKE, given the name of your blog and even the number plates on your car.

    2. Your fav colour is umm, BLUE

    3. Two things you love to do are... Blog and read blogs and Sew, which might I add on the sewing you make some pretty funky things.

    Hope all is well in your world. Take care

    Wendy Harding (australia)

  9. Water? ZILCH!!!

    Favourite colour - orange?? No kidding - it's BLUE!

    Two things you love to do?

    And if I don't win I want to buy a casserole holder at some stage.

  10. Oh - you also love changing around rooms, furniture etc.... does this give me another chance?

  11. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Okay - fairly new to it all but will give it a go.

    1) Trick question because you don't like or drink water.

    2) Blue!!!

    3) - this is the guess bit.... you like shopping (like me!!) and you like sewing and you like it when family gets together... you like your feet licked by your dogs!! You also like reading and commenting on other people's blogs when you have time....

    How'd I do???

    Have a goodie!

    Kate Rogers ( or on FACEBOOK!

  12. 1. you don't drink water
    2. blue
    3. shoping (like me) and sewing

    I like your model (Stew)-he could just start modelling. :)
    How do you get him to model for you (and all of us)?

    Hugs from Slovenia, Danka

  13. Water - you don't drink it
    Favourite colour - blue
    2 things you love to do - spend time with Stu, sew, make cards, drink diet coke, blog - take your pick. Happy blogiversary! Zxx

  14. Water: None - cos you drink Diet Coke! lol
    Colour: Blue of course :)
    Loves: Sewing and shopping :)

    Have a great day!!

  15. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Hi Chris
    I had to enter this one...

    1. NONE

    2. Favourite colour....ummmm BLUE

    3. Shopping & eating ;O)

    Michelle x

  16. The casserole carriers are so cool, and the bag cover I told you its a blimmin small sized quilted duvet with handles! Ha ha your a worry erm A: no water B: BLUE C: Sewing, Shopping, having a clean house (does that count? just thought I would throw that in!)

  17. It will be strange having NO comments too!!

  18. Hi.

    I'm back from the doldrums.

    And I'm in for the prize.

    1. Water .... not much 'cause you drink diet coke. *grin*

    2. colour Your a blue lady. I can tell so Blue it is.

    3. Oh you love to sew and you love making all those pretty cards.

    Wishing you one fabulous day and best of luck to the winner. I wouldn't mind *smile* *hint*

  19. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Water what water - diet coke more likely

    Cards and Patchwork and very good at both

    Blue Blue Blue

    Easy questions


  20. Happy Blogaversary!

    You drink no water, zero, none, nada... because, hello?? you drink Diet Coke!

    Your favorite color is blue, and

    You love to shop and sew (craft, quilt, etc)

    Yes, the rescue effort has been tremendous. Those miners certainly have courageous, indomitable spirits.

  21. 1. O on the water....It's Diet Coke for you.

    2. Blue

    3. Sew and Stew

    I almost answered these about myself-then I would have sounded like a real twit, though I am not a water drinker either.

  22. You ... drink water? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    That would be ... NONE!


    sewing and and anything sea related.

  23. Hey Woman! Congrats on your fourth year blogging! I am on a self-imposed blogging break, but I just had to enter your give away! :o)

    Okay, here are my answers:

    1. You don't drink any water at all!
    2. Your favorite color is blue.
    3. Two things you LOVE to do are go shopping and make cards.

    Not sure about the third answer because you love to do a lot of things, but those are my guesses and I'm sticking to them! LOL!!!

    Have a great day!



  24. Hey Chris

    So, lets see... you drink NO water at all, your fave colour is blue, and you love to make cards and do patchwork. How did I go?

    Well, you could add:

    Read blogs
    Write blogs
    play with your dogs
    be around your lovely model Stew.

    So, anyway, good luck to everyone and hopefully it's ME! It must be just about my turn to win something :-)


  25. *giggles* all i see about water is that you did not drink a DROP!
    i dont drink much but i chomp ice... its genetic my father chomped ice even when he had no freakin teeth!
    Love an hugs!

  26. Ok I haven't posted for a while but I'll give the competition a go...

    How much water your drink - that would be Nil.

    Favourite Colour is blue

    2 things you love to do would be sewing and shopping..

    Hope your well and having a good day.

  27. HA HA LOL LOL LOL!!!! Stew, you are sooo funny! :0

    Ok, your sidebar says you lost weight with ZERO water so I'll guess zero.

    And blueeee is your fave colour.

    And I can think of plenty you like to do. Sewing crafts, shopping, calling people tarts, letting dogs lick your feet, travelling, spending time with your family and reorganizing your furniture and artwork. :)

  28. 1.You don't drink water - diet coke.

