Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So... here we have the burnt pies from last night! Don't they just look so delectable???? They were totally burnt on the bottom and half raw on the top! *ha ha ha* I am NEVER going to try cooking something NEW for dinner guests again without trying it out on US first! It was obviously the wrong sort of pastry for the pie maker!

Today... I'm taking Teddy to the groomers... the poor bugger is looking really ratty... Coco is constantly playing with him, pulling on his ears and making them all knotty... I bet the groomer will have a really hard time getting all the knots out... and that is after I have been combing him every other day too!

While he's at the groomers I am going to have a look around car yards on Great South Road... our daughter Lacy is coming down again in about 10 days to get a car... so we are doing the 'preliminary' look around for her.

ONWARD... I dropped Teddy at the groomers at 9am, they said come back at 12pm to get him.... so I go back at 12... I can see Teddy running around with about 4 other dogs behind the counter...

And I am looking at him thinking... Just WHAT have you actually done to my dog?? Cos, to me.. he looked exactly the same as he did 3 hours ago! Well... the lady comes over and says "Oh, so sorry, but we are running a bit behind, can you come back later on this afternoon? I am like...

I don't exactly have much choice do I... So I leave again and drive back home, where I am now...

You all CAN picture it eh? I think I was really nice.. like.. I didn't even say 'FUCK IT ALL' when I left! Pat me on the back would ya??
Righty-ho... picked up Brylee and took her to the orthodontist.. left her there and went down to Takanini and picked up Teddy... who I must admit looks lovely.. AND they didn't charge as much as the mobile groomer did... funny that... cos the mobile groomer was from the same place. I asked what it would normally cost to have the moblie groomer come to my home, she said "THE SAME AS BRINGING TEDDY HERE"... Me thinks the mobile groomer lady was adding a bit 'on the top' to the fees. She ain't there any more... wonder why?
Have now picked up Brylee and will be going in shortly to get Griffin from school... I am feeling a bit like a Taxi today!
End of Day: I made an awesome quiche for dinner... lots of eggs, bacon, cheese, onion etc. nite nite.


  1. Looks like you cook the way I do. While not paying attention! :-))

  2. ouch!

    i usually like stuff well done, but NOT my pies...

  3. hmm, nice pies!!lol

    what did you end up cooking..or was it take out!:)

    have a great day

  4. Bugger!!!
    Joy :o)

  5. My DH loves pies, only thing better than a pie for him is a burnt pie.
    Send them

  6. They should have called you!

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Well, why didn't they just say: "We'll call you when he's done"...that would have been a lot easier. lol Hindsight is always so easy!! I can imagine he is all beautiful by now!! ...debbie

  8. I hate it when people do that to me, as if their time is more important than yours. It would have been nice of them to call and say they were running late and they would call when he was ready......I just don't get some companies sometimes. My little rant for the day :) Hope you are having a good day otherwise.

  9. Hrrummph... "Service" like that really gives me the s**ts...!!!

  10. Sugar content can make things burn more quickly.

    Grrrrrr indeed.

  11. I probably would have done the same as you, been nice & polite but really wanting to scream & yell - conflict avoidance me???

    If us parents were actually taxi drivers we would be getting paid for all this running around :-)

  12. You were very restrained about the delay and also about not pointing out the discrepancy in the amounts. Your halo is shining brightly tonight!! Lol Zxx

  13. Anonymous8:52 PM

    You should have just served them up as All Black Pies or charcoal tarts! I had a problem like you did with Teddy, only worse. Thought I'd try a different mechanic for my car service because they had a special offer on it. Booked car in for 7.30am. Took car there on the day, way over on the other side of town, then got a lift home with a friend. Went back mid afternoon to find out they'd forgotten to do my car because I had parked it in an awkward spot because they had no parking of their own near their workshop. I had told them in the morning where the car was parked. IDIOTS! They offered to do the service there and then but I said
    forget it, I'll never be back and you've wasted enough of my frigging time!(in the politest possible way) WOMBAT

  14. What a cheek that groomer had/has and the mobile groomer well she was a cheeky tart wasn't she. TAXI is my middle name at times too AND imagine I am taxiing the rugby team AGAIN this Saturday!!!! Noooooiiiiccccceeeee.

  15. The pies still looked good to me! I'd have eaten them!

    What a pain about Teddy! Congrats on holding your tounge...I know that's not easy to do! I would have let them have it!

  16. Mmm i love a good quiche! :)

    Love those pics.. priceless!: )


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