Saturday, June 26, 2010


What haven't I mentioned lately? ......

FREAKING HOT FLUSHES OF COURSE!!!! Since starting a new pill in the evening... wah laaa... no more hot flushes! I sleep all night... I don't get all hot and bothered at the drop of a hat! I am NICE AGAIN ( well, most of the time) ... lol.

It is such a relief! I never thought being hot could be such a curse... friggin men are so lucky!

And the winner, she who guessed first was ZANNA from Australia! Congrats girl... email me your address and preference of cards... and I shall post them asap.

Now, as I've not done much housework this week .. at some stage today we shall have to do a big clean up! We have visitors for dinner... not sure how many! At least 5 extra so far!

ONWARD... and guess what? ha ha ha... I think I will do another gift card giveaway in the near future! That was fun.
ABOVE: a really neat house I saw on our way to St Lukes shopping centre this morning... *drool*... shame it's on such a busy, busy road.
So, we went out and about, as per usual for a saturday ... browsed around St Lukes shopping centre, had lunch, bought some DVD movies and now.. we are home and fluffing around until our visitors arrive.

I'm expecting my girlfriend Michelle from Palmerston North for afternoon tea... and perhaps Daughter #2 as well. Daughter #1 Amanda, and her two boys are due for dinner and are staying the night. Also, Stew's sister is coming with one of their cousins from America for dinner... so it is going to be a full house!


  1. Awesome news about the hot flushes, amazing what a good nights sleep can do. Have a great weekend :-)

  2. I love that cartoon. I am right there with ya darlin. For me the hormone patches brought sweet relief and menopause really can steal your sweet disposition, sleep and all the other stuff you mentioned. I am definitely in the camp for ERT. It also keeps your bones strong.
    Onward woman, no burned pies tonight!

  3. OOOOH!!!how exciting - and I'm so glad for your sake that my guess was right - I didn't suffer much from hot flushes - night sweats but I could live with them - but pity anyone who has to live with hot flushes all the time. I'd love 1,5,13 and 16 - it's taken me a while to choose as I love them all. Thank you so much - and there's obviously great benefit in getting up early since that allowed me to get my guess in so soon Lol. You're a gem xxx

  4. Oh the joys of being a woman. Ughhh! Hope you have a lovely dinner party and a wonderful weekend Chris.

  5. Well, I'm certainly glad that you've gotten those under control! And drat...I read your post yesterday and had to go away for a while to think about the answer to your question, and forgot to come back and leave my answer! Glad you're gonna do it again! :o)



  6. Yea for the lucky is she. Glad the hot flushes are under control. A good nights sleep is hard to beat.

  7. Chris, I'm so relieved I'm wrong about my guesses. I'm so happy for you. When I was suffering from myofascial pain, I would get hot flushes whenever the pain level shoots up and I know how unbearable it is!

  8. Oh lucky winner see we all had different ideas of the nicest cards so you are on the right track then with designing OHHH you already knew that cause they ALL SOLD! ha

  9. There is a story to that house you photographed. It is owned by a couple who met who both had children so they bought two houses (or already lived next to each other, not sure) and "joined" the two houses into one big one so they still had their separate areas/homes.

  10. So happy you have them flushes under control...yayyyyyy

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Ha! Funny as!
    Well done Zanna!

    I Lurve the thong cards - so cute!

  12. Yeah! You have banished those darn hot flushes! Good for you (and the pill!)!

  13. Oh yeah you haven't complained about hot flashes for awhile now! Glad you are getting some relief!!


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