Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Picture this: Stew and I were sitting down just before bedtime last night (11pm), talking about my furniture moving... and how the family room was so cluttered... and I suggested we take the two single beds out of the spare bedroom and put the bedsetee in there for visitors. We have airbeds for visitors too... so it's not like we wouldn't have enough beds if necessary... so.... Stew went to bed and I decided... to do it right there and then!
So. I. Did.... at 11pm last night.

ABOVE: the spare bedroom/sewing room now.

ABOVE AND BELOW: the family room now... so much less cluttered, but still with plenty of seating. I feel SO much better now!

So, that was me going nuts in the middle of the night.... as for Coco:

ABOVE: a wee video of Coco going nuts after her bath yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I took Teddy's cone off to check and tend to his wound, and while that is healing nicely, I finally noticed something else wrong!

Teddy's ears! His left ear has nice long hair... as it's supposed to, while his right ear has like... super short hair! It looks bloody dreadful! Of course I would have noticed this fairly quickly normally, but as he had the cone put on right away, I didn't notice. BUGGER ME, I am so mad right now. There is no way in hell he is ever going back to that place.

I sent an email to the Sewing Machine Shop owner yesterday too... asking in writing for a brand new machine or my money back. Today I am going to HAND DELIVER the letter as well. That way he can't say he didn't get it.

Wonder what will happen???

ONWARD..... While trying to SMILE.


I just got a phone call from the Manukau Shop that sells my cards! They need MORE today... and I don't have my machine to sew more material on the cards! OMG.... I have rung the sewing machine shop and asked them... pleaded with them to get me my machine back TODAY!!! The woman who answered the phone (The manager) was really terse... I'm thinking they got my email and are not too happy with me! OMG why did this have to happen NOW??????

I have the machine back!!! The manager got it sorted and delivered it to Howick so I could pick it up by lunchtime! Hows that for service??? I told her I would give the machine ONE MORE CHANCE ... but not again. I felt so thankful they got it back to me pronto!

So now I am busy making more cards.... back when I have finished 20!

End of Day: and I'm totally knackered! The cards are made, just waiting for the glue to dry. In the next few days I am going to make a whole heap more so I am never caught without stock again! I never imagined the first lot would sell so fast! Feel good about that though. nite nite.


  1. Yes, didn't you!, what a time to start lugging lounges around. Looks great!,

    Glad to hear Teddy is improving

  2. Good for you, my eldest daughter always say just mention fair go, she reckons it makes them panic.....hope you get the new machine :)

  3. Good Luck about the sewing machine! x

  4. You also have your BLOG to print out as DOCUMENTED evidence of the Failings of the SPAWN SEWING MACHINE from hell!!! Will the bed settee fold out with the sewing table there? Well there's nothing like exercise but at 11pm at night!!! (phew) I was tired just reading that.

  5. Classic on the furniture moving in the middle of the night ... that would be something I would do too!! I like it, looks good!!

    Thats crap bout the sewing machine, but have to agree with libra .. the words Fair Go work wonders.. or even call Fair Go. I had Fair Go help me out 3 times now and 2 of them were fixed with one phone call from Fair Go to the retailer, with no need to be on tv. And it was sorted in an hour, so very quick, especially when time is critical for you. Good luck!

  6. It is high time that shop does something about your machine-they should have done something a long time ago. Such a cute video of Coco. I'm glad Teddy is healing.

  7. Oh my gosh! I can only imagine how frustrated you must be! I hope you get your machine SOON!

    Coco is so funny! What a little doll! And poor Teddy, that little fella has so many issues....I hope he is feeling 100% again soon!

  8. Tell that sewing maching store that you have a business and that you need a loaner... NOW!!

  9. What a relief to have the machine back so quickly!... you have been *so* amazingly patient with them!

  10. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Jeeeez Chris, don't go doing your back in, that's how I ended up with a herniated disc and compressed nerves in my back. Be careful.

    You have been so amazingly patient with that sewing machine.

    Congrats about selling your cards.

    Maggie ( Magpie) Aus.

  11. Obviously your cards are very popular which is great news.

    That sounds like the first bit of actual decent service you have had from the sewing machine shop, I hope it doesn't crap out on you again :-)

    Happy cardmaking.

  12. Woohoo you got your machine back! Time is money, my friend. Get a backup machine.

  13. Thats awesome your cards are doing so well!!!

  14. Anonymous11:21 PM

    That's great! Your cards are selling like hotcakes! Dare I say it, but yes you better get in and make more while your sewing machine is working! Can we see some photos of them? WOMBAT

  15. Congrats on the cards selling! I knew they would!

  16. Poor Teddy! I just caught up on your blogs and saw his wound. Poor little boy! I hope he is getting better quickly.

    Your cards are selling like hot cakes! Wow! Nice work, Chris.

    Sorry that the sewing machine is going "bonkers" again. I hope it gets worked out.

  17. Watch you back moving all that furniture around. Hope the sewing machine is fixed once and for all. Congrats on the order for more cards. Hope they keep on coming.

  18. Congrats on the shop needing more of your cards! That's wonderful!

    I'm glad your sewing machine was fixed and returned to you quickly. I still can't believe how patient you've been about it all.

  19. It looks good! Clutter is like weeds -- it builds up gradually until we suddenly realize we're drowning in it!

  20. Congrats! I wish I could earn some extra money by making something someone actually wants to buy.


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