Friday, June 18, 2010


Yep, we are NOT happy .... when Teddy came home from the groomers on Wednesday, Stew was holding him and felt something under his chin, on the neck... we looked and saw that he had been grazed quite badly on his neck, by the clippers presumably?

As Teddy is a 'scratchy' dog I hoped like hell he would leave it alone to heal.... but he didn't. Yesterday afternoon I could see him scratching it... and checked. He has made a huge mess of his neck... so I have had to put the cone back on him. Knowing what he's like... the cone will be on for weeks. DAMMIT.

I also rang the Dog Groomers to let them know what had happened, what THEY had done... and to let them know that I was rather upset .... wonder if I will hear from them? Time will tell eh?

One thing is for sure, he ain't going back there. *sigh*

I got a phone call at 7.30 this morning from the manager of the Grooming place... she's so sorry and wants to refund our money.... and could I let her see Teddy, to see the damage? Fine... she is going to feel REALLY BAD when she sees just how bad he is!

He is so miserable he wouldn't even come out of his bed this morning... we had to carry him out! He won't move! It must hurt like hell.

I am supposed to be going to the Hospice Shop this morning too... but I am going to the Vet's at 8.45... I think Teddy will need antibiotics now to clear up the oozing infection he has already. Poor boy.

Today has gone well... I got an appointment for Teddy at the Vet's for 8.45am... he is now on antibiotics and special cream for the wound. After the vets I took him to the Groomers so they could see the damage and she was nice and paid the $88 vet bill.

Then I went to 'work' at the Hospice Shop, which was really busy and I loved it! I bought a few things (DOH!)... which I will show ya later... for now I'm starving and want me lunch.

ABOVE: My purchases today.. a little cane tray for Brylee to use in her room $3, a material pouch holder thingee $2, an almost new lifejacket $3 and a ski suit for Brylee $4... so in all I spent a whopping $12! Didn't I do well!

!!!!!WARNING !!!!!!...... next two photos are gruesome... don't be eating your lunch or dinner while looking!

ABOVE: In case you thought I was exaggerating about Ted's neck!

ABOVE: My poor boy... it makes me want to cry seeing him so bad.
ABOVE: I wanted to wash it first... but she just had to try it on! Cute eh?
End of Day: and I am knackered! It's been a busy day... and TGIF! I can sleep in tomorrow.... YAAaaaaa. Teddy's neck is looking even worse now... the vet said to leave his cone off so it could heal better.... CRAP! Teddy scratched himself AGAIN... and made it worse. Cone is back on. nite nite.


  1. Oh poor Teddy.... hope he heals sooner rather than later.

  2. Well,isn't that a pain! Makes me glad all my dogs are shorthaired!

  3. Poor sad little dog, not nice. I hope he feels better after the trip to the vet and bounces back quickly. The groomers do need to front up though, sounds like they have been careless.

  4. Poor little Teddy! I hope that he heals quickly and that he doesn't have to wear the cone as long as you fear..

    Hopefully Coco will be super nice to her brother? :)

  5. So sorry about Teddy, I hope you day improves, you need a mantra.
    'I am calm, damn you, I am calm' lol


  6. Poor Teddy!!! My poor furry boy is wearing one of those collars at the moment too ... but we're protecting the other end as he's just had 'that' op. He got an infection too ...... ouch!!!
    Joy :o)

  7. Awww poor teddy, he looks so sad! :) Hope he gets better soon

  8. Anonymous11:17 AM

    You might ask the vet about giving him some benedryl also for the fierce itching. Benedryl is safe for dogs. Lincoln is on it from time to time and one of our dogs was allergic to bee stings so we had to keep it on hand all the time. We have an apple orchard to our left and have lots of bees in the summer. I am so sorry he is injured. Hope he feels better soon...debbie

  9. REfund your money AND the cost of the vet I hope. Poor Teddy.

    Another vote for cats - hehe!

  10. Anonymous12:56 PM

    OH POOR TEDDY!!! I am glad the groomer called back and wants to see. Poor little guy can't understand what happened to him. Give him lots of hugs!

  11. They should pay for the antibiotics; good grief! Poor Teddy!!

  12. poor little fella. I hope they refund your money and offer to help with the vet bill!

    never mind, it could be worse. poor little guy *hugs for Teddy*

  13. I'm so sorry for Teddy! Hope the antiboitics kick in right away!

    Hugs to you both!

  14. Anonymous2:13 PM

    The groomers probably did the damage doing a rush job since they were running late the other day. Get well soon Teddy! WOMBAT.

  15. Awwww poor teddy that must be painful uncomfortable and down right awful!!! Glad the groomers were easy to deal with (tell them to ring the SEWING MACHINE place to take a lesson in GREAT customer service and QUICK FIX UP of a problem!)

  16. Poor Teddy, at least the Groomer took responsibility and has paid the vet bill etc - compare that service with the great sewing machine saga.

  17. Poor, poor Teddy. Well done to you on your excellent purchases for $12!

  18. Have been following your Teddy story with sadness, poor little boy, and its got nothing to do with long or short hair, some dogs just want to lick wounds more than others. Hell you have an itch, you scratch! what!

    Now do you want something to make you feel a bit better??, $88.. consultation, ointment and anitbiotics.......blessed cheap!!
    Just a consultation here is over $80, the skin specialist vet is way, way over $100
    Clever shopping by the by, Brylee looks rather pleased and very cute.
    Hope Teddy is well soon.

  19. Hey Sis, no need to post this but thought it an idea for you, ask your bloggers to come up with a pattern, whatever you wanna call it for a type of 'brace' for teddy. For it to work of course he will be restricted to no leaping about but its gonna have to go round his legs to work me thinks. anyways, thought there would be someone out there with an idea.
    could patened it and become rick ha ha ha. Well its a good idea for recovery for dogs like Teddy an dogs with injuries such as hes got. Offer a prize or somethin. Your clever think of something and will come back & see how he is later as I mentioned.
    Love Ya
    Big sis

  20. Poor Teddy - I'm pleased too that the groomer took some responsibility and coughed up for the vet bill - and so they should. I hope he surprises you and recovers a lot quicker this time.

  21. Oh Dear Poor Teddy

    I hope it doesn't take too long to heal

    Glad they paid your vet bill for you.

  22. I think it's gross what was done to Teddy. I would scratch my neck out too if I were Teddy.

  23. awwwww poor Teddy, hope he gets better soon.

  24. Poor Teddy glad the groomers took care of the expenses. Hope the wound heals soon. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

  25. awww, i hate seeing doggies with those things on their heads...

    its torture for them.. hope he gets better soon.

  26. Oh my gosh!!!! Poor, poor Teddy. That is absolutely horrible, Chris, and makes me really mad!!! That groomer should have done more than pay your vet bill! I hope that the antibiotics will help the little guy heal fast. In the meantime, he'll need lots of special, extra attention (which I'm sure he's going to get)!



  27. Poor Teddy! That looks so painful!

  28. soncica19838:49 AM

    Poor little Teddy!How in the heck didn't they see the cut and warn you when you picked him up?!You cannot miss it!I hope he heels soon because it really must hurt him.

  29. OMG that poor dog how awful!!!

  30. Poor Teddy! I can't believe the groomers did that! Like others have said, how can you trim hair that close and pretty much cut a dog? If that's their job then they really suck at it.

    Glad to hear the manager paid for the vet bill. They should have done that before you even called them about it. I'm still trying to figure out how they missed the nick on his neck.

    Get well soon Teddy!


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