Friday, June 04, 2010


When we went into Harvey Norman's on Sunday we were talked into ordering our lounge suite right there and then, as the deal on offer was 15 months interest FREE and 15 months deferred payment... BUT that fantastic deal was due to end that very day. We asked the saleslady if any better deals were about to start and she said not that she knew of... so we signed up right there and then, thinking we had made a good deal.

I went into Harvey Norman's yesterday to buy the pie maker and saw these signs plastered all over the shop:

WHAT THE FUCK!!! Did I ever feel duped. I marched over to the nearest salesperson and explained just how ripped off I felt... and threatened to back out of the sale immediately due to how I was feeling... and ummmm... he re-did the paperwork and now we have our lounge suite at the NEW Fantastic 50 months interest free deal. I feel much better now.

What's on today? Hmmmmm.... the only thing I can think of is this afternoon I have to take my Highlander in for it's WOF and Service... that is gunna take about 3 hours so they are giving me a loaner car to use. Hope it's decent.

Might do some work on a quilt ... the one with all the little heart blocks.. I finally got the lilac sashing material... so there really is no reason not to start putting it together eh?

It is such a beautiful mild winter's day that I decided to try taking BOTH the dogs for a walk... Coco's first venture out on the lead. I thought it would be difficult with two dogs, two leads ... but if I held both leads in one hand they just walked together.. Coco did get tangled up a couple of times, but on a whole it went really well!

I knew Coco would get tired quickly ... so I came up with a plan. I 'altered' one of our Chilly Bags ... chopped a side out.. and came up with a lightweight bag to put Coco in when she got tired. It worked a treat! There is no way I am going to buy one of those 'Paris Hilton' type dog bags! I have seen the price of them for a start... diabolical!

So, Coco grizzled a bit when I first put her in the bag... but after a wee while she was happy as Larry! We didn't go far... I am so unfit right now ... but it was a start. The following is a wee video of when we got home:

And for those who can't view the video:

ABOVE: Coco in the chilly bag!

ABOVE: Griffin eating pie last night.... ROSE: it is a Sunbeam Pie Magic 4... you can also get one that only makes 2 pies. Another Brand, (can't remember the name) also offers one that makes about 9 really small pies. I got ours from Harvey Norman's .. on sale right now too.

The kids just got home from school.. I was mopping the floor .. and Griffin said "I love our house, it's so spotless"... awww what a nice boy! His idea of 'spotless' and mine differ me thinks! You should see his room... pffffft.

Yaaa, my car is good for another year! The loaner car was a lovely little Toyota Corolla... I had to sign my life away to use it! AND it was pointed out to me that I MUST pay for the fuel I used while having it... so when I got home I calculated how much it had cost (using THEIR website) to drive their Toyota Corolla from their premises to my house and back... $0.89cents. So, when I took it back I said "How would you like that, cash or cheque?".... lol. I didn't have to pay ... funny that!

Time to get dinner sorted out I suppose... sick of cooking... might just have takeaways! You reading this Stew? Bring it home would ya?

End of Day: Stew brought home fish 'n' chips... was nice too. Having a quiet evening... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    You are so funny! Am glad I found you, you are a breath of freash air! lol Glad you harrassed the man into giving you the 50 months interest free! They should have done THAT in the first place!!...debbie

  2. Excellent! I would have done exactly the same thing... "you don't ask - you don't receive"...!!!

  3. Glad you got the best deal, we have a pie maker but I don't use it much. Must get it out.. any recipe ideas?

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Oh no.... now I want a pie instead of my healthy sushi I have for lunch....


    Yeah and good on you for having them up about the interest free thing - I hate that when that happens!!

    Gorgeous day today - pity I have to work though... bosses are away so that helps!

    Have a goodie!

    Kate (kittie444)

  5. Score one for the customer! well done!

    Those pie makers are great. We used to have one years ago, but I think it was mum's and we used to borrow it. Might invest in one myself!

    By the way, how is Buddy???

  6. Good on you for getting harvey Normans to back down. I suspect because you actually asked if there was a better deal & they said there wasn't was the clincher.

    Generally long weekends or other "significant" dates are when they trawl out the best deals.

    I love the chilly bag idea for Coco.

    You know you could make your own "Paris Hilton" type carry bag for her :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Paying for furniture on installment is a strange concept to me altho' I know some people in S'pore do it. Some of my furniture are handmedown from my brothers. Hope you didn't frighten the sales person too much! Glad you got your 50 mths interest free deal.

  8. I soooo would have done the same thing-- loudly too! It makes me nuts when sales people lie to me. Grrrr.


  9. Good for you for making them give you the better deal! I hate when the pull that crap!

  10. looks like Griffen was enjoying his pies.
    Tea for me tonight was the water off Mum's veges(silver beet, broccolli, carrots and pumpkin) mixed with the soup spoon full of vege soup I had frozen pre op....tasty
    love ya doggy bag heheehe

  11. Good for you sticking to your guns, AND MAN those pies look SCRUMMY as!

  12. How cute is that video! How resourceful are you to think of modifying that bag like that!

  13. What a good idea for Coco! You are so creative! Don't worry - tomorrow you will go even further!

  14. good for you.

    i was gonna say, that if you went right back to the salesman, they would be a fool not to honor the better deal.

  15. LOVING that bag! Bet you could sell those as well and customize 'em too. lol CUTE!!

  16. That reminds me of the time a sales guy told me there was going to be a sale on the weekend. There was a sale, but they also raised all the prices before they offered the sale discounts. What a bunch of dishonest people!


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