Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today is gunna be a busy day.

First thing... kids to school
Then: I am going out to buy a cheapie sewing machine to use for making the cards... I don't want to wreck my 'good' machine by using card with it too often. I might ruin it!

Then I am going out to the airport to pick up my girlfriend Chris D, who is coming to visit for just one day, she got really cheap flights on Grabaseat... so that is going to be lovely.

Once she is here we have to stay home, cos this afternoon I have a bloke from SKY TV coming to add a Multi-room decoder in my 'sewing room' so I can watch my usual programmes in there while sewing/card making. Yaaaa... that is going to be neat.

So, that's about all for now...

(oh, can you see the photo in my Header? Someone said they couldn't unless they scanned across...)

*** Griffin saw my new Header last night and wanted to know who that lady was? My heart dropped, he didn't recognise ME from only 5 years ago..... shit I must have changed a lot with 30 kilos! Felt like crying right there and then. BUT, it is an added incentive to work harder eh?

Tinkered with the Header again.... now I think we have it right!

ABOVE: I'm fast eh? lol.... here is the card making cheapie machine... a Brother NS30 LE.... it was the only one that had a decent amount of stitches to choose from ... and in particular I needed a machine that did the blanket stitch...

ABOVE: all it's stitches, but No# 13 is the one I needed the most. So ... quite happy about that.... won't ruin the 'horribly expensive' Husqvarna now! AND if one machine breaks down (NOT mentioning WHICH one is likely to!) ... I will have a spare to use. So it's all good!

Off to the airport now to pick up Chris D...back later...
ABOVE: Chris is safely here, and her lap is full! LOL, the dogs think she's just lovely obviously.
Going to have a quiet afternoon at home now... have to stick around for the SKY man to turn up and put SKY tv on my sewing/craft room telly.
RENEE: it is exactly the same as sewing material to material... I use a universal needle. You need to change the needle more often though.
The header is STILL a work in progress. The SKY man did not turn up, or even phone... what a prick.... he better have a good reason for not turning up! Grrrrr.
Stew, Chris and I are going out for dinner and a movie soon....
End of Day: a nut of a day... seem to have been on this bloody computer most of the afternoon! Also had a go with the new machine... yikes it's weird not using a fully automated machine! What fun! nite nite.


  1. Yip have to scan across as well the header is HUGE.... maybe make it a smaller to fit the page :-)

  2. Thanks so much for sending the cards - and if they don't arrive before I go then it will be a lovely surprise to come home to. Yep header is a bit on the large side - you have to scan across to see the pic of you. Zxx

  3. That's probably a good idea...getting a cheapie machine to sew your cards. I wouldn't want to take chances with my good one, either.

    Yep, your header was too big...had to scan across to see the whole thing. It's much better now, though.

    Have a great day with your friend Chris, Chris! :o)



  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    If you buy a cheaper sewing machine for making cards, will it not break easier than your good sewing machine? Perhaps it would be best to buy a machine that is heavy enough for your cards...just a thought. Nice that you hve a friend coming for a day!!! love that and the fact that you can watch tv in your craft room! THAT will be nice! Lots of good things going on for you today! ...debbie

  5. Weird about the comments? I left you one yesterday about your photo so not sure what's happening there.

  6. I agree bout the header - I think Chris the template size for the header width needs adjusting - I can give you the pic I did in size 800 px wide if you want?

  7. I recognized you in a heartbeat thin or cuddly, I missed commenting yesterday was running around organizing! Someones comment yesterday was right on the money, WE are not defined by our weight YOU ESSENTIALLY are the same person inwardly just the outward appearance changes WHAT changes for you is the level of happiness you feel seeing yourself thinner(but in the mean time you are making yourself miserable by pinning after that look), in 20 years time will you have wasted valuable time and effort being miserable?(about the weight), or will you have relaxed a little and stopped beating yourself up daily (affirmations) I am a good person, I AM AN INCREDIBLY crafty arty person, I am generous, I am kindhearted, I have a wicked sense of HUMOUR, I have friends and family WHOM LOVE ME, I am beautiful, I am a good mother/grandmother/wife! I AM ALIVE! Now that's what I see what do you see?

  8. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Have a great time with Chris D!!!

  9. You are having (have had) a very busy day. Have a great visit with you friend. I could actually see the full header, including your pic.

  10. Yay! I can see the header today. Anne is so clever.

    Yay! for the 2nd sewing machine. I bet it will get more use than the fancy one LOL.

    Which blog will you read? ha ha!

    I have a secret. I'm not telling anyone how many hours I spend reading blogs. That's why I don't always have time to comment. Currently I'm trying to read about 4 from when they atarted. It's like having 4 books on the go. Not the best Idea I've ever had.

  11. Hope you two have a fun afternoon

  12. Chris, don't let Griffin's comments hurt you. I'm sure he wasn't intentionally trying to hurt you, but I understand how painful the must seem. You looked bloody fantastic in that photo, you will get back there! You may have gained some what back, haven't we all? but you are still the same person your friends and family love. You are so funny and kind and honest! I love that about you.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your time with ChrisD


  13. Hi Chris,
    Would love to know how you sew onto card, maybe I am just asking a silly questions, but is it the same as sewing onto fabric, any special needles etc that you use, or just go straight ahead and do it.

    Have a lovely afternoon relaxing with your friend
    Renee xx

  14. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you didn't buy the machine from the same shop as the last one, and I will be genuinely happy for you. :) lol

  15. Anonymous11:43 PM

    love your new look here chris...been away and missed reading your blog. just caught up and so proud of you and your card business! very cool.
    robin x

  16. Hope this machine doesn't give you one ounce of trouble. What a busy girl you have been. It's nice to have company come by. Like the new header. I'm sure you'll get back to where you want to be. Take care.

  17. The header is much easier to see now that you have tinkered with it.

    I hope the new machine works out well for you in your card-making career!

  18. Hope your bro has auto threading! We don't have this model in S'pore.

  19. The puppy looks so big already!

  20. Well, if I started from the bottom post.. (it's been a week or so since I've caught up on blogs!@!) I would have had all the answers to my previous comment haha. I thought that was a recent photo .. doesn't seem 5 years since you had your hair blonded Chris. Griffin is just a bloke!!


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