Wednesday, October 27, 2010


ABOVE:  this is the bag that's giving me so much grief at the moment!  I don't know WHY ... but I'll be glad when it's finished... only got about an hour or so's work left to finish it... hopefully do that this afternoon.

This morning:  off to the Hospice Shop to do me volunteer shift.... and hopefully not spend too much money while I'm at it!

I'm still coughing by the way... I think I've got the 100 day cough that I've heard of .... so going by that I  have about 40 days to go!  I'm thrilled at that prospect.  Really thrilled.

Stew and I are going Very Low Carb again... we have both put on weight over winter... time to pull finger and drop some kilos so summer is more enjoyable!  AND I am getting more exercise too!  I've been on the bike and murder machine (cross trainer) a few times now... and I am thinking of dragging Griffin out for a walk after dinner too ... he needs to lose a wee bit of the weight too... not that I'm going to tell HIM that!  He can just think he's keeping me company... and helping walk the dogs.   All good....

*Hi*.. back for working in the Hospice shop... where it was very slow today... not very busy in the shop.... which made the morning drag... but nevermind, I did manage to find a few treasures:

ABOVE:  two small cast iron casserole dishes which will come in handy at some point... a tupperware container (you can never have too many of them) and a wooded snapper picture that I will eventually get around to brightening up with some blue paint.
That's it!

Now... going to chill out for a while before the kids get home from school... that's when I will vacum AGAIN... Coco is being a right pain in the butt right now bringing in all sorts of vegetation and chewing it up all over me floors. Grrrr, the place never looks tidy now.  *sigh*

End of Day: I had a little mishap this evening and ended up at the After Hours Doctor's for 2 and a half hours.  Just got home and a bit ..... tired.   And hungry.  And feeling stupid.  Will tell you about it tomorrow.  nite nite.


  1. ohhhh good thinking with the exercise thing and griffin, making all those bags you might be going crossed eyed.

  2. Great work getting back into exercise Chris. Also I agree - good thinking with the walks with you and Griffin.

  3. Since the school is so close you could take the kids there & take a frisbee or a ball & have a run around, Griffin won't even know it is exercise.

  4. Love the look of that purse you are working on!Such pretty colors!

    When you mentioned the Hospice Shop - I had to laugh and wonder if that was like when I tried to sell Tupperware ???? Every penny I made went into purchasing more Tupperware for me! LOL

    Sorry about the cough - I HATE to cough. It just plain wears me out and you cannot get sleep because you are coughing. We have Vicks Vapor Rub over here and it is as old as the hills -so I had to break down and buy some off of E-bay. I know it breaks up congestion - but a friend turned me on to putting it on the bottom of your feet as you go to bed and it will stop a cough.

  5. You know, there's an outbreak of whooping cough over here. I wonder if that's what you have? Dreadful thing it is.

    Hope it goes away soon.

    Posted your card today too :-)


  6. Oh Chris! Hope all is okay now!

  7. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Oh my goodness girl! What did you do?? Hope your ok...debbie

  8. HEY! We have the same fish! Except ours is a seahorse!

  9. Cute little fishy, can't wait to see what you do with it! Off to see what you did since I'm "catching up"


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