Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I was staying with my Mum and Dad, with my 3 little girls.... out in the country...waiting for my 4th Baby to arrive.

Labour started at about 7.30am... as my 3rd baby had arrived in 39 minutes we decided to head off to the hospital right away! 25 minutes later we were at the hospital... the doctor came and checked me and said :
"I will just do my rounds, I'll be back in an hour"....
LIKE HELL... I lasted about 5 more minutes and then out popped my 4th Baby... my first son!

No one could have been more surprised than me! My whole pregnancy I hardly showed, such a small bump.. and he was 7 pounds, 11 ounces! He was gorgeous.... poor kid didn't get to wear his nappy much in those first few days! I kept whipping it off to make sure the 'nether regions' hadn't changed! LOL

Ahhhh memories eh? Some things you never forget.


Funny... I have given birth to 6 kids, and every birth was a bit different! The stories I could tell! Cut by a doctor's watch, cord around neck, delivery in prep room with no midwife, shoulder dystocia with 10.12 pound baby , and the last one? Virtually NO PAIN at all! THANK GOD I don't ever have to do it again is all I can say!

Today... well as it's Hump Day.... I'm gunna go shopping! I don't need anything either! But I'm sick of my own company....

ONWARD... Brrrrr.. we had our first frost this morning! I'm finally COLD!

The kids are coming home early from school today as this afternoon it's Parent/Teacher interviews. I am seeing both the kids teachers mid afternoon. I don't expect any startling revelations from either of them... sometimes I wonder why we even bother going... you hear the same stuff every time.

- Brylee isn't doing her homework.
- Griffin is doing as well as can be expected.

Yep.... same shit, different day.

ABOVE: Well after walking the length and breadth of Sylvia Park Mall... I ended up getting a warm duvet cover for Griffin's bed. It's so good shopping right now.. everyone is having sales (AGAIN).... got this for half price!
Was going to do the grocery shopping too, but decided to flag it until Stew could help me on the weekend. I loath grocery shopping!
Been to school, had interviews with the home and thinking ... what shall I cook for dinner? Hmmmmm
End of Day: and I'm looking forward to bedtime for the first time in years! The new pills are working! I slept ALL NIGHT last night... I can't tell you how wonderful that was. nite nite.


  1. Hump Day? the images When are you going to put the card you made for us on the blog? I thought maybe a sneak preview of it just a sneak but too late if ya sent it ! A HELL FROST here this morning waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  2. Happy Birthday Russell!

    Don't ya just love Hump Day? You are halfway to the weekend! Good for you to go shopping for no reason. Sometimes you find the best buys when you are not looking for them.


  3. A bit a frost here this morning, and cold!

    Happy birthday to Russell!

  4. About Griffin. Don't let the school system bully you.

    I am so disappointed that things have changed so little in 30 years. Our youngest had a SPELD teacher. It was worth every cent and I wish the older two had received same. We couldn't afford the fees but you do what you have to do. If you know whether there is a SPELD parent and child group do join up. They are so helpful and you won't feel so alone in this.

    We also found a private secondary school with a SPELD teacher on staff. It broke the bank but again was worth it. We wouldn't have known about it if we'd not gone to a SPELD Meeting.

    All the best. And stand your ground. I hung the phone up in the ear of our son's Primary School headmaster. He was such an ignoramous!

  5. It's funny how those birth memories stay with us. I hope you found something good shopping. Happy birthday to Russell.

  6. Happiest of Birthdays to your Russell! Hope he has a great day.

    Love the duvet you got for Griffin...very bright and happy. I love going shopping when I can get good bargains!



  7. Happy Birthday Russell!

    I love the duvet for Griffin! Great color!

    I don't mind the grocery shopping - I just loath the putting away!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

  8. Happy Birthday to Russell. He now shares it with my new niece Lucy!!

    Love the duvet cover

  9. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Happy Birthday to your son Russell! Hope he had a great day. Wow! Six kids!! That is wonderful memories you must have. Bet you could write a Best Seller Book! Am glad your pills work! You need all the sleep you can get with your busy schedule. I like the new Duvet for Griffin. It's really cute with all the stars. Did he like it? Wonder why it is, that we all dislike shopping for groceries? It's not my favorite thing either!...debbie

  10. I have 2 kids and never experienced labour. C-section twice! I was awake thru'out tho' and my doctor made it so much fun. Loud rock music blasting and they kept telling jokes to make me laugh. Glad you're sleeping thru'. I know how great that feels like.

  11. Happy Birthday to Russell, its a great day to be born.

    We had a chilly night here at 8C, excuse me I do believe it is getting close to summer. We had lots of rain over the weekend and more heading in for tonight. If that wasn't bad enough it is supposed to be another rainy weekend too. You winter still beats what happening here. Keep warm.

  12. Happy birthday to Russell.

    Congrats on the sleeping thing. I know how horrible it is when you can't sleep.

  13. LOL You're back from the interview with the teachers... but didn't say what they told you. Are they peeved that YOU are spending $50 of your hard-earned money each week doing THEIR stinkin' job? They should be thanking you profusely and fighting over who gets your children next year in school. I mean it.

    I looooove Griffin's bed. Very boyish, without being babyish and cartoon-y. We have a three-year-old going through the "Blue's Clues" thing here, and it's cute for now... but it will be nice to have plain bedcovers someday, too.

  14. Hopefully that boy will get what he needs to make it in this world! You are doing a great job fighting for him!

  15. Happy birthday to your son! I can't believe you had six kids and now you have all those grand kids to take care of. I'm tired and I only have four kids.


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