Sunday, June 20, 2010


WHY, OH WHY.... does my bloody sewing machine always have to crap out on me on a Saturday night???? Eh? I tell ya, it was going so good too... until about 9.30 last night... then for NO BLOODY REASON it spat the dummy and decided to stop working properly.

I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to make is sew properly again... to no avail. Now I am like super duper pissed off. I was 'in the groove' and sewing so happily too.

If I can't get it going right today I will have to take it back to the shop for repair AGAIN. Grrrrrrrrr.... I could scream.... or smash the bloody thing. .... gawd it would give me so much SATISFACTION to take a sledge hammer to it I tell ya!

On that note... I'm off to do some housework, then try it again .... but I can't see why it would be any different this morning. pfffft.

ABOVE: a wee video of the machine at work ... NOT! Stupid thing. Going to just do housework now instead of sew. It's a yuk day outside too... wet, wet, wet.

ABOVE: 'Fat Belly Jones' lol.... he really MUST lose some weight! He's got a huge barrel of a belly on him and he weighs 7 kilos! For his breed he should be around 4.5 kilos!

ABOVE: I think his wound is getting a bit better? It's not raw and weeping now... just looks IKKKKKKK still. And kinda smells.... gross I know!

Were you eating lunch? lol

I am struggling to stay awake today.... it's hard when you are just lazing around doing diddly-squat!

End of Day: a loooooong, wet, fairly boring day. I think tomorrow will be busier somehow. nite nite.


  1. that machine is horrid constantly giving you the shits... Hugs, and hope the day/ night gets better.

  2. that bloody sewing machine has been a pain in your bum since day one.

  3. I"m sorry you are frustrated. You do make such lovely things. I really really love my purse.
    i wish they would give you a new machine.

  4. Time for them to give you a new machine, lots of luck............

  5. And now everytime you look at it or think of it it will GIVE you a horrid reminder!!!!!

  6. Oh Chris, I know how you feel. Darn stupid bloody sewing machines that can't understand humans. Is yours made in China?

  7. Sorry about your sewing machine. Hope I didn't jinx you with my comment on your previous post.

  8. I think the sledge hammer is a good idea.

  9. That machine sounds so frustrating!!


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