Saturday, June 12, 2010


Another weekend rolls around... and as per usual (lately) we don't have any plans for the day.
It will all depend on the weather really... and lately it's been CRAP. Wet, wet, wet.

I might persuade Stew to go over to the North Shore ... I'd love to have a really good browse through the Scrapbook Shop over there, then we could go to the Albany Mall for lunch. We haven't been over there for a while afterall.

So, that's about all for now... update later....


Well! WE have been out and about all day... did indeed visit the Scrapbook Shop... where I bought a few bits and bobs, found a new Stamp shop in Milford and got two more stamps too. Had lunch at Albany Mall.. which was nice as per.
I have decided that I HATE malls when it's the weekend... s0 many people! It drives us nuts when you are constantly getting cut off, forced to duck and dodge people all the time... grrrrrr.

The new pill I am taking is making me tired all the time... when we got home I fell asleep on the couch... hope I can sleep tonight.

I don't have a photo for today.. there was nothing worth taking a pic of... it's a miserable, wet, overcast day... heading into the evening now.

End of Day: and Stew is in 7th Heaven... the rugby has started again... he's been fixated on the TV all night. The All Blacks won against Ireland : 66 / 28. So he's a happy man. Yaaaaa. Am I thrilled the rugby is back on? *sigh* I suppose if it makes me man happy... I'm happy too. Can you just SEE the smile on me dial? lol

nite nite.


  1. Man girl you so love malls and shopping don't you....have fun I have to work :-(.....

  2. I think my life is starting to slow down enough I can catch up with my blogging friends...I have missed you.......

  3. I know what you mean...Sometimes though when I don't have any plans and I don't have to run here, there, everywhere I am grateful! Wishing you a good weekend, whatever you end up doing.

  4. I hope you come up with something fun to do. It has been wet here too. The mall sounds like a good idea with wet weather.

  5. well why not when its wet and miserable there is nothing better than mooching around malls!

  6. Well get this I watched our rugby game Under 14, then the Under 15 game then came home watched the NZ Maori play Barbarians and then WATCHED the TEST!!!! AB play Ireland RUGBY BLARDY BOOTIFUL!!!!!

  7. I was at Albany Mall today - too many people :-(

    My husband is downstairs glued to rugby all night as well, I got to watch Shrek 3 with the kids which is actually kinda funny.

    I am now reduced to watching bad TV on the computer.

    I hope the weather improves tomorrow.

  8. LOL ... with your shopping addiction? I would have thought it was everyone else ducking and weaving! Glad to hear you've had a good day, at least the rugby keeps him out of your hair!

  9. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I am NOT a shopper and only go to the mall when I have to. I try to give our area shopps my business in our small little town. We have been watching the soccer cup games. Bob sits there and hollers and yells...The dog and I leave him to his yelling...e-gads! ...debbie


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