Tuesday, June 08, 2010


ABOVE: the morning patio... with it's new potted Nikau Palm... I have ALWAYS wanted a nikau palm. My Dad used to point them out to us while we were travelling around... they are so lovely once they grow up a bit! Maybe by the time I'm 80 it will look like a 'proper' palm!

As it was a holiday weekend, there is even more housework to do than normal around here... and as it's been very WET my floors need mopping badly.

So, this morning will be dedicated to freaking housework. Oh and I must pop out to post a card to a blogger friend in Taupo too!

That's all for now... the blasted housework awaits.... *sigh*...

Right, housework is done (well, as much as I'm gunna do!)... been out and posted Card to Blondie in Taupo...

Rang SPELD and have organised a lesson once a week for Griffin @ $50 an hour... told the school... and now the school RTLB teacher is coming to see me about 'it' in 10 minutes! YIKES, hope I haven't pissed them off? I am only doing what I feel is best for our kid... he's getting very little help at the school now, and is NOT progressing AT ALL.

HA! Seems she thought I was mad at HER... and wanted to explain why she hadn't seen Griffin in a few weeks.. shit I didn't even know she wasn't seeing him...(but I'm not surprised) ! I am expecting a phone call from the Deputy Principal now... cos I have gone and got help for Griffin outside the Education Department... after they told me I didn't need to. Just how long do you keep flogging a dead horse (or in this case the School???)

Mrs C.: Yeee gads! NO way are the school paying for the extra lessons! We have to do that!

This ongoing frustration is really getting me down, particularly as I have been trying to get him help for 3 and a half years now... with limited success. I don't know what to do now, expect PAY through the nose for extra lessons.

End of Day: kind of an up and down day.... one good thing I have just realised though... I am not getting so tired in the early afternoon anymore.. which means I am sleeping better at night, which is great! nite nite.. I'm off to have a good night's sleep... there is nothing like it!


  1. Housework here to today..... enjoy :-) and so know what you mean about the floors needing a good mop.

  2. housework never goes away. Been miserable wet here FOREVER to and I am over it. Now I have a silly cold as well just to help me feel so good NOT

  3. Palm looks great. Housework is always there, but I feel better when it is done. I just wish someone else would do it. lol

  4. Talking of Nikaus. We did a trip down south a looong time ago. There is a grove of Nikaus on the West Coast at Karamea where the Heaphy Track begins. It is breathtaking to stand among them. Kind of like being in a cathedral, surrounded by these tall, stately palms with sunlight filtered though the fronds. Must go back there one day.

    Your Nikau in a pot finishes off the patio perfectly.

  5. Oh well, at least some vigorous mopping will burn a few calories!

  6. "Mopping", "housework", - you need to clean up your language. haha. I hope you got it all done and did something fun.

  7. That was me yesterday. Happy housework!

  8. You wont regret SPELD and we only pay $30 a lesson here lol.... love living in the cheap towns :-)

  9. Love the palm :) looks great.. .

    hopefully they're only coming to discuss "it" with you to see what they can do to help?... I know.. wishful thinking?..

  10. Please tell me THEY are paying the $50 each week. Let them get as mad as they want lol... you be as much of a b as you need to be to get them to treat Griffin right!! :)

    PS. The palm is perfect. Very cheerful!

  11. That's a really nice palm tree you got there. It's still little so it's cute. Looks ever better in the boxy pot. Palm trees are like weeds in S'pore.

  12. Can you get any assistance from WINZ?

  13. I am the only friggin 'fairy' around here.... *sniff*

    AAAAHHH Haw! Now we know where you get your secret powers from! :)

    Love,Love , Love the palm! Like you - beautiful and inspiring. :)

    Good luck with the "help"!I don't blame you one little bit - after all we are talking about his future.

    When my youngest son was about the same age as Griffin we ran into a brick wall with his school too. ( I HATE our public school system)
    So, I took him out of public school and did a year of home-schooling and it was wonderful for us both.

    But he kind of missed the inter-action with kids his age so I checked out the church-schools in our area and found two great schools which he did attend and they really put a lot of hands on attention which he needed. It was a very special time for us both. Sheezz - after all we are talking about all of our kids futures and our futures as well.

  14. Hi Chris, as you are probably aware, I was a SPLED tutor for a number of years, but stopped in 2006 due to the HUGE work load I had teaching a year 8 class, but I wanted to say that most of the children I saw were aged between 7 -10 years and I am a strong advocate for getting children helper sooner, rather then later. (once they drop behind it is often so difficult to catch back up).

    I actually have my own daughter at a maths tutor as although she in the top math group in her year level she kept complaining that she didn't understand the teacher and felt she was struggling and was feeling discouraged. She has only been to four sessions (1.5 hours each time) but they have been able to work one on one with her to keep her up to speed and she LOVES going. The teacher who runs her accelerate was shocked to hear she was seeing a tutor, but when I explained the reasoning they realised it wasn't a reflection on their teaching, but rather ensuring she did not fall behind. (the ambulance at the top of the cliff, rather then wait until there was a much bigger problem).

    I wouldnt' advice you to wait any longer at all and think I actually wrote a comment about getting him tutoring last year. (shows how much faith I have in the education system I work for) lol. (but I am aware of teachers work loads and in a class of around 26 children, I often had 6 -7 who were working well behind their peers and the education system simply doesn't provide the resources (assistants) to allow teachers to work one on one so children can catch up.

    PS: Mrs C, I have NEVER know a school to pay for SPELD tutition. Eva.

  15. It shouldn't be so hard to get something done,but it is. Griffin is lucky to have such committed grandparents. Kep up the good work.

  16. And I hate to say it but once they hit Intermediate and College it is even harder.... we are still fighting the education system 7 years on.... every year we go through the same bullshit.....

  17. The Nikau looks great, AS FOR schools THE GOVERNMENT complain that toomany children are falling behing leaving school UNEDUCATED well GO TO YOUR MP for the area and complain to them BETTER still do it too the opposition MP and see what help comes....

  18. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Are your schools run by the Government? In the States, most things run by the Government are not well funded and lack in so many areas. I don't blame you for getting further help. You have to do what is best for your child. Three cheers for you!! I am sorry you are having such a difficult time getting help. ...debbie

  19. That Palm is beautiful at this size. I am sure it will be amazing when it is bigger.

    Housework? Do I know what that is? Seriously - I need to get started on that stuff around here . . . .

  20. I could have used a long weekend. Too bad about all the extra housework. Sorry to hear you're still having issues get help with Griffin. It usually ends up being the parents responsiblity in the end, schools never seem to have enough or the proper resources. Good luck.

  21. do you have any idea how fast i clicked on your pot post yesterday?

    you tricked me! :)

  22. Too funny how the teacher thought she was going to get in trouble!


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