Thursday, June 17, 2010


ABOVE: in this photo Coco looks as big as Teddy! She isn't really... it's just that Ted has just been groomed and is behind her... he is easily 3 kilos heavier... poor boy... steroids are making him too heavy and I really must put him on a DIET. *sigh*, as if one of us on a perpetual diet isn't enough!

Poor boy... after spending almost 6 hours at the groomers yesterday he was totally KNACKERED. All he wanted to do was sleep. Awwwwww...

Now what's the hap's today? meh.....housework, then pick up Griffin and take him to his SPELD lesson... which means I get to sit in the car for over an hour waiting for him... cos it's too far to come home and then go back later for him. What fun. I hope like hell these lessons do some good.

At least I will be comfy.. and I'll take a book... and Diet Coke and me lunch... I suppose it's not that bad!

ONWARD.... Just sent the kids to school 10 minutes early... it was either that or throttle Brylee! I swear to god, out of all the kids I have raised she has the biggest mouth on her! She NEVER shuts up! She just goes on and on and on and on... and 90% of the time she is talking utter crap, or just saying something to annoy Griffin... or giving him information that is WRONG... gawd I wish I could gag her sometimes. So, today I sent her out the door (and Griffin) early! I just can't stand it some days.

I may be sleeping much much better these days, but I'm still waking up grumpy! Isn't Stew lucky he gets to leave BEFORE I rear my grumpy head!

YIKES! Looks like Griffin will be going to his SPELD lesson twice in a week... IF I can find another $50 a week... which will mean I am paying $100 a week! *sigh*... looks like this tart is NOT going to be doing much shopping in the future. BUT, if it means Griffin will learn to read and write and do maths.. I DON'T CARE. He comes first... his whole life is ahead of him... I want him to feel good about himself, and 'fit' in with normal people... not be illiterate.

He is being teased at school again too.. so I am going to organise another IEP to address that, and to get them to co-ordinate with the SPELD Teacher on a way forward with his learning.

It was actually really nice sitting in the car out in the countryside ... reading a magazine and listening to the birds this morning. It's such a lovely day today.... very warm out there too!

ABOVE: Coco is sleeping in a basket at my feet... Teddy is not a happy boy and wants nothing to do with her today. More about him tomorrow... I am not happy either.

Had a shitty phone conversation (all of about three words) with my Mother today.... now I'm feeling really down.

End of Day: started out good, ended so-so. I can see how easy it would be for me to slip backwards into depression SO EASILY. Dammit. What the hell is wrong with me that I can't take anything stressful anymore without throwing a tizz??? nite nite.



  1. Those babies are just too cute!!
    I would LOVE to sit in my car for an hour and read my book and drink some Diet Coke... it sounds so refreshing right now!:)

  2. Plus you forgot Teddy was running around with other dogs too all thewhile at the groomers no doubt he was probably exhausted!!!

    I am home sick today sinusy headachy and tired (sleep at night not a happening thing) have been like it for 3 days and fighting it I am now GIVING IN to it!!!

  3. Six hours at the groomer! I'd be tried too!

    Hope your grump gets up and goes. Feel better,

  4. Aww, the two of them are so cute! Poor Teddy does look exhausted. He'll be back at it once he's had a good nap I'm sure. ;)

  5. Love the little doggies!! Some girls just don't shut up:)

  6. Don't you love mornings like that lol....good thing it was not holidays yet...

  7. I love little dogs yet somehow I'm stuck with a big huge horse of a dog! lol.

  8. Aww they look georgous together like that! Enjoy your 'time out' today :)

  9. I guess $50 a week is a small investment if he ends up feeling good about himself and able to read etc.

    I envy you the lovely day - it's p*ssing down here and blowing a gale!

  10. You are such a great mother - I am sure Griffin will appreciate it all in the years to come (after those pesky teen years anyway!)
    Now, tell me do you use Google reader? I've just started using it and can't work out if I can comment directly from there? Any help greatly appreciated! Have a lovely evening.
    Kel xxx

  11. Anonymous1:49 PM

    They look so cute together. CoCo has such a cute face! and Teddy looks very sexy in his new Du!! I admire you for trying to do all you can for Griffin. I think he will start feeling better about himself after he sees he is really learning and doing well. Kids can be so mean, don't blame you for talking to the schools. Little down time in the car, in the country, reading sounds like heaven to me!!! ...debbie

  12. My girl doesn't know when to pull back too. Just keeps going until someone gets really mad. It's good Griffin is getting help. No subsidy from the govt? Over here if a child doesn't fit in the norm, specialised help is really, really expensive.

  13. Silly tart! Of course there will be an inside shower as well...and yes there is hot and cold water for the outside one. It will be great for rinsing off after swimming!

  14. Your dogs sure are cute. I can't believe he groomed for six hours. I would be tired too.


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