Saturday, June 05, 2010


It's Queen's Birthday Weekend, no school/work on Monday.
We have no plans. Been away recently, so going to stay home and do some jobs around the place.

I bought some vege plants and a gorgeous Nikau Palm... so Stew and I will plant them today.

I also have a commissioned card to make for Sharon in Taupo.... A New Zealand Themed one... I shall enjoy doing that.

That's all for now, I will come back later with a photo or two of Stew slaving away in the garden and me watching him! LOL
Someone has to be the 'Supervisor' eh?


ABOVE: I don't know how my snuggly blanket came to be on the floor with two dogs on it... but it did!
ABOVE: Stew has been busy outside, while I have been busy inside making a NZ card... it's taken me HOURS to get done! I spent far too much time fussing with that card me thinks.
Not much else to yabber on about today... it's very overcast and much cooler today... a good reason to stay inside and chill out in front of the telly!
Stew has gone down the road to get me more plonk (Totara Cafe) cos I have run out. Maybe he thinks I need it? I am so tired now... still not sleeping much... but maybe I will tonight? Here's hoping.
End of Day: fingers crossed my new pills start working to help me sleep soon.... I am running on empty... keep falling asleep during the day! Had a couple of drinks tonight... maybe that will help too? nite nite.


  1. Enjoy your day, esp. the planting and making the card!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. Enjoy it

  3. Chris - how exciting about your card being at the mall!

    Did you really have a Queen? How about that - you have a queen and I have bears - would you like to trade? :)

  4. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Sounded like you both had a busy day. I did a few housey things then sat on the porch and read! lol ...debbie

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait to see the card BUT please dont go overboard YOU HAVE time out too not stuck in perfecting it .......

    VEGES you are lucky lucky.YOUR DOGS cute, MY cat found my flanelette sheets yes he did BECAUSE we were up early I had flicked back sheets and voila where is he sleeping tonight ON the one small corner of flanelette folded over!!!

  6. Here is hoping that you get some sleep at night! I know how that can be - especially when you start sleeping during the day and then that makes you not tired at night!


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