    2. Favourite colour is blue.

    3. Shopping, shopping, shopping
    Shopping, shopping, shopping
    Making cards
    Shopping, shopping, shopping

    Happy 4th blogaversary mate

  29. Hmmm water consumption. I'm guessing with your love of diet coke, and discounting tea or coffee....NONE!

    Your favourite colour is blue (although with a new granddaughter on the way, pink could be edging in there!),


    You love to read comments on your blog,

    You love to sew,

    You love making cards,

    and you love drinking diet coke!!

    (Just covering all bases :-) )

  30.'s poison to you ROFL

    Blue.......what other colour is there!!!

    Blog & Sew :)

    Love the little girl outfits you bought. They are so sweet.
    Blimey you have been soooo busy. You are a star :)

  31. Oh, this should be easy...Well, your blog isn't named H2O rocks, so I don't think you drink any water! (At least you didn't when you lost your weight with Weight Watchers)

    Your favorite color is blue.

    You love to sew, quilt, create gorgeous cards, and shop! (Who doesn't love retail therapy!)

    What a fun contest! I hope you have lots of entries.

    I dropped a little birthday card into the mail for you today. I hope it gets there in time. I slipped a picture of Jack in for you too, and maybe a little something else. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! I'll check in from the Caribbean when I can!


  32. You don't drink water, its diet coke. Your favourite colour is blue, your least favourite colour is orange and you enjoy making cards and sewing :). Your birthday is nearly here are you going to do anything for it?

  33. Congrats on 4 years of blogging. Oh, I'm not taking part in the giveaway - I've already won! Keep on rocking!

  34. This is an Entry in my Giveaway BY PROXY! Anne over at Lose2Live is stuck in bed... so I'm entering it for her! She knows the answers to all me questions she gets three entries! As does everyone else by the look of it!
    I will publish all the comments/entries to this Giveaway Post at 12 midday tomorrow!
    Until then... ONWARD....!!!

  35. With Bella, we know she is in season cos she is bleeding... not sure how else you could tell? All other female dogs I have owned have all bled as well... Maybe Coco hasn't come in yet? It can happen anytime from 6 - 12 months from what I understand.

  36. Sue M7:51 PM

    You drink no water
    Fav colour is blue
    You love to make cards and do patchwork/quilting

  37. Congrats on 4 years of blogging and yakking...well done !
    okies...just a stab here, you don't drink water, you drink diet coke, your favourite colour is blue...and 2 things you love to do are blog, sew and make are one very creative lady.

  38. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary.
    A:No water
    C: Shopping, Quilting, Card Making
    Good luck to everyone else entering but I hope I win
    C xxx

  39. Water?? What's that - you usually only drink the water in Diet Coke!

    Favourite Colour: Blue

    Two things you love to do: Crafts & Shopping!

    Happy anniversary Chris!

  40. Hey drink no water, favourite colour Blue, and you love making cards and most importantly SHOPPING!!!!

  41. Hey Chris! Happy Anniversary! I have been reading your blog for about a year and a half or maybe more, so I hope I know the answers to your questions . . . I believe you don't drink water . . . you drink diet coke . . . Your favourite colour is blue and you like quilting, card-making, being with your family and having your dogs lick your toes, among other things!!

    Congrats on your blogging. I can't wait to see how many comments you get today!

  42. ok.... i'm guessing at the water.... 2 litres? or as little as you can get away with.... your favourite colour is BLUE and you love.... Patchwork, and re arranging furniture and Stew, and sex! yay!!!!

  43. Hi Congrats on your 4 years of blogging!

    Don't reckon you drink any water at all!!

    Favourite colour, well I'll guess blue!

    You love quilting and making cards!! Bye for now x

  44. You don't drink water, your favorite color is blue and you love to shop and sew!

  45. Okay just because you asked for it again here is my entry

    I really don't want a casserole cover but some cards would come in handy..

    1. you don't drink water, you hate water
    2. your favourite colour is blue ( mine too)
    3. you love to make cards and to sew ( and to clean the bloody house)

    I love your blog and check it daily, I even went back to day one when I first found it, but I don't 'follow' any ones blog. I can follow exactly when and how I want to.

    Dee in Oz

  46. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Q1. No idea guess 2 glasses
    Q2. Blue
    Q3. Sew shop and have sex!
    Mary H

  47. Hi ya

    I thought Id entered your giveaway..
    One guess which cover Id chose if I won?! the pink one of course!


    - None
    - Blue
    - Sewing and making cards!
    I hope I passed the test. LOL

    Love your blog it always makes me smile.


  48. You LOVE the color blue. That is obvious. Not one drop of water. and you love to Sew and Blog!

  49. You love blue..don't drink any water, and really love to make cards and do patchwork quilting.
    Congrats to four years!


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