Saturday, June 19, 2010


ABOVE: Last night I lined Teddy's cone with a bandage to hopefully keep the wound from sticking to the plastic... as it was not helping it at all... and I think causing it to weep even more. If he is not showing any signs of healing by monday he is going back to the Vet's.

Today: well hopefully I am getting a sleep in! I have forward posted this so I can! What else? Hmmmm.... I want to sew more of the Heart Blocks I have been fixated on lately.. I'm working on about 4-5 small quilts at the moment, all with heart blocks! Stew is going out later to check out a car for Lacy too.

We will no doubt head out to a mall for lunch, and a browse around. Griffin and Brylee EXPECT IT, particularly Griffin... he has caught the 'shopping bug' from me! Ahhhh... a kid after me own heart he is.

ONWARD!... Well... we have been out and about. Had lunch at Sylvia Park, then popped over to Manukau for dog food... didn't feel like doing much else so we came home for a quiet afternoon in.

I am going to start sewing more of my heart blocks now... while Stew no doubt watches sport on the telly. Talk about a quiet day.

ABOVE: Can you see that thing in the pillows?

ABOVE: It was Teddy, hiding in the vain hope we wouldn't see him and lock him in the laundry today when we went out! Awwwww, poor boy.

ABOVE: where I have been all afternoon! Sewing while watching "You've Got Mail" then "Phone Booth"... what fun!

End of Day: Stew dished up leftovers for dinner... I didn't have to do anything. Yaaaa, got to love the weekends when Stew does dinner. nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris,
    When I had a cat that had to have a collar, I lined the collar with a bandage too, the long length of bandage you wrap around ankles and the like, the soft stuff, not sure what it is called. Wrap it through the hole and around the top, does that make sense. Helps a lot :)

  2. Awww he looks so sad :(

  3. leanne8:21 AM

    Poor teddy he needs some sun to help dry it out, what a shame dogs don't sunbathe. Would a bangage with some cloths over the wound and wrapped around his neck help. Might just have to put him him a quiet place until it heals abit so not walking around to much.
    All the best for teddy as looks very sore!

  4. O Chris - How horrible about Teddy!!!!! Makes me so sick - that should NEVER have happened ! I was a groomer for several years and I never Hurt one of my clients!I have seen terrible things that others have done and I would be suspicious of injuries. I worked in an animal hospital one time and there was a groomer that taught me to groom - but one day she was in a bad mood and a little poodle gave her a fit and she beat him so bad that she broke one of his teeth out! Now, you know why I am untrusting .

    That was very nice of them to pay the bill -but - it was only the decent thing to do. Makes me mad as snot!Really brigs out the "silver - red-head " in me -and that does not happen very often! But let an animal get hurt -or a child-or an older person -and I go into "ninja mood ! Take no prisoners!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope he gets better soon-but that really is a terrible wound!
    I am so sorry that happened!

  5. Just caught up on the doggy news. So sorry. I hate it when my dogs are injured. They can't talk and really don't understand what's happened to them. Good luck and I hope things improve.

  6. Far out poor Teddy!Hope he gets better soon xx

  7. GASP!!!! YOUR PIC!!!! He looks like he needs surgery or stitches! Ohhhh... myyy. Poor Teddy! Poor Teddy!!

    Hope he heals very soon!!!

  8. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Oh, Poor Teddy. I am so sorry he is having to go through this. Hopefully, it will start to heal soon...debbie

  9. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Oh Chris, I could cry for poor Teddy, how shocking that this awful, awful injury was caused by a groomer. You should send her the photo, and insist that she pays for everything. Poor darling Teddy. I would be crying if he was mine. You are doing everything you possibly can. He must be so, so miserable.

    Maggie Magpie (Aus)

  10. Oh gosh he looks so miserable poor thing I hope he starts to feel better soon, glad to see some sewing got done on your PHD!!!!

  11. Sorry about your dawg, although it seems 'responsible' for the manager to call you back and want to see it. Maybe someone will get fired.

    Look at your sewing machine! What is that? A computerized control panel? My Grandmothers sewing machine had a pedal on the floor that you rock back and forth to spin a wheel to make it work. My Mom has one that uses electricity to turn the same wheel. I think that's the last two times I saw a sewing machine. Dang! No wonder it gives you so much trouble! You probably didn't get good enough grades in your rocket science class to operate a sewing machine like that!!

  12. Oh dear, I hope Teddy feels better. Even tho' I'm scared of dogs (long story), I've grown very fond of Teddy in the monitor. And I don't know how you can sew and watch telly at the same time. When I sew, I cannot get distracted because I am very accident prone. Ask my mother. She never lets me help in the kitchen when I was growing up. Gives her a heart attack.

  13. So sorry about your dog...I hope he is better soon.


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